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Cape Liberty New Jersey Cruise Port Guide

The Cape Liberty Cruise Port in New Jersey is located on the Peninsula of Bayonne Harbor and near the Newark Airport. Since 2004, passengers have been taking many cruises from New Jersey to Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean.

Less than an hour’s drive from Manhattan, Cape Liberty port boasts unparalleled views of the New York City skyline and the famous Statue of Liberty. Due to the port’s close proximity to New York City, many cruise visitors taking cruises from New Jersey's Cape Liberty Cruise Port will extend their trip a few days before embarkation or a few days after disembarkation just to enjoy additional time in nearby Manhattan. It’s one of the many things that make cruises out of New Jersey so desirable.

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Top Sights & Attractions for Cruises Leaving from New Jersey

Statue of Liberty

Many of the best photographs, postcards, and video footage of the Statue of Liberty were taken from the incomparable vantage point of Cape Liberty. A gift from France to the United States as a gesture of friendship and amiable relations, the Statue of Liberty was unveiled in October 1886. For American citizens, immigrants, and visitors alike, the raised torch of the Statue of Liberty towering 151 feet above the New York Harbor now symbolizes freedom and good will to all who arrive on American shores. Immigrants making the long, treacherous voyage across the ocean to the US were greeted by Lady Liberty welcoming them to their new home.

Manhattan Skyline

The stunning skyline of Manhattan, well-known and easily recognized around the world, is among the many sights to behold from Cape Liberty Cruise Port. For adequate perspective, the skyline of the Big Apple is best seen from a distance, and as your cruise ship leaves the port of Cape Liberty, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to capture that photo you always wanted.

Downtown Manhattan

To get a taste of all Manhattan has to offer, do a tour that lets you see the Bohemian flair and canopied streets of Greenwich Village, discover small galleries and quaint cafes in SoHo, and stand in awe of the famous Prometheus Statue in Rockefeller’s Center. Also visit Central Park and the majestic Empire State Building in all their glory.

Times Square

Featured in nearly every movie and TV show filmed in New York City, Times Square is definitely the most well-known attraction in New York, and possibly one of the top destinations in the world. With neon lights bright enough to feel like midday at midnight, the dazzling sights and sounds of one of the busiest walkways in the world will amaze you.

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Culture & History of the Cape Liberty Cruise Port

Conveniently located in Lower New York Harbor, the Cape Liberty Cruise Port was originally created by private developers in 1930 who intended it for industrial use. However, the ideal location and sheer size of the port made it an ideal candidate for use by the U.S. Navy in WWII. The peninsula upon which the port sits is a man-made peninsula off the eastern end of Bayonne Bay. In 2003, the BLRA and Royal Caribbean International announced their agreement to turn the 430-acre port into a cruise terminal, and in 2013 Royal Caribbean International built a brand new, sleek, and innovative cruise terminal featuring LED lighting and modern design.

Cape Liberty Port Facilities & Location

Recently renovated, the sleek and modern new design of the Cape Liberty cruise terminal makes check-in and embarkation for cruises out of New Jersey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The Cape Liberty Cruise Port is conveniently located in close proximity to Newark Airport and is less than an hour’s drive from New York City.

Transportation in New Jersey


While local public transportation is available to bring visitors to a drop-off point outside the Cape Liberty cruise terminal, port authority prohibits any guests to arrive to the port in any transportation other than a motor vehicle. Pedestrians are also prohibited from entering the restricted port area, so walking from the bus drop-off station is not an option.

Therefore, guests are required to acquire a taxi or other car service for the remainder of the way to the terminal. Typically, this short transfer warrants about a $10 taxi fare.



Since taxi drivers are allowed to enter the restricted port area, they provide a convenient way of arriving to the cruise terminal in Cape Liberty Cruise Port.


Uber / Lyft

Uber and Lyft drivers also have access to the restricted port area and there is a convenient lane dedicated to these drivers for pick up and drop off.


Private Car Services

These have to be prearranged, but are available and also have access to the port without restriction.

Shopping Near the Cape Liberty Cruise Port

Since the cruise port sits on a peninsula off the mainland, there are no shopping options in close proximity to the port, besides a small kiosk with basic essentials in the cruise terminal. About a 20 minute drive from the port, guests can find TJ Maxx and Walmart for last minute cruise essential shopping.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

The official currency in Cape Liberty is US dollars (USD). Major credit cards are widely used and accepted, and ATMs are readily available throughout the city and port. Most prices displayed on merchandise and food do not yet include gratuities or taxes. Tipping is not mandatory, but is generally considered to be proper and appropriate etiquette for services rendered.

A general guideline to tipping:

Restaurants: 15% to 20% of total bill before tax
Bartenders: $1 to $2 per drink or 15% of total
Hotel Doorman: $1 per bag, 1$ for calling a cab
Taxi Drivers, Hairdressers, personal services: 10% to 15%
Private Car drivers: 18% to 20%
Housekeeping in Hotels: $1 to $2 per day

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