Lombok Cruise Port Guide

On the serene Indonesian island of Lombok, you’ll find that time seems to stand still. From breathtaking tropical waterfalls like Tiu Kelep to towering volcanoes and the coconut-strewn sandy beaches of the Gili Islands, unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes abound here. 

The people of Lombok are known for their hospitality and their synchronicity with the natural world. You’ll find amazing island surf spots next to welcoming fishing villages, hikes through rainforests, secluded beaches, coral reefs, and superb day spas where you can try traditional treatments. Rejuvenate your spirit and marvel at the lush natural beauty of Indonesia on a cruise to Lombok with Celebrity Cruises.

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Top Sites & Attractions for Cruises to Lombok

Mount Rinjani

A visit to Mount Rinjani is a must for anyone looking to witness the sheer magnitude and beauty of Lombok’s natural treasures. This mountain dominates the horizon to the island’s north and offers many different trekking and eco-tour options. Mount Rinjani is an active volcano and towers over 12,000 feet above sea level. It’s home to hundreds of wild birds and other animal species as well as waterfalls, hot springs, and adjacent to the iconic Lake Segara Anak. You’ll find both challenging and novice hiking trails available to explore, as well as guided tours and educational walks, all in and around this massive protected park.

Pura Lingsar Temple

The multidenominational Pura Lingsar Temple is an iconic local attraction and a holy place for both Hindus and followers of Wektu Telu, Lombok’s mystical strain of Islam. The temple represents an almost seamless blend of Lombok’s ancient cultures and showcases humble, yet absolutely breathtaking architecture and the natural surroundings or emerald rice paddies. The temple was built in 1714 and contains a sacred spring and prayer engravings, and is surrounded by palm trees and colorful tropical flowers. You can reach the Pura Lingsar temple by car in about 30 to 40 minutes, and it is a must-see on any cruises to Lombok.

Tetebatu Rice Terraces

The Tetebatu Rice Terraces are built and cultivated in the same way they have been for centuries with tiered fields that look like giant green steps going up the hill. These are active rice-growing terraces where locals still source their food in a traditional process. Aside from their practical and cultural significance, some of the best panoramic views on the island are available from the top of the terraces and will create a dazzling backdrop to your photographs on any of Celebrity’s cruises to Lombok.

Things to Do in Lombok

Hike to the Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls

These magnificent, powerful waterfalls are some of the most visited anywhere in Indonesia and a favorite hike for adventurers who trek the adjacent Mount Rinjani. The falls are accessible by hiking trail via the town of Senaru in the north of the island. You can book a short trekking tour with a guide to learn more about the local flora and fauna as you hike through the dense Lombok rainforest. For the best experience, time permitting, head up to the perch near the falls above the tiered rice for spectacular panoramic views of the sea and sand.

Visit Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three islands that make up the Gili archipelago. You’ll find an almost Balinese atmosphere here with plenty of beach bars, live music, and delicious food options throughout. There are no cars allowed on the island, which means transportation is limited to traditional horse-drawn carts, bikes, or walking. Travel by horse and cart to the island’s western beaches for a memorable photo on the ocean swing by sunset point, then take a snorkeling or diving expedition on the other side of the island at Trawangan Slope.

Spend the Day on Kuta’s Beaches

Unlike its popular namesake in neighboring Bali, Lombok’s Kuta is a cute, laid-back surf town with a couple of pristine white sand beaches hemmed in by green hills. There’s a calm vibe here, and gorgeous sand on which to spread out and soak up the sun. You’ll find hip little cafes and restaurants just minutes from the beach and options for watersports, snorkeling, surfing, and biking right at your fingertips.

Top Food and Drink Near the Lombok Cruise Port

You’ll find plenty of healthy, diverse, and delicious food while on any of Celebrity’s cruises to Lombok. Treat your taste buds to some delicious Sate Bulayak, made with locally-spiced beef skewers and served with a compressed rice cake on palm leaves. If you visit during a local festival or celebration, make sure to try bebalung, a hearty bone broth stew made with either goat or cow ribs, ginger, and garlic. With such an abundance of tropical fruit and vegetables, there’s plenty for vegetarians here, too. There are many great restaurants spread throughout the island, and it’s common to find street stalls that sell delicious barbecued meat on skewers (sate) and other authentic local dishes.

Culture & History of Lombok

Lombok has a complex, layered history that has evolved over time to create one of the more unique and diverse cultures in the region. The native inhabitants of Lombok are the Sasak people, who still hold on to many of their traditions and cultural practices today. Lombok has had periods of foreign rule that included the Dutch, the Makassarese, and the Balinese Kingdom. Lombok’s culture is widely defined by its close relationship with nature and the harmonious blend of Sasak religious beliefs with Islamic practices. Lombok is, however, quite different from neighboring Bali, which is Hindu and much more developed for tourism.

Lombok Port Facilities and Location

Cruises to Lombok dock in the town of Lembar on the island’s southwest coast. The port facilities were modernized and expanded in 2019. The Lombok port facilities are about 13 miles from the island’s main city of Mataram, with transit options that go directly there or to many of the island’s other attractions and destinations.

Transportation in Lombok

Most visitors on cruises to Lombok get around the island by taxi, shuttle, or chartered bus. You can also rent a car or van for a reasonable price in Mataram to drive around the island yourself, or if you’re adventurous, a moped. Ferries are a common way to get to other popular small islands in the area. If you travel to the Gili Islands, take note that cars are prohibited, and you’ll have to get from place to place via horse and buggy, bike, or on foot.

Shopping Near the Lombok Cruise Port

There are plenty of local artisan markets and souvenirs to choose from when looking for shopping options near the Lombok cruise port. You may also like more modern brand shopping and luxury goods shopping in Mataram at the Lombok Epicentrum Mall, or antique shopping at the Sudirman Antique Shop in Senggigi. For a real authentic street shopping experience, head to the Cakranegara Traditional Market.

Local Currency & Tipping Options

The local currency in Lombok is the Indonesian rupiah. There are ATMs located right outside of the port in Lembar, as well as many spread throughout the city of Mataram. Towards the east and north of the island there are very few ATMs so if you plan on traveling there, make sure to take out plenty of cash ahead of time. Cards are useful in most places in the city, and for most major attractions and tours, but it’s always a good idea to carry some cash in smaller denominations. Tipping is optional in most places, although some of the more popular restaurants may ask for a 5% to 10% tip, and will list the additional tip price on the bill.

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