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When you arrive in St. Peter Port cruise port, you’ll be taken by the English charm and French sophistication of this quaint town. St. Peter Port is the capital of Guernsey and is home to less than 20,000 people. On Ireland cruises, a stop in Guernsey provides an entirely different feel from the mainland, showcasing steep, beautiful cliffsides and views of Normandy and Jersey from the island.

As you pull into port, you’ll be greeted by rows of colorful fishermen’s houses stacked against one another. Explore Old Town on foot, taking your time strolling the cobblestone streets. See the ancient fortifications of Castle Cornet up close, or learn the history of the island at the museum there. Visit the home of author Victor Hugo, who lived in Guernsey during the 19th century. You’ll be charmed by Guernsey’s local dairy and cheese production and its quintessentially English beaches. Foodies will enjoy the area’s abundance of fresh seafood to sample.

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Top Sights & Attractions for Cruises to St. Peter Port

Candie Gardens

These gardens rank highly among some of the most beautiful in Guernsey, alongside La Seigneurie in Sark. Explore the gardens on foot, pack a picnic, and enjoy a sunny day in Guernsey.

Guernsey International Food Festival

The annual Guernsey International Food Festival takes place in September, and it’s one of the island’s biggest events of the year. Featuring local cheeses and artisanal dairy farmed on the island, the food festival is a great excuse to bring a big appetite with you. Sample local seafood and don’t miss a chance to try the local spins on crab delicacies.

Belvoir Bay

If you’re looking for a beach experience, take a 20-minute ferry or boat ride just beyond the St. Peter Port cruise port to get to Belvoir Bay or Shell Beach, which are both quiet for beachside lounging and ideal for active water sports.

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Top Things to Do in St. Peter Port

Explore the Port

St. Peter Port cruise passengers will find there’s plenty to see in port. Even if you stick close to the cruise ship, the quaint landscape and coastal vibe of Guernsey provide a relaxed alcove where you can rest, shop, and discover the island’s history.

Shop at the National Trust of Guernsey

The National Trust of Guernsey was designed with the island’s preservation in mind. It’s dedicated to the enhancement of Guernsey and the St. Peter Port area, and you’ll quickly discover the gems of the city this way. Go shopping on Cornet Street at the Victorian House & Parlor, which is heaven for those with a sweet tooth and anyone looking for souvenirs to bring back home.

Visit Victor Hugo’s Home

While stopped on a St. Peter Port cruise, classic literature lovers won’t want to miss a tour dedicated to the acclaimed author Victor Hugo. He’s most famous for his novel Les Miserables, which he wrote in part during his time in Guernsey. Trace his footsteps and look out on the coastal view he enjoyed while writing each day.

Top Food and Drink Spots Near St. Peter Cruise Port

Seafood is the must-try cuisine while you’re staying on the island, like locally fished lobster and crab. A few of the favorites on the island are crab sandwiches and crab salads. Guernsey is also famous for its goat cheeses and dairy, because the cows near St. Peter Port have some of the highest protein and butterfat levels in the world. You’ll find St. Peter Port has restaurants of all cuisine types, from Italian to traditional English foods. Guernsey even has its own beer brewed on the island, called The Randalls. Visit the brewery during your time in St. Peter Port to sample the local selection.

Culture & History of the St. Peter Cruise Port

The island of Guernsey is a part of the Channel Islands that make up the English Channel and borders the coast of France. Surprisingly, Guernsey isn’t a part of the United Kingdom (UK) or considered a colony of Great Britain. Guernsey is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, like the other islands of the English Channel. St. Peter Port is known for its ancient fortifications like the Castle Cornet, built in the 13th century, and for being the home of acclaimed author Victor Hugo.

St. Peter Port Facilities & Location

Your cruise ship will disembark at an area called Albert Pier, which is a short walk to the city’s center. You’ll find Wi-Fi in many parts of the town. There is a small visitor information center where you can find a map and ask questions. Shore excursion transportation is very close to the pier.

Transportation in St. Peter Port

St. Peter Port is fairly walkable with the exception of some of the steep hillsides. In general, most cruise passengers get around on foot. Taxis and buses are also an option. Plenty of visitors rent bicycles for the day and see the city’s sights on two wheels. Car rentals are available on the island but are a better option for longer stays.

Shopping Near the St. Peter Cruise Port

Guernsey and St. Peter Port are small and generally cozy, and the shopping scene here emulates that. Guernsey candies and sweets are available for sale at the Guernsey Victorian shop. The island is known for their signature “jumpers” or sweaters, designed to keep you warm and comfortable as you’re exploring.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

Guernsey and St. Peter Port have their own currency, called the Guernsey pound, but the British pound sterling is also widely accepted. The island has ATMs where you can get cash or exchange currency. Some shops accept euros, but be sure to ask before paying.

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