Prins Christians Sund Cruise Port Guide

On a cruise to Prins Christian Sund (sometimes stylized as Prins Christianssund or Prince Christian Sound), you’ll sail beyond the North Atlantic Ocean along a waterway of fjords at the very tip of South Greenland. Marvel at the icy landscape, where snow-capped mountain peaks loom in the distance and blue-white glaciers shine in the afternoon light. 

On this one-of-a-kind day at sea, dream up what life must be like in this remote part of Greenland from the top deck of your Celebrity ship, then return to the creature comforts on board, whether you’re off to a specialty restaurant for a world-class dining experience or heading to The Spa for some well-deserved relaxation. As you sail through Prince Christian Sund, you’ll experience true Nordic beauty at every turn. 

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Top Things to Do on a Prins Christians Sund Cruise

See the Town of Aappilattoq

Along the sound, you’ll take in the spectacle of untouched nature as it yields to a tiny village, complete with brightly painted red, yellow, and blue Nordic-style houses. Less than 100 people call the village—known as Aappilattoq—their home. 

Admire the Scenery

The top thing to do on a Prins Christians Sund cruise is to simply watch the world go by. Keep your eyes peeled for icebergs and a tiny weather station nestled in the mountains. Wildlife lovers and birders will quickly fall in love with the area’s local species, like minke and blue whales, seals, and the majestic birds flying overhead.

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Culture and History of Prins Christians Sund

The vast network of fjords and mountains of Prins Christian Sund has separated the mainland of Greenland for thousands of years. It was later named for Prince Christian VIII of Denmark, who became King of Denmark and King of Norway during the 19th century. Today, cruise ships passing through the sound in the summer introduce guests to Greeland’s awe-inspiring beauty. Prince Christian Sound presents beautiful scenery for cruising, with mountains reaching 4,000 feet, glaciers inching toward the sea, and tidal currents that limit the formation of ice.

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