Gerlache Strait Cruising Guide

Named for an intrepid 19th-century Belgian explorer, the Gerlache Strait has taken on a life of its own as one of Antarctica’s most spectacular stretches of water and ice. Penguins relax on ice floes, and, if you’re lucky, you might spot whales peeking in and out of the deep blue waters. 

On an Antarctica cruise, you’ll embark on one of our cruise ships for the adventure of a lifetime, whether you’re peering up at larger-than-life mountainscapes or celebrating the ways explorers braved the frigid elements. Grab a comfortable seat with a view from Cafe al Bacio or Oceanview Cafe, or head to the top deck to soak up the views during your Gerlache Strait cruise.

Top Things to Do on a Cruise to Gerlache Strait

Spot Penguins in the Wild

Enjoy awe-inspiring views from your cruise along Gerlache Strait, including vistas of massive ice floes, imposing snow-capped peaks, and bright blue glaciers in dozens of shapes and sizes. Spot islands like Trinity Island and Two Hummock Island looming in the near distance. 

Look for Wildlife

Don’t miss this quintessential wildlife-spotting activity during your Gerlache Strait cruise—whale watching. Keep your eyes peeled for a pod of minke or humpback whales swimming alongside your ship, and watch in awe as these majestic creatures huddle together in Wilhelmina Bay. Look out for waddling penguins and elephant seals, too. 

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Culture and History of Gerlache Strait

The waterway of Gerlache Strait is named for Belgian explorer Lieutenant Adrien de Gerlache, who embarked on an expedition to the region in 1898. Today, the Gerlache Strait is one of the most sailed-through regions of Antarctica. Conservationists and naturalists flock to the area to draw awareness to its beauty and the ongoing task of protecting the strait’s population of krill and Antarctic penguins.

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