Surf’s Up on Brisbane Shore Excursions

Brisbane is a large, cosmopolitan city located on the eastern coast of Australia. It is the capital of the state of Queensland and a sun-drenched port found on many of our Australia cruise itineraries. In addition to the many interesting and fun things to do within the city center, Brisbane shore excursions can take you to a myriad of sights and activities outside the city limits.  

One of the top things to do in Brisbane from a cruise is to take one of the Brisbane shore excursions that travel down to the Gold Coast, which is a wonderland for adventure seekers.  

The Gold Coast is the name given to the Australian coastline located south of Brisbane, and it’s ripe with epic surf breaks and soft white sand beaches. It’s a prime place to do some sunbathing, snorkeling, or surfing. If you want to experience surfing the Gold Coast, which is one of the top thing to do in Brisbane from a cruise for ocean lovers, you can rent a surfboard or take lessons from an experienced local surfer.  

The Gold Coast is a very active cruise destination, with its opportunities for skydiving, rainforest hikes, theme parks, and many other activities that you can enjoy. If you love animals, you’ll love the Brisbane shore excursions that take you to see some of Australia’s native animals. Gaze at cuddly koalas and laugh at the antics of hopping kangaroos. You can see both while in port on your cruise to Brisbane at either the Lone Park Koala Sanctuary or the Australia Zoo.  

If you opt to stay in the city, you can go on an art-focused tour that introduces you to Brisbane’s thriving art scene. Visit one of the modern art museums or stroll through a gallery dedicated to a particular artist.  

Brisbane has a lot to offer discerning travelers who want to make the most of their time in port, no matter if you want to stay within the city limits or explore the action-packed coastline beyond it. 

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