Another dynamic venue you’ll discover on Celebrity Edge is The Club. It’s a progressive, multi-purpose space that changes character from morning to… well, early the next morning.

During the day, think of The Club as a gathering space. Hone your creativity during Art Hour or game it up during the Rec Room series, with Archery, Retro Gaming, and interactive game shows.

In the evening, The Club transforms into a place where talk shows, game shows, live music, and DJs reign supreme. Pull up a seat at the bar and relax or grab that cocktail and jump into the action as the evening’s events play out.

Once the kids are in bed, The Club transforms into a place of wild discovery. The nightlife here is full of engaging moments you’ll be talking about for days after—or maybe you’d prefer to keep them to yourself. One thing is for sure though, a night in The Club will have you ready to come back for more.


A tantalizing exhibition of opulence & hedonism, loosely reminiscent of the 1920’s.

Unrivaled Design

To bring this multi-purpose space alive, we brought in the world-renowned industrial designer, art director and visual genius, Patricia Urquiola, who worked wonders to create a versatile venue that will astound you no matter what time of day you visit.

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