Visit the Pearls of the Paradise Coast on Santa Margherita Shore Excursions

When your Mediterranean cruise includes a port of call on the western Italian city of Santa Margherita, shore excursions to nearby Cinque Terre, as well as the Paradise Coast cities of Portofino and Rapallo, are glorious ways to spend shore time in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

On a Santa Margherita cruise excursion of extraordinary beauty, immerse yourself in the resort atmosphere of the trio of cities that are affectionately known as “the three pearls of the Paradise Coast”. Drive along the lush natural reserve of the Portofino coast to arrive in the seaside town of Rapallo. Revel in the glorious weather and regard the palm trees and olive trees that are all around as you sip an espresso and enjoy light fare at a local spot. When visiting from your cruise to Santa Margherita, wander through the town and admire the 18th century castle built to protect against Saracen invaders.

Continue on as Santa Margherita shore excursions delight you with a boat ride to the romantic city of Portofino, where pastel-colored houses and seafood restaurants attest to the village’s fishing roots. Visit the Church of St. George, the reputed resting place of the dragon-slaying saint. Browse designer boutiques that line cobblestone streets, then kick back and people-watch at a café along the waterfront.

Back at Santa Margherita, stroll along the harbor area and watch the local fishermen bringing in the catch of the day or simply gaze at the cerulean waters. Check out the Villa Durazzo, a 17th century palazzo located in a park, from which you can simply enjoy the view of the harbor and the town’s natural beauty.

Travel on Santa Margherita shore excursions to the nearby towns of Cinque Terre, a UNESCO protected territory. As you travel by boat, train, and motor coach, you’ll be treated to views of rocky beaches and sheer cliffs as you alight in the towns of Rapallo, Vernazza, and Levanto before reaching Monterosso, the oldest and most scenic of the Cinque Terre towns. While visiting from your Italy cruise, stroll the towns with a guide, then explore on your own, enjoying views of terraced vineyards, beautiful beaches, and medieval castles. Pause for a drink, snack, or relaxing lunch, and chat with the locals, who are always eager to share their towns with interested visitors.

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