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Award-Winning Cruises to Southeast Asia

A Southeast Asia cruise takes you to the beauty and historic wonder of this beloved part of Asia. When you cruise to Southeast Asia you’ll get the chance to see emerald green bays, ancient Buddha statues, wildly lush islands, and exciting cities. Our cruise ships will take you to the ports of this region on luxurious ships that have all the modern comforts you love, while getting you right into the thick of the culture that you desire when exploring Asia.

The countries of Southeast Asia lie south of Japan and China and to the east of India. The destinations we cruise to include Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines. Here are some of the incredible things you can do when you cruise to these travel hot spots.

Highlights of a Southeast Asia Cruise

When you cruise to Southeast Asia, you won’t want to miss seeing the region’s lush countryside, energetic cities, and gorgeous islands.

Ko Phi Phi Island

From Phuket, take a boat to Ko Phi Phi Leh, one of the islands in Southeast Asia most famous for its half-moon shaped bay surrounded by turquoise translucent water and a palm tree lined sandy beach. It also owes its fame to being the filming location of the movie, The Beach.

Bustling Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most iconic cities in the world and when you go there on a Southeast Asia cruise, you’ll get to experience it firsthand. Walk around its uber-modern malls, try some local cuisine, marvel at the Grand Palace structures and its famous Emerald Buddha.

Vietnam Countryside

The picturesque countryside of Vietnam is the stuff Instagram dreams are made of. When exploring the countryside you’ll see vibrantly green rice terraces, quaint villages and colonial merchant towns, and ancient temples.

Featured Southeast Asia Cruise Ports

In Vietnam, we sail to Hanoi (the gateway to Halong Bay), Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, and Danang. Southeast Asia cruise itineraries that visit Thailand stop in Bangkok and Phuket. In the Philippines, your Southeast Asia cruise may stop in Boracay, Manila, or Puerto Princesa. Singapore and Penang, Malaysia are other popular Southeast Asia cruise destinations that we sail to.

Phuket, Thailand

Hanoi, Vietnam

Bangkok, Thailand

Popular Shore Excursions in Southeast Asia

From breathtaking scenery and bays, to remarkably preserved ancient sites and important temples, to modern cities and innovative building design, the shore excursions offered on a Southeast Asia cruise will help you better understand the history and culture of this region.

Halong Bay Boat Ride

One of the most popular things to see in Southeast Asia is Halong Bay. Set out aboard a traditional wooden sampan that will take you around the gorgeous bay. Marvel at the emerald green water, towering limestone pillars, and tiny islets topped by mini jungles

Overnight to Angkor Wat

It’s common to have overnight ports of call during Southeast Asia cruise itineraries. Some of these ports offer a multi-day excursion to Cambodia to visit the incredibly striking temples of Angkor Wat and its awe-inspiring jungle scenery.

Singapore City Highlights

Singapore is an especially hot destination right now. On a city tour you can experience the way the city blends scenic gardens with bustling city-life to create a place like no other in the world while you learn about Singapore’s rich history and culture.

Our Award-Winning Southeast Asia Cruise Ships

Celebrity Eclipse

Celebrity Millennium

Helpful Tips for a Southeast Asia Cruise


When packing for a Southeast Asia cruise, you’ll want to pack for hot weather with clothing made from light, breathable fabrics. However, don’t just think you can stick in some shorts and tank tops and be done with it. Many of the top places to see in Southeast Asia, such as the Grand Palace, have strict dress codes that require elbows and knees to be covered for both men and women. Linen pants and a lightweight shawl that can be stowed in a daypack when not in use are ideal things to pack for a day in port if you know you’ll be visiting religious sites.

Most Southeast Asia cruises are one-way itineraries between Hong Kong and Singapore offering overnight stays in various ports of call along the way. Your embark and disembark cities of Hong Kong and Singapore are both great places to do a City Stay before or after your cruise, giving you an extra time to explore the area and soak in the culture. Your City Stay will include a stay in luxurious accommodations that are centrally located, a half-day guided tour with lunch one of the days, an evening guided tour with dinner on another day, and plenty of free time with options for land excursions.