The Most Iconic Sydney Shore Excursions

Sydney is a can’t-miss destination on a cruise to Australia thanks to its iconic skyline and picturesque harbor. In addition, Sydney is a thriving cosmopolitan city that has a wide range of activities to do and things to see. Sydney shore excursions will take you to some of the best parts of Sydney and give you an unforgettable day in the city.

Architecture plays front and center in Sydney, and seeing its most famous buildings is a must-do for many visitors. The Sydney Opera House stands out due to its curved rooftop that looks like sails. The Sydney Tower Eye is another impressive structure that offers incredible views from the top.

Part of the fun of visiting Australia is the chance to see its many endemic animals, and Sydney shore excursions won’t disappoint you if you’re an animal lover. Head to Sydney Zoo to see kangaroos and Tasmanian devils. At SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, learn about the creatures that live off the shores of Australia and see over 700 different species in the exhibits.

Another Australia shore excursion at the top of cruisers’ wish lists is one that takes you to Bondi Beach, a popular beach in Sydney due to its white sand, surfer-worthy waves, and nearby cafes. Experiencing Sydney beach life is one of the top things to do in Sydney before a cruise if you’re embarking from the port of Sydney since you’ll probably be tired from your long-haul flight. Don’t fight that jet lag – just find a sandy beach to lie on!

If your cruise ends in Sydney, you can go on a city tour before you're dropped off at the airport. If you already explored the city before your cruise from Sydney, get out of the city center on an excursion that takes you to Sydney’s ritzy northern suburbs and then to gorgeous Manly Beach, or get out into nature with a trip to the Blue Mountains.

Whether you prefer downtown city action or laidback natural settings, Sydney shore excursions will provide you with an unforgettable time in this beloved Australian city.

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