Embark on a cruise in May with Celebrity Cruises. With warm, sunny weather, this is the perfect time for exploring the Acropolis in Athens or enjoying a cappuccino in a sunlit piazza in Rome. In the Norwegian fjords, the days are getting longer, and waterfalls are still in full flow from spring meltwater.

Alaska’s wildlife is waking up in May, with wonderful opportunities to spot bears, the mountains still capped with snow. You’ll also see wildlife galore if you head for the remote Galapagos Islands; May is when sea lions give birth, and baby turtles and iguanas are hatching. Or perhaps you’re just dreaming of a springtime beach getaway? May is a great time to enjoy the white sands and warm waters of the Caribbean or the pale pink beaches of Bermuda.



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Top Destinations for May Cruises


May is one of the best months of the year for exploring the magnificent antiquities of Athens, Rhodes, and Santorini. Head to Malta, where the honey-colored ramparts of Valletta glow gold in the spring sunshine, or explore glorious hill towns like Valdemossa on the island of Mallorca. The glamorous French Riviera is gearing up in May, too, a time of festivals, celebration, and long, leisurely days drinking chilled rosé in waterfront bistros.

The Caribbean

On a Caribbean cruise in May, you’ll discover exciting islands like Grand Cayman and the ABC Islands. In Grand Cayman, sunbathe along Seven Mile Beach or spend an afternoon marveling at thousands of stalactites and stalagmites in the Crystal Caves. Go horseback riding through the countryside or lounge on pristine beaches in the ABC Islands.


Snow-capped mountains, meadows in bloom, and hikes alongside rushing forest streams are just some of the reasons to cruise Alaska early in the season. In May, humpback whales are arriving for the summer season, and bears are foraging for food after the long winter.  May is also one of the driest months in the 49th state and as the days get longer, there’s a joyful sense of renewed energy everywhere you visit on an Alaska cruise.

The Galapagos Islands

In the Galapagos Islands, May is when sea lions are giving birth to big-eyed pups, and baby land iguanas and turtles are hatching. Waved albatross are laying their eggs on Española, while the blue-footed boobies on North Seymour Island are performing elaborate courtship dances. The water is warm and inviting—and your Celebrity ship will provide everything you need to explore this wonderful place.

Norwegian Fjords

Norway’s glassy fjords are beautiful any time of year, but in May, you’ll find hiking trails lined with wildflowers and the meadows lush and green. Waterfalls cascade over towering cliffs, while mountains still wearing their snowy caps make photography all the more spectacular. This is a wonderful time to ride the steep Flåm Railway, or kayak the silent waters of the Geirangerfjord, looking out for seals lying on the rocks and mountain goats foraging on the shore.

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