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The best dining experience at sea—period.

World-class restaurants that open your world. We’ve designed Celebrity Edge® to change the way you experience the world, and our culinary philosophy follows the same line of thinking. We’ve turned our focus to the destinations we visit, bringing the flavors of the world to you—right on board. 29 unique food and beverage experiences crafted by a Michelin-starred chef speak to all of your senses in distinctly different ways.

You won’t find another dining experience like this at sea – or on land for that matter. Discover each of our restaurant and bar venues in more detail below, and satisfy your appetite for adventure by booking an exceptional cruise onboard Celebrity Edge.

Main Dining

Our goal to open your world through the culinary experiences we provide comes to life on Celebrity Edge. We rethought everything when we designed Edge—including our main dining experience. Choose from not one, but four complimentary, main restaurants, each with a distinctive design and ambience inspired by a specific region of the world.

Specialty Dining

We wanted to expand our global culinary expertise even further on Celebrity Edge. To open the world—and palates—of our savvy travelers even more, we designed exciting new specialty restaurants found nowhere else at sea. Take your onboard dining experience to new heights at our seven specialty dining venues and see how we’ve elevated specialty dining to a true art form.

Complimentary Dining

We’ve expanded the dining options in main dining with four new restaurants, and we’ve extended the complimentary dining selection across Celebrity Edge, as well. From the new Eden Café to the popular Oceanview Café and Mast Grill, there’s every opportunity to please your palate morning, noon, and night.