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Camel Ride & Fire Mountains

Explore some of Lanzarote’s most incredible natural sites, including the active volcanoes at Timanfaya National Park, the bountiful Salt Flats of Janubio, and the incredible volcanic rock formations at Los Hervideros.

◦ Discover the rich history of Timanfaya, including the story of a Yaiza priest who survived a volcanic eruption.

◦ Learn about the pivotal role of the Salt Flats on the area’s economy, producing 15,000 tons of salt yearly.

◦ Witness unique rock formations created when hot lava comes into contact with cool ocean water at Los Hervideros.


Duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Lanzarote at a Glance

Explore an active volcano site at Timanfaya, one of Spain’s most stunning national parks. You’ll embark on the epic Volcano Tour to discover the area’s rustic nature and learn about the intriguing history of the land.

◦ Discover the pivotal role of the Salt Flats on the area’s economy, producing 15,000 tons of salt per year.

◦ Explore numerous volcanic craters as you learn the tale of the priest of Yaiza, who survived a volcanic eruption.

◦ Drive through the beautiful Vineyards of "La Geria", where wine flourishes under a layer of porous lava granules.


Duration: 3 hours

The Best of the North of Lanzarote

Explore Lanzarote's natural landscape as you tour some of the city's most incredible sites: the Mirador of los Helechos and Jameos del Agua.

◦ Begin your adventure with a drive through Haria, enjoying panoramic views of the Valley of 1000 Palm Trees

◦ Cross the village of Maguez, where you'll see
the towering Volcan de La Corona (Volcano of the Crown).


◦ Visit the Aloe Vera Farm, where you'll learn
about this famous "wonder plant" and its role in local culture.


Duration: 4 hours

Lanzarote Wine Route

Discover the proud heritage of Lanzarote winemaking on an excursion into the island’s wine country. Follow the rustic road lead to La Geria Valley, the heart and soul of Lanzarote’s viticulture. Visit three distinctive cellars and sample exceptional vintages at each. Begin with a tasting at the Bodega La Geria, dating back to the 19th century.

◦ Discover an array of other local vineyards and wineries on your tour through this idyllic Spanish city.

◦ Learn about the history of Spain’s most treasured wineries and how their prize-winning sprits have garnered international praise.


Duration: 4 hours