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Best Celebrity Cruises Snorkeling Shore Excursions Outside the Caribbean

December 11, 2014

When it comes to time in the ocean during a cruise, snorkeling is a fun shore excursion that practically everyone can enjoy. Unlike scuba diving, which requires hours of training and certification, snorkeling can be done after just a quick tutorial and even those who aren’t strong swimmers can enjoy it as you can wear life jackets or go snorkeling where it’s shallow.

At Celebrity Cruises, we get that snorkeling is a memorable activity many of our cruisers want to experience so we work with top tour operators to provide snorkeling shore excursions to our guests that put a focus on fun and safety in some of the most beautiful locales in the world. Most people think of the Caribbean when they think of snorkeling during a cruise, but we have snorkeling shore excursions in Europe and Alaska, too, for an unforgettable time in port. Here are three of our best snorkeling shore excursions you can do on one of our cruises to Europe or Alaska.


Dubrovnik is a walled city in Croatia that juts into the Adriatic Sea in a splendor of old stones and red roofs. Just like the city’s perimeter, you can also get into the water during a day in port in Dubrovnik thanks to the Dubrovnik Riviera Snorkeling Adventure. The sea off the coast of Dubrovnik is known for being some of the best snorkeling in the Mediterranean thanks to clear water and vibrant sealife, and after a short boat ride from the Croatia coast you’ll get to experience this firsthand. You’ll snorkel for 90 minutes, followed by lunch on the boat.


When in port in Ibiza, a gorgeous and exciting island of Spain, do some snorkeling and kayaking on your shore excursion. The turquoise waters surrounding the water are calm with high visibility and on the Kayaking and Snorkeling the Beach in Ibiza shore excursion, you’ll get to kick around in the water as you snorkel past colorful fish and coral or glide above them on a kayak. Though you’ll be commencing your excursion from the beach, there is a support boat on which you can take a break from snorkeling and kayaking, making for a relaxing – yet still active – day.


This snorkel excursion isn’t for the faint of heart as you’ll be submerging yourself into the chilly waters off the coast of Ketchikan, Alaska. Don’t fear the cold too much, though; the Mountain Point Snorkeling Adventure shore excursion provides you with a 7mm wetsuit complete with boots and gloves for the excursion to keep you warm as you explore a side of the wildlife not often seen by visitors to Alaska. After you acquaint yourself with fish, sea stars, sea urchins and other sealife in the underwater kelp forest, you’ll head back to Mountain Point for a hot drink.

To find a cruise that visits one of these snorkeling destinations, visit Celebrity Cruises.

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