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Hugging the shore of the glittering Adriatic Sea, the historic city of Split is a gem on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Sun-soaked stretches of sand and fine pebble beaches are one of the main draws for this European destination with a classic Mediterranean ambiance.

Beach lovers will find a plethora of seaside spots to relax and play on, all of which offer beautiful scenery. Whether you’re interested in something walkable from the center, a stretch of sand with watersports, or a beach surrounded by hiking trails, you’ll find the perfect spot in and around Split.

Here are the best beaches in Split to visit.

Bacvice Beach

Bacvice Beach, one of the best Split beaches

Bacvice Beach

A spacious and popular sandy cove, Bacvice Beach is one of the best beaches in Split. It’s located in close proximity to the center of the city as well as the port.

This urban beach is an all-around favorite place to head for if you’re looking for fun in the sun. Sink your feet into the soft sand and wade into the clear, shallow water for a cooling swim in the Adriatic Sea.

This lively stretch of sand is lined with seaside restaurants and bars along a picturesque promenade, ideal for taking a break from the sun and stopping for refreshments. Other facilities include restrooms as well as chair and umbrella rentals.

People lounging on Bacvice Beach

Bacvice Beach

The scenery isn’t the only reason that Bacvice Beach is famous. It’s also the birthplace of a popular local game called picigin. This is played with a small ball thrown to players while they’re in shallow water, the goal being to keep the ball airborne without it falling in.

There are no bats; it’s like a version of volleyball but with a much smaller ball and no net. The city of Split and this beach is host to the annual World Cup of picigin too.

Whether you spend time swimming, lounging, people-watching, or joining one of the games, spending a day on Bacvice Beach is one of the best things to do in Split.

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Žnjan Beach

Calm waters of Žnjan Beach

Žnjan Beach

Head to Split’s biggest beach for a full day of seaside activities. Situated southeast of the city, the white-pebble beach has crystal clear, shallow waters.

Swimming in the turquoise water is an unforgettable highlight; the waters of the Adriatic have a wonderfully clear quality.

Bask in the sun on one of the rented chairs or relax in the shade of an umbrella or the trees that line the coast here. With a wide beach area, there’s plenty of space to spread out as well.

Sandy shoreline of Žnjan Beach

Žnjan Beach

This seaside destination is a hub of activity for outdoor and sports enthusiasts too. Watersports such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkeling are available, as is an inflatable playground for kids. Join a beach volleyball game or simply watch from the comfort of your chair or towel.

Concerts or events are sometimes held at the onsite amphitheater too, if you’re lucky enough to catch one. With so much going on, it’s no surprise that Žnjan Beach is one of the most popular Split beaches.

Kasjuni Beach

White sands of Kasjuni Beach

Kasjuni Beach

Venture to picture-perfect Kasjuni Beach for a rejuvenating day under the Croatian sun. You’ll find paradise on the Marjan Peninsula, just west of downtown Split where the rocky coastline is seemingly plucked straight out of a postcard.

This pebble beach feels a bit more secluded than some of the other city beaches and is a great place to unwind and absorb the scenery.

There are minimal facilities, but it’s a peaceful place to lay out a towel and relax. If you need a chair or umbrella rental, one of the beach bars rents them out.

Promenade along Kasjuni Beach

Kasjuni Beach

Spend your time at Kasjuni Beach reading a book, taking a nap, sunbathing, and swimming. Stop for a snack or a cold drink at one of the small seaside bars where you can continue to enjoy the sight of the sun sparkling on the water.

Firule Beach

Pebbly beach of Firule Beach

Firule Beach

The small but beautiful Firule Beach is tucked in a cove in between Split and Žnjan Beach. The sheltered, calm waters are ideal for swimmers of any skill level, and perfect for wading.

View of Firule Beach from the water

Firule Beach

Dip your feet into the gentle waves and cool off in the Adriatic Sea. This beach has sand instead of gravel or pebbles that are more typical of Croatia, making it comfortable to sunbathe on without needing a lounge chair.

There’s little to no shade here, so be prepared to soak up the sun, or simply float in the clear sea. Stop for a cold beer at the onsite beach bar and toast your day spent at one of the top Split beaches.

Bene Beach

People swimming in Bene Beach

Bene Beach

Named after the church and historical landmark of St. Benedict that once stood intact nearby, Bene Beach is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling. It’s possible to see the church ruins in combination with your trip here, as well.

Situated on Marjan Peninsula, this beach is a great choice for those interested in exploring some of the surrounding forested area on foot, or cycling along the network of trails.

The rocky shoreline has a plethora of shady spots, thanks to the Aleppo pine trees, and facilities such as chair rentals and restrooms are available as well to make your time spent at Bene Beach a comfortable one.

Sea urchin spotted in Croatia

Sea urchin

The shallow waters typically offer fantastic visibility, ideal for snorkeling, where you’ll have the opportunity to spot sea urchins, shellfish, and octopus. Rent a paddleboat and make your way around the calm cove, or hop in for a swim.

Other activities here include tennis courts, a playground, ice cream, picnic area, and a restaurant and bar. With so much to do, it’s easy to spend an entire day enjoying Bene Beach and the surrounding area.

Podrače Beach

Podrace Beach, one of the best Split beaches

Podrače Beach

A little over an hour’s drive south from Split, Podrače Beach is a beautiful seaside destination with a natural rock outcropping on the edge.

The beach is composed of gravel, and with the Dalmatian Coast’s classic clear, azure waters lapping the shore, it’s one of the most photogenic beaches in the country.

Aerial view of Podrače Beach

Podrače Beach

Choose between sunbathing or relaxing in the shade of pine trees. Enjoy snorkeling, lounge in a chair, or visit one of the bars and restaurants to sample some local fare such as grilled calamari or clams, pasta, as well as the local white wine, Malvasia.

Podrače Beach is an excellent place to make memories along the coast and well worth the venture from the city of Split.

Beach Dugi Rat

Pebbly beach of Dugi Rat

Beach Dugi Rat

A natural pebble beach defined by a distinctive tree-tufted chunk of rock in the sea, Dugi Rat shouldn’t be missed when visiting Split.

Located 25 minutes south of the city in a village of the same name, Dugi Rat is one of the most popular beaches in the area. The rock is deemed the “Island of Love” and symbolizes the summer resort Brela. It also makes for a great photo opportunity.

Beach Dugi Rat, one of the best Split beaches

Beach Dugi Rat

Pine trees provide natural shade, though umbrellas and chairs are available to rent. The sparkling turquoise water is inviting, though it’s recommended to wear water shoes due to the rocky bottom and the slight drop when entering the sea.

Cafés and bars are nearby and easily accessible to pair with your trip to this gorgeous beach.

Nemira Beach

Nemira Beach, one of the best Split beaches

Nemira Beach

Approximately 35 minutes south of Split, Nemira Beach is an idyllic coastal destination backed by mountains.

The pebbled beach and light blue sea provide a gorgeous setting against the backdrop of the hilly landscape and nearby stone-built villages.

Shade is easy to come by from the trees lining the beach, or you can opt to rent a chair and umbrella to switch between cooling off and sunbathing.

Catch a thrill on one of the jet skis available for rental, or enjoy a more leisurely pace on a paddleboat. Refuel at the onsite snack bar or restaurant or just order a cool drink to sip while enjoying the view.

Beautiful town of Omis


Before or after your time at Nemira Beach, plan for a stop in the town of Omis, home to an impressive fortress. The Mirabela Fortress is perched high on a hilltop and dates back to the 13th century.

It’s possible to visit and climb the stairs of this old pirate hideout in the Cetina Gorge where you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of the town, sea, and the mouth of the river.

Vruja Beach

View of Vruja Beach from the cliff

Vruja Beach

Nature and adventure lovers will enjoy a visit to the stunning Vruja Beach, a little less than an hour from Split.

After picking your way for 30 minutes down a trail, which has some steep sections, you’ll feast your eyes on the fine gravel that leads to the vividly colored turquoise sea, for an extremely picturesque scene. It’s also possible to access this gem of a beach by boat.

Aerial view of Vruja Beach

Vruja Beach

If you’re interested in a secluded beach day, this is truly the place to get away from it all. Wear your hiking shoes, pack a picnic lunch, and bring your own snorkel gear, as there are no facilities.

If you’re interested in combining a hike with a visit to an unspoiled beach with peace and quiet, Vruja Beach has you covered.

Plaža Artina

Quaint beach of Plaža Artina

Plaža Artina

The sun and the sea await at pebbly Plaža Artina, approximately 40 minutes from the heart of Split. Several different paths lead down to the shore from the parking area, and shade is provided naturally by trees.

From swimming in the calm sea and relaxing in a lounge chair to enjoying an ice cream or sipping a cocktail from the bustling beach bar, Plaža Artina offers a classic Dalmatian coast experience.

Get out on the water on a kayak or stand-up paddleboards and see the shore from a different perspective. Discover why Plaža Artina is a favorite for yourself and experience one of the best beaches in Split.

Plaža Strozanac

Waterfront of Strozanac


Located just 10 minutes southeast of Split, Plaža Strozanac is a fine pebble beach with calm water. Chair and umbrella rentals are available for sunbathers, as well as boat, jet ski, and stand-up paddle boards for those looking to get out on the water.

Join or watch a beach volleyball game, or indulge in some fresh seafood at one of the restaurants nearby. The coastline here is a lengthy stretch, so it’s possible to have your own space in an uncrowded section.

View of Stobreč village


Before heading back to Split, make sure to take some time to explore the historic village of Stobreč, located adjacent to the beach. This is a fantastic choice for those looking to get off the beaten path.

Stobreč is a lesser-known seaside village that dates back to the third century when the first Greek settlement was built. Wander around and you’ll be able to discover the ruins of the ancient town wall that still exist.

Ovcice Beach

White sand beach of Ovcice Beach

Ovcice Beach Photo by dronepicr on Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Meaning “Little Sheep’s Beach”, Ovcice Beach is a small but picturesque cove located just five minutes from the center of Split, with Firule Beach also very close by. This pebble beach is a popular spot for sunbathing, swimming, and dining in a peaceful spot.

Bring your snorkel gear and explore, keeping an eye out for sea urchins and starfish in the clear water. Rent a chair or umbrella and unwind, cooled by the sea breeze from the Adriatic.

A short promenade lines the coast here, with cafés and bars serving Croatian food and drink with a view as well. For a small, tranquil beach very close to Split, Ovcice Beach is a great choice.

Bacvice Beach, one of the best Split beaches

Bacvice Beach

From idyllic coves with great snorkeling to seaside destinations buzzing with energy, there’s a beach to suit your needs in and around Split. Browse our cruises to Split and book your Croatian beach getaway today.

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