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Picture this: Towering mountains all around you, a clear azure sky, fluffy white snow beneath your cuddly boots…and a warm tongue licking your face.

The tongue image might give you pause on that idyllic scenario, but now picture it attached to a cute, furry Alaskan Husky dog, one of a team you’ll meet before they whisk you away through the Alaskan wilderness on a dog sledding shore excursion in Alaska.

Alaska is one of the few places in the world where you can easily partake in such an adventure and for animal and adventure lovers it is a can’t miss experience. Huskies love snow and you’ll delight in watching the joy they get from frolicking and running in the powdery white substance.

When you’re sitting on the sled and being pulled around by the excellently trained dogs, you’ll have a fun sledding experience that vastly differs from sliding down the hill in your backyard while growing up. It’s not to be missed. With Celebrity Cruises, you have several options to experience dog sledding in Alaska while on an Alaska cruise.

While in port in Juneau, Alaska you can sign up for the Alaska Sled Dogs and Musher’s Camp shore excursion, during which you’ll learn more about the background and techniques of dog sledding and why it’s important to Alaska – it’s in fact Alaska’s official state sport. You’ll be taken on a mile long dog sled ride followed by time afterward to spend time with the huskies who just pulled you around. You’ll likely even have the chance to play with some Alaskan Husky puppies!

Another dog sledding adventure awaits while in port in Skagway, Alaska with the Dog Sledding and Glacier Flightseeing by Helicopter shore excursion. You’ll get two adventures in one on this excursion – a dog sledding ride and a helicopter ride – and it will be an unforgettable experience. The helicopter will take you to Denver Glacier, where you’ll land and be greeted by your dog sledding team. Learn how to mush as the strong, friendly dogs race you through the vast Alaskan scenery.

To find an Alaska cruise that visits Juneau or Skagway, visit Celebrity Cruises.

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