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A cruise port of call is an exciting way to explore a new destination. It can be relaxing, adventurous, or worldly, depending on your interests and your desires for how to spend the day. Having your ideal day in port requires some planning, though. Here are some of our top tips for putting together your perfect day in port.

Book Your Cruise Early

The most popular shore excursions sell out quickly and can be all booked up before the cruise even departs since our easy to use booking platform lets you reserve your cruise, airfare, and shore excursions all in one convenient place.

Shore excursions can be booked up to three days before your cruise departs, so if you wait until you actually board to book the cruise you may find the one you want is already full.

Therefore, to have completely open access to all the shore excursions before any of them fill, book your cruise early as opposed to last minute, and then reserve the shore excursions you want right away.

You can cancel your shore excursion up to 24 hours before it is scheduled to depart, so if you change your mind on which excursion you want to do as your cruise gets closer, you are able to do so. But by booking early you at least you have your current top choice booked in the meantime.

Once on board, don’t stress if you don’t have all your shore excursions booked yet or if the one you most want is sold out. We have a dedicated shore excursions desk located on our ships and the attendants at the desk can help you figure out your best alternative for how to spend the day, whether that’s through another shore excursion, planning a Private Journeys excursion, or providing you with maps so you can try to do it on your own if possible.

About Private Journeys Shore Excursions

Private Journeys are special shore excursions that are tailored just for you. You will work with a Private Journeys concierge who will help you arrange private transportation straight from the ship and to the sites and activities you are wanting to see and do while in port. This can be a limo ride or even a private plane journey!

With Private Journeys you can also arrange intimate tour where it’s just you, the tour guide, and friends or family that you’re cruising with. You can also put together a day of wine tasting or visiting all of the top art galleries in the area – whatever your interests are, we can help make it happen with Private Journeys.

Chef’s Market Excursions are the Perfect Fit for Foodies

If you have a desire to learn more about the cuisine of the destinations you’re visiting, you may be interested in our Chef’s Market Discoveries shore excursions. On these Celebrity-exclusive shore excursions you get to explore the local food markets and restaurants of a port of call with one of our expertly trained chefs.

You’ll learn about the cuisine of the region you’re sailing through and get to taste samples of it. Back on the ship that evening, you’ll be treated to a special dinner prepared by the Celebrity chef, just for you and the others who were on the Chef’s Market shore excursion.

Attend a Port Informational Seminar on Board

If you’re still not sure what you want to see and do by the time you arrive to the ship, check your Celebrity Today newsletter the first couple days you are on the ship and look for seminars led by onboard experts. These informational seminars will teach you all about the ports of call you’ll be visiting on the itinerary and the top things to do in each port. You’ll be able to see pictures and hear stories about different activities and excursions, which will help you better narrow down what you want to see and do. Then head straight to the shore excursions desk to book!

To book your Celebrity Cruises vacation and start planning all your shore excursions, find your perfect itinerary under our destinations pages, or speak with your travel agent.

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