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Discover the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders while on a Celebrity cruise by booking a sustainable shore excursion. With over 300 destinations on our itineraries, you’ll find there’s no shortage of breathtaking adventures, unforgettable landscapes, and environmentally-friendly activities to explore during your vacation.

From whale watching to spectacular hikes in scenic mountain ranges, here are thirteen sustainable shore excursions to consider during your next cruise with Celebrity.

1: Walk Around the Ruins of Ephesus

Open air museum of Ephesus

Ephesus, Turkey

During a stop in Kusadasi, explore the nearby ruins of Ephesus, an ancient Greco-Roman archeological site. While Ephesus was only unearthed 150 years ago, some of its structures are said to date back to the seventh century B.C.

Stroll around this stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site and admire buildings that still stand after thousands of years, like the Library of Celsus, and the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. After a long day under the sun, fuel up with an organic farm-to-table lunch featuring delicious local flavors and ingredients.

2: Go Hiking in Mallorca

Lush landscape of Sierra de Tramuntana

Sierra de Tramuntana, Mallorca

Enjoy the sun-soaked landscapes of Mallorca during a hike around a local farm located in the mountains of Sierra de Tramuntana. Gaze at the mighty range that spans an impressive 55 miles long and is dotted by picturesque villages and towering olive trees. End your journey at a charming vineyard, where you’ll unwind while sampling Spanish wines and snacking on crudités.

3: Marvel at Glaciers in Alaska

View of Mendenhall Glacier across the lake

Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska

There’s no shortage of outdoor beauty and nature to discover while in Alaska. During a stop in Juneau, go on a guided tour in the forest around Mendenhall Glacier, one of the most accessible glaciers in all of North America.

Admire the icy blue beauty of the glacier’s facade, then embark on one of the many hiking trails around the area, where you’ll encounter salmon streams, cascading waterfalls, and if you’re lucky, animals like black bears, beavers, and bald eagles in their natural habitat.

4: Go Mussel Fishing in Ston

Sustainable shore excursions - Mussel farm in Ston

Ston, Croatia

Savor fresh seafood during a boat trip in Ston, just outside of Dubrovnik. Ston is known as the oyster capital of Croatia and for good reason—the oyster beds in the area produce some of the most delicious oysters and mussels in the world.

Board a rustic boat and head out to the region’s famous oyster and mussel beds and sample some of the fruits of your catch. Continue enjoying the delicacies of Croatian cuisine with an indulgent meal showcasing the country’s specialties like black risotto and freshly baked bread.

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5: Admire the Slovenian Coastline

Picturesque coastline of Izola

Izola, Slovenia

Discover the beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes of Koper during a guided tour of the area. Stop by the gorgeous town of Izola and take in its lovely coastline. Admire the Venetian architecture in Iran. And walk around the unique salt fields and fruit groves near the village of Padna.

6: Visit an Organic Farm on Zakynthos

Sustainable shore excursions - Olive farm in Zakynthos

Zakynthos, Greece

Experience the wonders of the Greek countryside during a visit to an organic farm on the island of Zakynthos. At Therianos Farm, you’ll stroll past olive oil trees and learn how this family-owned business harvests different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers on the island. Throughout your visit, you’ll also be able to sample these organic delicacies that make up an important part of Greek cuisine.

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7: Go Whale Watching in Juneau

People whale-watching while on a cruise

Whale-watching in Juneau, Alaska

Bring your best camera and a pair of binoculars on a whale-watching cruise in the waters of Alaska. Keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales, orcas, and seals in the distance, and watch as these magnificent creatures put on a show as they breach the water.

8: Board a Mussel Farming Boat Outside of Vigo

Quaint coastline of Combarro

Combarro, Spain

Go mussel farming in Combarro, a scenic village just outside of Vigo. Start your day trip by exploring this charming village and seeing the floating docks and raised stones that are used for farming mussels and drying grain.

Then, experience mussel farming firsthand by boarding a stylish catamaran and sail off along the Galician coast, where you’ll see how mussels are caught in the ocean and sample freshly boiled mussels sourced from one of the most renowned areas of the world.

9: Go Bird Watching in Camargue

Sustainable shore excursions - Flamingos in Camargue

Camargue, France

Discover the wetlands of Camargue, an island near Marseille, where unique flora and fauna are found at every turn. Board an all-terrain Jeep and make your way across Camargue’s great outdoors, where you’ll spot pink flamingos, herons, and white horses. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also go on a horseback ride across the salt marshes of the area.

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10: Observe a Bee Colony in Rhodes

Inside Bee Museum in Rhodes

Bee Museum in Rhodes, Greece Photo by Shadowgate on Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

While on the island of Rhodes, visit the famous Bee Museum, where you’ll look at these fascinating creatures and learn all about the important role they play in nature. Observe colonies of bees through transparent beehives, where you can witness their daily routines and social order. Find out more about honey extraction and even taste some of the local honey from the island.

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11: Learn All About Olive Trees in Katakolon

Olive trees in Katakolon, Greece

Katakolon, Greece

Explore the treasures of Ancient Olympia during your stop in Katakolon, Greece, where you’ll walk around ancient ruins and historic landmarks. Then, spend an afternoon at a family-run olive farm, where you’ll learn about the region’s unique terrain and microclimate and how that makes it the perfect environment to grow a variety of olive and grapes including favorites such as Kalamata, Koroneiki, and raisins.

12: Learn About Native Alaskan History in Ketchikan

Totem poles in Saxman Village

Ketchikan, Alaska

Visit an authentic Native Alaskan village in Ketchikan, where you’ll be welcomed into the community with a traditional dance ceremony. Learn about tribal history and listen to villagers tell stories that have been passed down from their ancestors. Then make your way around Ketchikan’s collection of totem poles, where the history and culture of these people are depicted through artistic carvings.

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13: Surround Yourself with Butterflies in Aruba

Sustainable shore excursions - Butterfly Farm Aruba

Butterfly Farm, Aruba

Witness the beauty of Aruba in two of the island’s popular natural attractions: the Butterfly Farm and Natural Bridge. Stroll around a bucolic tropical garden, where you’ll be surrounded by colorful species of these winged creatures and can witness a new butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

Or head to the Natural Bridge, a series of limestone formations that were carved by ocean water and high winds over centuries. This stunning rocky landscape is the ideal spot to take a vacation photo to commemorate your day in Aruba.

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Beautiful landscape of Natural Bridge Ruins

Natural Bridge Ruins, Aruba

Now that you’ve learned all about the sustainable shore excursions you can book with Celebrity, it’s time to plan your next cruise vacation. Go to our website to browse through our itineraries, select your stateroom or stay at The Retreat, and even reserve shore excursions in advance.

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