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If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you might be wondering what the best way to book a cruise is. Since cruises offer more ways to customize your vacation the way you want, there are more options to choose from during the booking process.

Once you have an idea of where you want to go, who you’ll be traveling with, and when you want to sail, you’re ready to book. You can choose to book directly on our website, speak with one of our vacation specialists, work with a travel agent, or even book while you’re on a cruise.

These are some of the best ways to book a cruise, along with the benefits of each.

Booking Through the Website

best way to book a cruise through Celebrity Cruises website

Celebrity Cruises website

If you prefer to see everything laid out and do trip research on your own, booking a cruise directly on our website is the way to go.

On our easy-to-use site, you’ll have all the information you could ever need at your fingertips. Browse through our full range of itineraries and destinations, compare rates and stateroom options, and discover what special offers are available.

Travel Information at Your Fingertips

Our website is full of helpful information about the destinations we visit. You’ll find a detailed guide for each of our ports and destinations online, which highlight the best things to do, what kinds of shore excursions you can go on, popular food and drink spots, and a short explainer on the culture and history of each destination.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, you can research all of the cruise itineraries that sail to the area and read short descriptions of each port stop you’ll visit along the way.

Celebrity Cruises website port guide page

Celebrity Cruises website

For example, if you’ve always wanted to go to St. Kitts in the Caribbean, you can visit the St. Kitts port guide on our website. You’ll be able to see the itineraries that sail there, find out about the most popular things to do around the island, click through an interactive map of the area, and read some tips on transportation, shopping, and local tipping customs.

Compare Itineraries

Another reason that our website is the best way to book a cruise is that you can compare different itineraries within the same destination. For example, if you’re thinking of booking an Eastern Caribbean cruise, there are some sailings that stop at St. Kitts, while others may trade St. Kitts for a stop at St. Thomas instead.

Once you decide which port destination is more attractive to you, you’ll be able to make your decision and choose which itinerary you prefer.

Book Your Accommodations

Couple sightseeing from Celebrity Flora Suite


Once you’ve chosen your destination and itinerary, you can select the best stateroom and its location on the ship. On our website, you can easily view different stateroom categories, browse pictures, and see where rooms are located on the ship.

This is especially helpful for travelers with reduced mobility who might prefer to stay in a stateroom located near an elevator or not too far from one of the more popular areas of the ship, such as the main dining rooms, shops, pool, or casino.

Find the Best Possible Rate

Another benefit of booking a cruise directly on our site is that we offer a Best Price Guarantee, meaning that you will always get the lowest advertised rate on your cruise fare. If you happen to find a lower rate or offer on your cruise somewhere else, and your booking meets certain requirements, we will honor the lower rate or promotion on your fare, guaranteeing you always enjoy the best possible rate.

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Aside from our Best Price Guarantee, you’ll also have the convenience of purchasing your airfare on our site. When you book with Flights by Celebrity, you’ll enjoy benefits including our no money down Book Now, Pay Later feature, our lowest airfare guarantee, no fees or penalties if you decide to change your flight date, and travel protection in case you miss your flight because of a cruise delay.

Reserve Shore Excursions

Couple snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

On our website, you can also research shore excursions at each port stop to help you plan your vacation even more. Filter options by interests, activity level, and duration, and read through the ones that most interest you.

Share links to your favorites with family and friends to gauge their interest, and plant the seeds of excitement for adventures like ziplining in rainforests, snorkeling barrier reefs, and tasting the best of a place’s cuisine from inside a historic estate, all even before you have even booked.

Some of the most popular excursions sell out early, so if you want to book a small group tour to one of Alaska’s glaciers or a chef’s market discovery experience in Barcelona, you’ll be able to secure your spot before your vacation starts.

Booking with a Vacation Specialist

People hanging out over drinks on a cruise

Sunset Bar

One of the best ways to book a cruise if you’re looking for some guidance is to call one of our vacation specialists. These experts will happily help you narrow down all of the available options and find the cruise that works best for your interests and travel dates.

Our specialists are cruising experts ready to answer all of your questions and concerns. Take advantage of this personalized service and ask our specialists to walk you through our dining options, specific cruise terms, as well as any special offers or discounts you may be eligible for.

People eating at Tuscan Grille

Tuscan Grille

Aside from helping you book your cruise, our vacation specialists can provide more information on different ports of call, ship deck plans, beverage packages, and more. If you’re booking a vacation for a large family gathering, our specialists can refer you to one of our group and events booking specialists, who will make sure your vacation goes as smoothly as possible.

Booking with a Future Cruise Specialist

Man talking to a Future Cruise Specialist

Future Cruise

You may not know it, but you can book a new cruise vacation during your existing cruise. All of our ships have a special venue where you will find our Future Cruise Specialists. Take a seat and let them help you research, plan, or even book your next sailing while you’re still out at sea.

The Future Cruise Vacations center is a no-pressure zone; all guests are welcome to ask any questions about Celebrity Cruises sailings. It’s also a great place for travel research, as you can browse through beautifully printed magazines of itineraries and ports, plus flyers about our current special offers.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of booking with a Future Cruise Specialist is the offers that are only available while you’re on board. This could include anything from additional onboard credit on a future cruise or additional amenities that will move you up a tier in our Captain’s Club.

People enjoying drinks at Martini Bar

Martini Bar

By booking on a ship, you are there with destination experts and the shore excursions team who can further inform your decision making and ensure that you are booking the best cruise for your interests.

Stuck between a sailing that calls at Cozumel and another that stops at Costa Maya? They are so close, and yet so different. Which to choose? Reach out to the experts for their input, and there is a solid chance that the ship’s crew is rife with such experts.

Start up a conversation by asking your favorite bartender and, by default, everyone else along the bar. You’ll leave with great insight as well as some potential new friends.

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Booking with a Travel Agent

Couple relaxing at the Lawn Club

Lawn Club

When it comes to making vacation decisions, sometimes it’s nice to have someone there to help with the little details. Travel agents that specialize in cruises are experts in the types of sailings, ships, and offers available.

Whether you’ve been working with the same agent for years and they already know which destinations, excursions, and types of cruises will appeal to you the most, or you’re starting a new relationship with a travel agency, working with a travel agent is a good way to book an unforgettable vacation without having to lift a finger during the process.

People relaxing by the pool on a cruise

Pool area

Now that you’ve discovered the best way to book a cruise, you can start planning your next luxury vacation by browsing our itineraries online, or get destination inspiration on our YouTube channel or blog.

Free Vacation Planning Services

Free Vacation Planning Services