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Find Out Why You’ll Want to See These Top Destinations in Asia

An Asia cruise will take you to some of the top destinations in Asia in style and ease. Unpack once and take comfort in your well-appointed stateroom while we deliver you to the best cities and sites Asia has to offer.

Here are some of the top destinations in Asia you’ll want to have on your cruise itinerary.

Bangkok, Thailand (Laem Chabang)

Bangkok is at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists due to its vibrant food scene, busy shopping malls, rooftop lounges, and historical sites. When visiting this top destination in Asia you’ll want to be sure to visit the Grand Palace, a massive complex with gilded buildings and ornate temples, one of which is home to the famous Emerald Buddha statue. The street food scene is also one you’ll want to experience during a cruise port of call in Bangkok. Making it easy for you are shore excursions that can help you experience all this and more of Bangkok.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand isn’t just about the city life. It is also a top island destination in Asia. One of the most popular places to head for some isle ambiance is Phuket. Located on the southwest coast of Thailand, Phuket is home to turquoise water and lush, tropical greenery. Phuket actually consists of 33 islands, though the largest one (which is also the largest island in Thailand) is what’s typically thought of when Phuket is mentioned. The other 32 islands are small and dotted around the ocean surrounding the main island. You can do an island-hopping excursion while in Phuket to see the scenery of these islands’ and also do some snorkeling to encounter the underwater world around Phuket.

Manila, Philippines

A cruise port of call in Manila gives you the opportunity to experience both the city and nature sides of life in the Philippines. Manila is the densely populated capital city of the Philippines and as such, it has a bustling energy with skyscrapers mixed alongside Spanish colonial architecture. The city’s Old Manila neighborhood – called Intramuros – is walled in stone, furthering the city’s appeal for historic buffs.

Beyond the walls and sky-high buildings of the city of Manila lie plantations and natural wonders that are well worth taking a shore excursion to see. Visit the Hidden Valley Springs and see a blue-green wonderland: turquoise-hued water shimmering between two towering mountains covered in lush green foliage. Another experience away from the city to do while in port is to get a taste of the Philippines’ country life with a visit to one of its plantations where you’ll likely be able to dine on traditional Filipino cuisine.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory of China and has a cosmopolitan vibe all its own. Hong Kong is a thriving financial center, and one of its most famous landmarks is the I.M. Pei’s Bank of China Tower, which stands out from the many other skyscrapers towering over the city due to its geometric facade. Hong Kong is also home to plenty of shopping opportunities and is a great place to do a culinary-related shore excursion – try some of the city’s famous dim sum and other local cuisine.


The way nature coincides with urban life in Singapore will astound you. The country is heavily populated, but still manages to put an emphasis on nature, with the goal of being known as a city in a garden. Right now, it’s the garden in the city that attracts many cruisers who want to experience Singapore’s Garden by the Bay.

Garden by the Bay is an impressive engineering masterpiece that combines real plants with manmade “trees” that jut up into the sky in an array of lights and with sky-high platforms you can walk along.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is an incredible port of call for getting a taste of Japan (both literally and figuratively). Tokyo is one of the world’s most exciting cities, with a prominent business district, world-famous cuisine, and historical buildings. Just beyond the city center of Tokyo are small villages and scenes of Japan’s beautiful countryside.

A cruise to Tokyo gives you the chance to experience both the fast and slow sides of life in Japan, making it one of the top destinations to visit in Asia. Along with seeing the sights, you also can’t miss trying the region’s famous sushi and ramen while in Tokyo.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam is located close to Halong Bay and taking a day cruise through this remarkable earthly wonder is a popular shore excursion to do while in Hanoi. Halong Bay is known for its emerald green water and U-shaped land formations that jut out of the water and provide a mystical setting to sail around. If your cruise itinerary has an overnight stay in Hanoi, you can even do an overnight cruise around the picturesque bay.

An overnight stay also gives you extra time to see the actual city of Hanoi, which is Vietnam’s capital and has a beautiful Old Quarter with stately historic buildings that provide an interesting contrast to the old stilt houses you’ll encounter while walking the streets of Hanoi.

Beijing, China

If you’re familiar with your Asia geography, you may be surprised to see Beijing listed here as a one of the top destinations in Asia that you can cruise to. Though Beijing is located 110 miles from the coast, we offer overnight ports of call in Tianjin, the gateway port to Beijing. Itineraries typically spend two nights in Tianjin, which give you ample time to do an overnight shore excursion to see the best sites of Beijing, such as the Grand Palace, and the nearby Great Wall of China before returning to your ship.

Have an Overnight Stay in Top Destinations in Asia

Beijing isn’t the only port you can have an overnight stay in. Many of the top destinations in Asia to visit are also locations where we offer overnight ports of call.

Altogether, we offer 41 overnight ports of call in Asia and pride ourselves on giving travelers the opportunity for an in-depth visit that makes it easy to experience all aspects of a destination.

An overnight port of call lets you explore a city and its top sights during the daylight hours and then watch as it transforms from day to night. Certain cities have a distinctly different vibe at night and its thrilling to get to experience the nightlife of a destination, famous restaurants and bars, or take in a show, before heading back to your belongings and comfortable bed in your familiar stateroom (where you only have to unpack once!).

You’ll often be able to wake up the next morning and have some more time to explore depending on when your ship departs for the next port. Having so much extended time in one of the top destinations in Asia means you can take your time to see all of its beguiling architecture and historic sites and still have time to partake in cultural activities such as experiencing the cuisine, dance, and song of the area.

See the Top Destinations in Asia on a Cruise

If you’re ready to find your perfect itinerary with just the right mix of overnight ports of call and ship time, start browsing all our Asia cruises and then use our easy cruise planning tool to book your stateroom, airfare, and shore excursions – all in one convenient place.

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