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Traveling around Thailand will reveal delights for the five senses, particularly in the capital, Bangkok, where you’ll find all manner of incredible souvenirs to bring back home as a token of your exotic vacation. Browse upscale shopping malls, floating markets, souvenir shops, and amazing specialty boutiques where you can pick up souvenirs from your time in the Land of Smiles.

From impressively crafted artisan goods and textiles to exotic spices and other culinary treats, you’ll be surprised at the wide array of things to buy while visiting Bangkok and the surrounding area. Keep an eye out for these top Thailand souvenirs during your travels.

Thai Silk

Thai Silk, one of the best Thailand souvenirs to buy

Thai silk

Thai silk is a soft and luxurious fabric that you’ll encounter in stores all over Bangkok. Thai silk isn’t just a beautiful souvenir to purchase while visiting Thailand; it also has strong cultural ties to the country, woven on traditional wooden looms.

There are four types of silk to keep an eye out for: plain, brocaded, dupioni, and mudmee, each with its own defining characteristics.

Thai silk threads on a basket

Thai silk

Venture to specialty silk shops in Bangkok where you can choose between gorgeously intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

The Jim Thompson shops offer some of the best Thai silk and pay homage to the famous American businessman who is known for breathing life back into Thailand’s silk industry in the 1950s. Venture to the flagship store in Silom, one of the city’s main commercial districts, or visit the outlet on Soi Sukhumvit 93.

Another notable shop where you can unearth Thai silk treasures is Queen Thai Silk, just east of the heart of downtown Bangkok. This store is particularly known for its dressmaking and can tailor hand-woven dresses within days.

In addition, The Silk Zone in the Old Siam Plaza is another fantastic destination within the city to shop for this luxurious textile. Choose from a variety of authentic vendors displaying high-quality silk, whether you’re interested in clothing, pillows, tablecloths, scarves, ties, or handbags. Silk is certainly one of the best souvenirs from Thailand.

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Thai Spices

Thai Spices at a market in Thailand

Thai spices

One of the top memories of your time in Thailand will be the flavors of this exciting country. Food is at the heart of the culture, so why not bring some of the fragrant spices home and recreate some of the fabulous meals from your vacation?

Spices such as lemongrass, coriander, turmeric, Thai chili, saffron, Thai basil, and ready-made curry pastes, are available at most markets and souvenir shops throughout Bangkok.

Browse the stalls of the world’s largest market in Bangkok, where you’ll find a foodie’s heaven. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is an impressive shopping experience, with up to 15,000 vendors selling every type of souvenir, including traditional food and spices.

Let the incredible smells of exotic spices and Thai food lure you through the market, where you can choose from a wide array of goods.

Pattaya Floating Market, one of the best spots to buy Thailand souvenirs

Pattaya Floating Market

Another incredible place to find and sample a large selection of Thai spices is the Pattaya Floating Market, which sells local products from four different areas of Thailand. Sample and buy culinary delights such as exotic fruits, coconut pancakes, and a spicy bowl of steaming pad Thai from various boats and establishments along the river.

The floating market is a destination that blends culture and cuisine perfectly for a memorable shopping experience.

Wooden Carvings

Elephant wooden carving

Wooden carvings

Bring home some of the most beautiful handicrafts found in Thailand. Stores all over Bangkok sell intricate wood carvings that will make the perfect addition to your home, while supporting local artisans. Uncover hand-carved teak pieces of all sizes and shapes, from soap dishes to animal figurines, sculptures, bowls, lighting, wall decor, and even furniture.

Visit the historic Klong Suan Market, sprawling along a canal, Prawet Burirom Klong, just outside of bustling Bangkok. This off-the-beaten-path gem is considered a “living museum” for its authentic atmosphere and goods and is the perfect place to uncover beautiful wooden carvings as well as many more Thai treasures.

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is another spot in which to buy wood carvings and other Thai handicrafts. In addition, Silom Village and the Chao Praya River’s “River City” shopping area sell high quality carvings, crafts, and furniture pieces. If you’re interested in high-end antiques, River City will be your best bet.

Spa Products

Spa products in Thailand

Spa products

Thailand is known for its incredible wellness offerings and products. Bring a bit of the Thai spa ambiance home with some of the country’s fragrant spa items.

From exquisitely shaped soaps and lotions to scented essential oils and bath oils, you’ll find a wide array of products to promote rest and relaxation. Or you might want to pick up reed diffusers, foot soaks, and body scrubs to remind you of your Thai idyll.

Handmade soap in Thailand with flower carvings

Handmade soap

Thai soap is a wonderful souvenir, in the form of intricately carved, handmade flowers and fruits. These soaps make the perfect gift or souvenir to bring home for as a gift, or for your own use.

Most markets will have vendors selling these wellness works of art, especially the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Shopping malls will be the place to find luxury brands such as Harnn and Karmakamet.

One of the best-loved luxury wellness brands is Pañpuri, known for its timeless recipes that use mostly organic ingredients. You can visit the Pañpuri store in the CentralWorld Plaza in Bangkok, one of the biggest shopping malls in the country.

Choose from a big selection of high-quality aromatherapy and skin products such as brightening serums, milk bath massage oil, or scented candles.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry at a store in Thailand

Silver jewelry

Jewelry is always a very personal souvenir from traveling, and Thai silver is famed for its quality and intricate designs. A few unique pieces won’t take up much room in your luggage, either.  Silver shops throughout Bangkok, as well as markets and malls make this souvenir easy to find.

Bustling commercial streets such as Khao San Road and Yaowarat Road in Chinatown are great spots to start your accessory shopping. Abundant silver and gold shops present a large selection of beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and much more.

Chinatown is known for its gold shops, but you’ll find everything from silver to costume jewelry as well. Visit the Siam Paragon Mall, one of the most popular malls in Bangkok. This upscale shopping center is a fantastic choice when searching for high-quality jewelry. In addition to jewelry, you’ll find a wide array of designer boutiques selling clothing, crafts, and other items.


People buying snacks from a stall in Bangkok


A trip to Thailand is a dream for food lovers. A thriving street food scene and culinary excellence throughout the country is one of the top things that Thailand is known for.

Pick up some well-loved snacks like ramen noodles, Koh Kae peanuts, Suthera’s Thai coconut rolls, milk candies, dried fruits, coconut candy, prawn crackers and durian chips. You’ll find all of these in supermarkets, street markets and shopping areas like Chinatown.

As you shop in Chinatown, taste the delicious foods that this area is known for and get some inspiration for the types of flavors you’d like to bring home.

Other famous street food markets include Wang Lang Market and the Klong Suan Market, where Mr. Lee’s Coffee Shop and traditional duck noodle soup is a must.

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Coconut Crafts

Coconut, one of the best Thailand souvenirs to buy

Coconut oil

Thailand is one of the world’s largest producers of coconuts, and has been an important exporter throughout history. Coconut oil, coconut shell bowls, statues, and wind chimes are just some examples of this versatile item. Other than being used for cooking, coconut oil is one of the most popular beauty-related souvenirs, with skin and hair benefits, too.

If you’d like something related to coconuts for display in your home, shop in the handicraft sections of any market for colorfully designed coconut bowls. These make the perfect holder for keys, jewelry, or other small items and often come with pretty lacquered designs on the inside. You’ll also come across fragranced soaps presented within a brightly painted coconut shell for a fun gift to take home.

Coconut products are widely sold throughout Bangkok, so you won’t have a problem finding them; street markets, grocery stores, and souvenir shops will all have some kind of coconut related token. If you find yourself exploring the famous Pattaya Floating Market, these products will be readily available from boat vendors as well.


Antique products on a table


Uncover old treasures in Bangkok’s markets, galleries, and shops. Whether you’re in the market for rare items, handicrafts, artworks, textiles, or jewelry, visiting Bangkok’s antique hot spots will unearth all kinds of treasures.

Check out the Talad Rot Fai antique market near Seacon Square, the biggest of its kind in Bangkok. Browse over 2,000 stalls of vintage finds on Wednesdays and weekends at this hip market.

River City on the Chao Praya River is another fantastic destination for Thai antique hunting, with five floors of antique gems just waiting to be discovered. Head to historic Oriental Plaza for more antique shopping where true aficionados will find themselves surrounded by a treasure trove of handicrafts, carvings, textiles, clocks, photos, and sculptures.


Popular Thai clothing with elephant prints


From the classic Thai “elephant pants” to quintessential martial arts Muay Thai shorts, or expertly tailored suits, clothing is a great buy in Thailand.

You’ll see a lot of people wearing elephant pants, loose fitting pants adorned with bright batiks and colors, often featuring elephants, as the name suggests. Their flowy design helps the wearer keep cool in the country’s hot temperatures. Markets and souvenir shops are the places to find the iconic pants in a variety of colors.

Muay Thai shorts can be found at any large shopping mall like Mahboonkrong Mall, or any of the main city markets. Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market is an especially fantastic option for clothes shopping. With almost 15,000 vendors, you’re sure to find something to wear at home to remind you of your trip to Thailand.

Paper Umbrellas

Paper umbrellas, one of the best Thailand souvenirs to buy

Paper umbrellas

Beautiful, hand-crafted paper umbrellas make for a traditional souvenir, used both for decoration and protection from the sun. This Thai handicraft usually depicts rural landscapes in Thailand, or birds and flowers.

Although these hand-painted parasols originate from northern Thailand, near Chiang Mai, it’s possible to purchase them in Bangkok at places like the MBK (Mahboonkrong) Center. They are a pure work of art and a delightful symbol of Thai culture.

Women taking a picture from a temple in Bangkok


A luxury cruise is a wonderful way to explore Bangkok’s retail riches, whether you prefer an authentic market or a state-of-the-art mall. Leave room in your luggage for all the incredible Thailand souvenirs you’ll find in your travels. Browse itineraries on our website and plan your exotic Thailand vacation today.

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