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Year-round tropical temperatures, soft white sands, and a mixture of alluring man-made beaches and rugged, remote stretches make the island-nation of Singapore an ideal place to spend an afternoon topping up your tan.

Many visitors assume the best beaches in Singapore are concentrated on Sentosa Island, and while the three white-sand bays of Sentosa are certainly a dreamy place to relax or visit a beach bar, some of the more serene stretches of sand are found on outer isles.

Whether you fancy sipping a cocktail beachside in a trendy bar, combining a dip with a park trail, or taking a traditional bumboat to a more secluded sandy spot, these Singapore beaches promise you a perfect slice of paradise.

Palawan Beach

Fine sands of Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach

Swooping into Sentosa Island by cable car is an exciting experience and one of the many ways this futuristic-thinking city blends nature with modern touches. The resort-style island is packed with theme parks, entertainment, a golf course, and some of the city’s best beaches due to the delicate soft sand imported from Indonesia and Malaysia. Visiting here is one of the best things to do in Singapore with kids.

View from the bridge in Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach

While the three Singapore beaches on Sentosa may be artificial, that certainly doesn’t detract from their beauty. Palm-fringed Palawan is perhaps the most picturesque, with two tranquil coves of aquamarine waters gently lapping under a suspended rope bridge leading to an islet.

Once you’ve crossed, you’ll be greeted by a sign welcoming you to the “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia”. Here, you can capture some postcard-worthy photos from the viewing platforms.

Palawan Beach, one of the best Singapore beaches

Palawan Beach

This is also home to Singapore’s first floating aquapark, HydroDash, and teenagers (and big kids at heart) will relish the opportunity to take on the obstacle course. Bounce, jump and dash your way across water inflatables, the warm waters a comfy landing pad in case of a misplaced footing.

Post tan top-up, head to FOC Sentosa on the beach’s southern end to lounge on the daybeds, cocktail in hand, or sample delicious Spanish cuisine in the modern glass-fronted dining room.

Changi Beach

Brown sands of Changi Beach

Changi Beach

To the east of Singapore, tucked away behind the airport of the same name, Changi Beach is set within one of the oldest coastal parks in the country. Still retaining somewhat of a laid-back village ambiance from days gone by, it’s a spacious slice of sand on which to soak up a slower side of the city.

Boat passing by Changi Beach

Changi Beach

The nearly two-mile stretch of beach is backed by rustling coconut palms, perfect for laying out your towel and getting lost in the pages of a great book. The beach is well equipped with public restrooms and plenty of dining options nearby, making a day in Changi Beach Park a treat.

For a beautiful setting in which to enjoy lunch, head to The Seagrill, a seafood bistro bar with ocean-facing views. Dishes range from delicious yet straightforward soups to indulgent lobster dinners.

Savory Nasi Lemak on a plate

Nasi Lemak in Changi Village Hawker Center

Alternatively, a little further back from the waterfront, Changi Village Hawker Center is home to some of Singapore’s best street food stalls. Perfect for a beachside picnic, these institutional food stands are renowned for their high-quality Singaporean cuisine.

Whether you prefer snacking on Satay, Nasi Lemak (a rice-based dish with various sides and spicy sambal sauce), or Singapore’s signature Chili Crab, you’ll find a vast array of local flavors to sample.

View of the trail in Changi Park Coastal Walk

Changi Park Coastal Walk

With the Changi Park Coastal Walk stretching away from the beach towards the ferry port, those with restless feet can enjoy a scenic stroll along the boardwalk, with views across the surrounding islands and, on a clear day, even to neighboring Malaysia.

Pulau Ubin Island

Quiet beach in Pulau Ubin Island

Pulau Ubin Island

If you’re looking for a more serene side of Singapore, far away from the downtown skyscrapers, then a trip to Pulau Ubin is a must.

From Changi Point Ferry Terminal, a short 15-minute ride on a traditional wooden “bumboat” brings you to this verdant, wildlife-filled isle. One of the most rustic of Singapore’s beaches to visit, it’s ideal for those who prefer to be active than lounge on the shore.

While the small stretches of sand on the island (Mamam Beach is the principal point) lend themselves more to exploring than sunbathing, the many other outdoor-focused activities make the island a delightful day trip, especially if you have at least three days in Singapore.

Lush landscape of Pulau Ubin Island

Pulau Ubin Island

Historically Palau Ubin was a center of granite mining; however, the quarries are long gone and have been transformed into biodiversity habitats.

Whether you choose to walk around the island on foot, hire a bicycle, or head into the mangroves on a kayak, there are plenty of opportunities to spot the resident wildlife, from rare dolphin sightings to large monitor lizards crossing the trails.

Boardwalk in Chek Jawa Wetlands

Chek Jawa Wetlands

On the southeastern end of the island, the rich ecosystem of Chek Jawa Wetlands can be traversed by a boardwalk stilted above the sea, a tranquil trail of bird-watching and ocean breeze.

To catch a glimpse of Singapore’s heritage, head to one of the country’s last remaining traditional kampongs (villages). Walking around the village, you’ll get a glimpse into Singapore’s past before it became a modern metropolis.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach, one of the most beautiful Singapore beaches

Siloso Beach

Situated on Sentosa Island, Siloso is another palm-backed pocket of paradise and the perfect choice if you seek a little adventure served up alongside the sand.

While the country’s beaches aren’t especially renowned for bathing, the calm lagoon of Siloso is one of the best beaches in Singapore for swimming or indulging in watersports, with kayak hire available.

Aerial view of Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach

However, the beach’s adventure activities aren’t just restricted to the water. If you are a thrill-seeker, you’ll love the opportunity to fly over the lagoon on a zip-line or bounce above the beach by strapping into Skypark’s bungee jump.

Once you’ve conquered all the experiences on offer, sink your feet into the warm sands surrounding the front-deck tables of Trapizza. Serving up fresh-rolled pizzas and seafood pasta, this quality restaurant is the perfect beachside location to sip on a sunset cocktail and marvel at the sky shimmering in shades of pinks and golds.

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Pasir Ris Beach

Quaint beach of Pasir Ris Beach

Pasir Ris Beach

Relax and unwind along the four miles of inviting sands at Pasir Ris Beach, shrouded by shady palms and dense mangrove forests.

Well equipped with a beach bar, restaurant, and public facilities, including BBQ pits, it’s a favorite destination for locals. However, Pasir Ris is also one of the longest Singapore beaches, so finding a sunbathing spot shouldn’t be challenging.

Boardwalk trail near Pasir Ris Beach

Boardwalk trail near Pasir Ris Beach

At Ohana Beach House, you can hire stand-up paddleboards and kayaks to make the most of the sparkling waters, or enjoy horseback riding at the park’s stables.

Further back from the shore, a fantastic boardwalk trail will take you through a lush, biodiverse mangrove forest, a welcome break from the midday sun.

Inside the park, avid bird watchers can head up the viewing tower for an aerial view, while challenge-seekers can test their senses inside the shrub-style maze.

St. John’s Island Beach

Calm waters of St. John’s Island Beach

St. John’s Island Beach

As the largest of Singapore’s southern isles, it’s no surprise that St. John’s Island is one of the most popular locations to visit on a day trip from the city.

Served by ferries from Marina South Pier (located close to Gardens by the Bay, one of Singapore’s famous landmarks), it takes around 30 to 40 minutes to arrive at the idyllic isle.

While you’ll feel a million miles away from the fast-paced city center, this is one of the best beaches in Singapore from which to admire the city’s futuristic skyline while paddling in the waters.

Thanks to the protective sea barrier, the lagoon is a safe spot to swim, or spot marine life during low tide.

Waterfront view of St. John’s Island Beach

St. John’s Island Beach

Over the years this hilly island has served many purposes, but it is currently focused on research, due to the highly biodiverse climate. You’ll have the chance to learn about these essential ecosystems firsthand at the Marine Park Public Gallery, where exhibits on marine life and ocean corals are housed inside an informative space.

Be sure to bring your own picnic and water to enjoy in the outside shaded dining area, as no shops or restaurants are available on this relatively untouched island.

Lazarus Island Beach

Small island of Lazarus Island Beach

Lazarus Island Beach

Connected by a causeway to St. John’s, Lazarus Island is another fantastic Singapore side-trip that can easily be combined with some of the neighboring isles.

Awaiting you is a blissful bay of powdery white sand beaches and sparkling cerulean waters, enveloped by dense vegetation. Lean into the laid-back vibe, paddle in the calm lagoon, and soak up the sunshine—you’ll quickly forget you’re less than an hour from one of the world’s most fast-paced cities.

Lazarus Island Beach, one of the best Singapore beaches

Lazarus Island Beach

While plans were considered to turn this piece of paradise into a resort, thankfully, they were shelved, and it remains untouched.

If you have some spare time before taking the return ferry, follow the walking trails to Seringat Island, once separated by water but now joined with Lazarus by reclaimed land. Keep an eye out for colorful butterflies, dragonflies, and migratory birds along the trails.

East Coast Beach

Calm waters of East Coast Beach

East Coast Beach

Stretching out for just over nine miles to the east of Singapore’s attraction-heavy marina, East Coast Beach and the neighboring park provide one of the city’s most beloved urban escapes.

Given the proximity to the city and vast expanse of sandy oceanfront, it’s little surprise that East Coast Beach is one of the best beaches in Singapore to visit without needing to take a ferry to another island.

Between the breakwater-protected shore, selection of modern and stylish cafés, and the exciting array of activities offered, here you are all set to enjoy the perfect beach day.

Tables lined up in East Coast Beach

East Coast Beach

If you’re seeking an adrenaline boost, try your hand at cable skiing, a type of wakeboarding harnessed to a cable rather than a boat. This exhilarating activity is suitable for beginners and takes place at a custom-built park in the safety of a lagoon. For thrill-loving teenagers, a visit to Coastal PlayGrove water park provides an exciting and cooling activity.

Coney Island

Quiet beach in Coney Island

Coney Island

Coney Island, also known as Pulau Serangoon, is an ecological national park with a rich range of flora and fauna, connected to the main island by two bridges. The island is not only home to welcoming pockets of sand, but around 80 different bird species, as well as grasslands, forests, and marshes.

Hiking trail in Coney Island

Coney Island

Before crossing the bridge, hire a bicycle from Punggol Jetty, close to the western entrance, so you can explore every corner of this untamed utopia. Somewhat hidden away, you’ll need to keep an eye out for signs on the walking and cycling trails that point towards the handful of secluded sandy spots.

As you hop between these corners of waterfront tranquility, you’ll find plenty of nature-inspired moments to enjoy—from a timber-crafted mini obstacle course to designated nature trails ideal for bird spotting. Keep an eye out for parakeets dancing in the canopies, or the bright yellow baya weavers crafting their nests.

Punggol Beach

Fine sands of Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach

Hidden away behind the greenery of Punggol Point Park, this golden stretch of sand is dotted with photogenic black boulders, making it one of the most picturesque Singapore beaches.

As well as visiting the beach, you can stroll the Punggol Promenade to enjoy views across the surrounding islands, head to the viewing deck to see the Straits of Johor—which acts as the border between Singapore and Malaysia—and admire the decorative lilies in the park’s ponds.

While nowadays, this tranquil location is one of the quieter weekday beaches, it was a historically significant setting for some of the darkest days in Singapore’s history.

During the Second World War, this was one of the locations of the Sook Ching Massacres, where hundreds of lives were tragically lost. A memorial plaque marks the location and explains the history of this horrific period.

Tanjong Beach

Bird's eye view of Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach

Not to be confused with the beach club of the same name, Tanjong Beach is the third sandy stretch on Sentosa Island. For the most secluded beachside experience on Sentosa, head to the southern end of the sand and pitch your towel under the shade of an overhanging palm tree.

Aside from the development on the north end of the beach, Tanjong has remained much less commercialized than the two other coves on Sentosa Island, making the slightly longer walk (or trolley bus ride) more than worthwhile for an extra peaceful beach experience.

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Beautiful skyline of Singapore


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