Entertainment surrounds you at every turn, making your vacation an unforgettable adventure at every moment of the journey. Engaging, visionary performances from exclusive brand partnerships and award-winning productions blend seamlessly with innovative design to bring you the best entertainment at sea—and beyond.

Tree of Life

Join us on a journey through life’s most unforgettable moments. Our dazzling Tree of Life sets the stage for an experience that is sure to leave your spirits soaring.


Get ready for a multi-sensory spectacle like you’ve never experienced before. High-energy pop violin music, aerial acrobatics, and dance set the rhythm for a light show that will take your breath away.


Rock history takes center center stage at The Theatre. Relive the epic performances that have defined decade after decade, and rock along with all your favorites.


“Dance through a colorful lens” A high energy pop art concert – a mash up of color and music.

A Hot Summer Night's Dream

In A Hot Summer Night’s Dream, you’ll be thoroughly immersed in a light-hearted journey that fuses music with extraordinary acrobatics and yes—a little bit of Shakespeare. It’s a tale of love, intoxication, and midnight madness.

Colors of Life

Our hero, Homer, is stuck in a black-and-white world until a mysterious muse helps him discover a more colorful way to look at life. Join us on this uplifting musical journey that’ll inspire everyone from the young to the young at heart, featuring gravity-defying acrobatics, breathtaking choreography, and iconic songs spanning the generations.


Experience how Mozart and the work of other classical composers inspire, evolve, and connect to modern music. Hear current favorites remixed and re-imagined as we present Amade. Celebrate the evolution of music from classical to contemporary with this award-winning show.


Enter the interesting world of Sir Stuart Peabody, his giant hat, and his collection of eccentric friends. The award-winning show brings you into their world of quirky adventures.


Grab a seat and travel the world. A vacation within your vacation, Cosmopolitan takes you across the world to a variety of countries, introducing you to their culture, music, and dance. The music ties the exciting journey together as you experience an unforgettable globetrotting adventure.

Rock City

You’re invited to an epic stadium style concert, featuring iconic rock anthems--from old to new favorites.

Broken Strings

Join us for a foot stompin', hand clappin' tale of friendship, laughter, and music. It’s a good time the whole family will enjoy.


Smile and enjoy Life, a euphoric feel-good concert. It's the perfect escape - filled with life, light, and love.


A night of romance that weaves together love letter readings, games, dancing, and more—into an unforgettable celebration of love in all its forms. 


Incredible vocal talent, combined with a carefully curated setlist, fearless musicianship, and dynamic dancers creates an authentic and uplifting musical experience that will energize and inspire everyone.


A dynamic collection of songs from classic and current movies. It redefines music and movies bringing soundtracks to life.


Elyria is a sensual, edgy and immersive experience, with the tale of love overcoming darkness and temptation. Taking place on an exotic island, this original musical is fused with humor, intrigue and excitement to delight all of your senses. Adults only.