The Culinary Stars Have Aligned

Our culinary-focused cruises deliver deliciously authentic experiences that are bound to expand your horizons and open your world like never before. Our latest culinary endeavor includes incredible onboard dining events with outstanding menus developed by our new Global Culinary Brand Ambassador, Daniel Boulud. So, step aboard and explore new ways to thrill your palate, master culinary skills, and take your vacation to a new tantalizing level.

Chef Daniel Boulud

With a collection of award-winning restaurants around the world, including Chef DANIEL in New York City, Chef Boulud is considered America’s leading culinary authority and a master in the dining scene. Originally from Lyon, France, he has become renowned for a soulful cooking style, which is rooted in French tradition. Now, he’s joining culinary forces with us and our own chef, Cornelius Gallagher.

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