Find Your Beach Bliss and More on Curaçao Shore Excursions

Curaçao shore excursions offer Caribbean cruise passengers with a port of call at Willemstad excellent opportunities for getting to know the island’s history and Dutch culture, as well as indulging in world-class snorkeling, diving, and beach day activities.

Tour Willemstad on any one of several Curaçao shore excursions that take you by land or by sea to discover the city’s charming and historically significant sites, including the Rif Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the Curaçao Museum, see the first KLM airplane to cross the Atlantic in 1934. Hear a 47-bell carillon, a rarity for the Caribbean. At a distillery housed in a 19th century mansion, learn about the island’s signature liqueur, its history, and how it became a tropical drink staple, and of course, sample both clear and lovely blue Curaçao.

Experience the island’s many and varied marine wildlife on Curaçao cruise excursions to Sea Aquarium Park, which offers over 30 aquariums plus sea lion and dolphin shows. Snorkel at the Ocean Encounters Dive Center at the Mambo Beach area of the island, where you can swim with stingrays, feed nurse sharks, and be surrounded by colorful tropical fish. Or you can snorkel around a sunken tugboat at the island’s most popular snorkeling site in Caracas Bay.

On a cruise to Curaçao, PADI-certified divers can experience the thrill of a two-tank dive in the clear blue waters off Curaçao at Mambo Beach, swimming among hard and soft corals and alongside schools of tropical fish, turtles, and lobsters.

From your Southern Caribbean cruise, guided nature tours of the island are fun and fascinating. An off-road jeep safari takes you off the beaten path to areas only accessible with a four-wheel drive vehicle for an exploration of the island’s rich flora and fauna, including giant cacti, many kinds of lizards, iguanas, and wara wara birds.

Curaçao shore excursions can give you that laid-back tropical beach vibe like no other. Soak up the sun on a white-sand beach studded with swaying palm trees at Blue Bay Beach, or take a refreshing dip in the crystal blue waters off Mambo Beach. If you’re feeling the least bit energetic, you can join a sand volleyball game, then enjoy a piña colada or other tropical drink as you stroll the boardwalk.

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