Lisbon Shore Excursions: Fado, Fairy Tales, Trams, and Towers

Lisbon is quickly climbing the ranks of the hot list for travelers to see thanks to its Baroque, Gothic, and Moorish architecture and tree-lined boulevards that overlook the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. Also adding to its intrigue is delicious cuisine, a beloved historical neighborhood, and lyrical music, all of which are experiences you can have on Lisbon shore excursions.

Those looking for a cultural experience while on one of our cruises to Lisbon will enjoy visiting the Alfama District. A shore excursion that combines a tour of Alfama with a Fado experience is an excellent option. Fado is a type of Portuguese music that is prevalent in lounges and bars located in Alfama. It consists of a melodic, soulful singing that is often tinged with sadness, yet is considered by many to be hauntingly beautiful to listen to.

History lovers looking for some centuries-old ruins while also wanting to enjoy Lisbon’s stunning vistas will want to take an excursion that includes a tour of St. George’s Castle. Areas of the castle date all the way back to the 6th century. Though the majority of it is in ruins now – mostly due to the earthquake of 1755 – it still gives off majestic vibes and is a fun place to walk around and imagine what it was like to be royalty there hundreds of years ago. A major perk of a Lisbon cruise excursion to St. George’s Castle is the panoramic views of the city skyline and ocean horizon you can see from practically every vantage point along the castle grounds.

Other fun and cultural Lisbon shore excursions include sightseeing around Lisbon by tram or Segway, combining a city tour with a visit to Lisbon’s zoo or aquarium, and a funicular ride to the Bohemian neighborhood of Bairro Alto.

Beyond the city, Lisbon cruise excursions can take you to the historic towns of Sintra and Cascais. In Sintra, you’ll see a colorful palace that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. In Cascais, you can experience sandy beaches lined by medieval walls.  

Whether you stay close to the city center or embark on an adventure to old towns while on your European cruise, Lisbon shore excursions offer plenty of options to give you a perfect day in port.

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