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3 Easy Steps Unlock A World of Rewards

1. Create Account

2. Add or Enroll

Once you have created an account, log in and either add your existing Captain’s Club number or enroll as a new member.

3. Enjoy Your Benefits

As you book more cruises, you'll move up our membership tier structure and enjoyeven more benefits offered by the Captain's Club program.

Captain's Club Terms & Conditions

Your Membership Status

To qualify for enrollment in the Captain's Club, you must be 18 years of age or older.

Your Captain's Club membership falls into one of six tiers: Preview (prior to sailing), Classic (after first completed cruise), Select (after earning 150 Club Points), Elite (after earning 300 Club Points), Elite Plus (after earning 750 Club Points) and Zenith (after earning 3,000 Club Points). After you complete qualifying sailings, your membership will automatically advance to the applicable membership level. You will enjoy your new membership benefits on the sailing after you reach the next membership level. Your membership number will remain the same as you advance to the next level.

Club Points

Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club membership tiers are based on Club Points. Prior to November 25, 2013, members earned one credit for sailing, one credit by sailing on an itinerary of 12-nights or longer, including Cruisetours (applicable to sailings on or after January 1, 2003); and earned one credit by sailing in a Concierge Class stateroom, AquaClass® stateroom, or Suite (applicable to sailings on or after January 1, 2004). After November 25, 2013, credits were converted to Club Points at a ratio of 1 credit to 30 Club Points. Club Points are earned based on stateroom category purchased and length of cruise including Cruisetours and Celebrity Explorations when you sail with Celebrity Cruises or Azamara Club Cruises. Celebrity Cruises makes it possible for you to earn up to eighteen Club Points per night. Club points can also be earned through the Power Up Points program offered by Celebrity Cruises.**

**Power Up Points can be earned by eligible members in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand for various non-sailing activities such as taking surveys, participating in social media activities and making bookings. Opportunities to earn Power Up Points are emailed to eligible members by Celebrity Cruises from time to time. Power Up Points convert to Club points at a ratio of 10 Power Up Points to 1 Club Point. All Power Up Points earned in a calendar month are converted to Club Points and added to a participating member’s Club Point balance within 14 days of month’s end. Club Points converted from Power Up Points in a given month will be rounded up to the nearest whole Club Point. All terms and conditions of a Power Up Points activity must be met to be eligible to receive the associated Power Up Points. Eligible members may participate once per activity. The processing of personal information related to Power Up Points activities is subject to our Privacy Policy available here: and our Social Media Fan Page Notice available here: . Certain Power Up Points activities may be construed as financial incentive(s) under the California Consumer Privacy Act. You may opt in/out by your participation in any Power Up Point activity. Club Points converted from Power Up Points are subject to all terms and conditions of the Captains Club program. Power Up Points and Captains Club program terms and conditions are subject to change at any point without prior notice.

Complimentary sailings, Seminar at Sea, Travel Agent rates, and employee rates do not earn Club Points in the program. Reduced rate upgrades, pre-cruise and onboard, will earn Club Points at the original stateroom category purchased, and NOT the category of the upgraded stateroom. Accepted offers in the Celebrity MoveUp program will earn Captain’s Club points at the original stateroom category purchased, and not the category of the upgraded stateroom. Club Points will not be awarded for Celebrity City Stay, Book & Go or any other vacation package. Azamara Club Cruises Note: Guests who sail on Celebrity Cruises and Azamara will earn Club Points toward their memberships in both Captain's Club and Le Club Voyage, regardless of which brand they sail. Program terms are subject to change. Club Points are personal and non-transferable.

Relationship Points and Status

If two adult members over the age of 18 reside at the same address, they have the option to link their member accounts together by calling 1-800-760-0654. While each member still earns points based on their individual sailing activity, both will have access to the points and tier level associated with the member who has the higher Club Point balance. If the members ever stop residing at the same address, Celebrity may unlink the accounts. Members can also request their accounts be unlinked by calling 1-800-760-0654. Each member will then only have access to the points and tier earned individually.

For example, if member A has 100 points and member B has 175 points, individually, member A is a Classic member, and member B is a Select member. However, if member A and member B link their accounts, member A would then have 175 “relationship” points and Select status as well.

  • If member A takes another sailing and earns an additional 35 points, member A would then have 135 “individual” points but still only 175 “relationship” points and Select status.
  • If member A and B stop residing at the same address and the accounts are unlinked, member A would have 135 “individual” points and revert back to Classic status. Member B would retain all 175 “individual” points and remain at Select status.
Single Travelers

Guest travelling as a single traveler in a stateroom, and paying full fare will earn double the amount of Club Points, based on stateroom category and number of nights sailed. This applies to all sailings on or after July 1, 2014, and to all Captain's Club members including Preview members. Single travelers receive one set of offers per sailing.

Captain’s Club Benefits
Captain's Club Savings Certificate

Savings are in U.S. dollars, are not redeemable for cash, and not transferable. Only valid on new booking. When booking, please reference the applicable savings code and provide your Captain’s Club Member ID. Offer is subject to availability and change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time. THE OFFER CANNOT BE USED WITH NON-REFUNDABLE, RESTRICTED FARES OR ON CRUISES ONBOARD CHARTERED SAILINGS. This certificate cannot be combined with another certificate on the same booking. Applies only to outside and above categories (category 8 and above). Promotion combinability will vary by certificate, see for combinability details. Celebrity Cruises will deduct the applicable offer value from final payment upon review. Discount applies on a per-stateroom basis, double occupancy. Singles paying full fare are entitled to full face value. Prices vary by ship and sailing dates, and space is subject to availability at time of booking. When booking through a travel agency, the savings code and Captain’s Club member ID must be presented to the travel agent at time of booking.

Elite Plus member's 10% discount on beverage packages.

Elite Plus members may purchase a beverage or wine package with the 10% discount pre-cruise, by calling Captain's Club at 1-800-760-0654. Packages may also be purchased onboard with the discount. Discount does not apply to promotional beverage packages, including promotional package upgrade.

Specialty Dining Discounts

Applies only to the member's cover charge. Not combinable with any other offers. Discount will be taken once onboard. Reservations can be held prior to sailing by calling Captain’s Club at 1-800-760-0654.

Laundry Services

Offers exclude Express Service. Wash / Dry / Fold not valid on final 3 days of cruise. Pressed items do not include dry cleaning. Pressing and Dry Cleaning offers not valid on final day of cruise. Please note services may not be available on some cruises if water restrictions are in place.


Discount applied to the total price of the first package purchased.
Complimentary unlimited minutes for Zenith members limited to 1 device only.


Discount on digital or print photo package excludes Wedding Packages, The Studio and Quinceñera.
Discount off The Studio photo package excludes regular photos, Wedding packages and Quinceñera.


Millennium and Solstice Series Ships: The Spa one-time spa discount applies to the Port Prices while the ship is in port. Excludes MediSpa / Aesthetic treatments. Persian Garden pass available while ship is in port. Classic benefit for one-time free treatment enhancement with purchase of massage or facial only applies to The Spa.

Edge Series Ships: The Spa multi-use discount excludes MedSpa and retail. No complimentary access to SEA Thermal Suite.


Match Plays are one time use and require a table’s minimum bet for use.
Bingo Bonus Card only applicable to jackpot sessions.

One-Category Upgrade

One-category upgrade requests must be made at the time of booking and apply only for upgrades within the supercategory, depending on availability. Example of a super category upgrade in AquaClass: A2 to A1. Upgrades available from categories 11- A1 on all Celebrity ships except Galapagos voyages. Captain's Club one category upgrade excludes categories 12, FV, SV, C1 and guarantee categories, Z, Y, X, XC, XA, W. On Celebrity Edge categories 12, 9, 7, 6, IO, 1B, 1A, SV, ES, E1, C2, C1, A1 are also excluded. This offer cannot be used with certain restricted fares including but not limited to travel agent and employee rates. Upgrades apply for one stateroom per cruise. Stateroom assignments only. Not valid on holiday sailings.

The Retreat

Zenith members are welcomed to enjoy The Retreat Lounge as they do Michael’s Club. However, The Retreat Sundeck and Luminae are reserved for guests of The Retreat.

The Captain's Club program terms are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
Offers vary by tier, see benefit grid for full details
Captain Club benefits may not be available with other sales and promotions.

Access to Concierge Lunch

Zenith members are invited to join the Concierge Lunch on embarkation day in Main Dining Room from 11:30am-1:00pm (times may vary by sailing).

Luggage Valet

Zenith members receive complimentary Luggage Valet where available, airline fees still apply. Must be flying on the entirety of the journey with the same air carrier, flight needs to be the same day of ship's arrival and must be on a 7 night or longer sailing. Currently available in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Seattle on select airlines and itineraries.

Extend Your Stay

Zenith members receive complimentary Extend Your Stay. Only available in Europe and subject to availability. Not available in Miami or Fort Lauderdale during a transatlantic cruise.

Priority Embarkation and Preferential Debarkation

These privileges offered to Select, Elite, Elite Plus and Zenith members are subject to availability at the following ports: Seward, AK; Miami, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Baltimore, MD; San Diego, CA; Honolulu, HI; New York, NY; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Harwich, England; Dover, England; Vancouver, British Columbia; Valparaiso, Chile; Barcelona, Spain. Subject to availability and change without notice.

Priority Tender Service

Subject to availability.

Priority Waitlist for Shore Excursions

Subject to availability.

Pre-sailing Specialty Restaurant Reservations

You can make dinner reservations for a Specialty Restaurant anywhere from 60 days to 4 days prior to your sailing date when booking a cruise on any Celebrity ship except Galapagos voyages. You can make your reservation online via our dining reservation tool. Proper attire is required. View our Onboard Dress Code here.

Pre-sailing specialty restaurant reservations available through Captain's Club desk

Benefit does not apply to specialty dining packages

Zenith Member complimentary sailing at 3,000 Club Points and every 3,000 Club Points thereafter.

Initial Complimentary sailing: Valid for a 7-Night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise in a Standard Veranda Stateroom (lowest veranda category available at time of booking)

Complimentary sailing at every additional 3,000 Club Points: Valid for a 7-Night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise in an AquaClass® stateroom (A1, A2)

  • Must be redeemed within 1 year of reaching the required point threshold.
  • One complimentary stateroom per Zenith member household; 3rd and 4th rates apply; non-transferable
  • Taxes, fees, gratuities and other cruise enhancements are additional and still apply.
  • The Zenith Complimentary sailing is not combinable with any other offer, promotion or discounted rate. No refunds or credits for unused portion.
  • Initial complimentary sailing may be applied toward a CC or AQ stateroom on a Caribbean or Bermuda cruise. Pro-rated rates apply and are determined by Celebrity Cruises in its sole discretion
  • Complimentary sailing may be applied pro-rata to another sailing. Pro-rated amount is determined by Celebrity Cruises in its sole discretion; additional fees may apply.
  • If member is already booked on cruise that is not within the penalty phase, Celebrity can re-arrange the previously booked cruise. Prevailing rates may apply.
  • Black-out dates include holiday sailings (Christmas, New Year’s) and the inaugural year of a new ship
Reciprocity Between Brands

Equivalent recognition is one of the benefits of being a Captain’s Club, Crown & Anchor Society and / or Azamara Circle loyalty member.  It offers loyalty members the opportunity to receive recognition and similar Celebrity benefits with matching tier status–both pre-cruise and onboard–when sailing with one of the three brands. Members of one loyalty program must enroll in a sister program in order to receive equivalent recognition benefits.

Points on Celebrity and Azamara are earned cumulatively in both loyalty programs. For example, 20 Club Points earned on a Celebrity sailing will be reflected as 20 points in both Celebrity's and Azamara's loyalty programs. The total Club Points for the member will reflect all qualified points earned.

Points earned on Royal Caribbean are earned only for the Royal Caribbean loyalty program. Points of each loyalty program cannot be added together. Points are calculated using the applicable brand's program level accrual system.

The following program levels are equivalent for loyalty program recognition purposes:

  • Preview
    • Azamara Circle: Preview
  • Classic
    • Azamara Circle: Adventurer
  • Select
    • Azamara Circle: Explorer
    • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Platinum
  • Elite
    • Azamara Circle: Discoverer
    • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Diamond
  • Elite Plus
    • Azamara Circle: Discoverer Plus
    • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Diamond
  • Zenith
    • Azamara Circle: Discoverer Platinum
    • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Diamond