Stockholm Shore Excursions: Explore Sweden’s Historic Capital

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is spread out over 14 islands, making it a beautiful city to visit with plentiful water views. On your Scandinavian cruise, one of the best ways to experience local wonders is on Stockholm shore excursions.

Stockholm has a rich maritime history, which you can learn about during one of our Stockholm cruise excursions to the Vasa Maritime Museum. While there, you’ll see an incredible restoration of a 17th century ship that was salvaged nearly completely intact after sinking in 1628.

On your cruise to Stockholm, learn about past battles on the nearby sea by a visiting the Viking Exhibition at the Historical Museum and the Life of the Vikings Exhibition, Vikingaliv. You’ll learn about the ways the Vikings impacted Scandinavia as well as discover what it was like to be part of a Viking family.

If your goal is to get as much of the city center essence of Stockholm as possible during your cruise there, do one of the Stockholm shore excursions that take you to all of the city’s top landmarks, whether by foot on a walking tour or by bus. Some of the iconic sights you’ll see include the Parliament Building, the Baroque homes in Old Town, the Royal Palace, and Stortorget (the Great Square).

Choose a Stockholm cruise excursion that gives you some free time to explore Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town that is one of the best preserved Medieval cities in Europe and dates back to 1252.

Want to see the sights of Stockholm’s city center while still having a grand adventure? Take a historic rooftop tour that gives you a bird’s-eye view of Stockholm as you buckle yourself into a safety harness and make your way along a rooftop trail.

Stockholm shore excursions will help you discover the culture, sights, and history of Sweden during your cruise there. Choose the one that best fits your interests and get ready for a fantastic day in this iconic Scandinavian city.

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