Tonga’s Tropical Wonders Are Revealed on Nuku'alofa Shore Excursions

The tropical wonderland of Tonga is yours to experience on Nuku'alofa shore excursions when your cruise from Auckland to the South Pacific docks at this island’s capital city. Whether your taste in shore time activities runs to the natural, the ancient, the laid back, or all three, Nuku'alofa shore excursions are designed to accommodate.

While stopped on your cruise to Nuku’alofa, admire Tonga’s natural landscapes on a drive across Tongatapu to the island’s south shore, where you’ll behold the natural phenomena of the Houma Blowholes. Here, you’ll see the waters of the Pacific Ocean gush through vents eroded in the limestone that make a whistling sound, giving them the apt nickname, “Chief’s Whistles”. Travel to the tucked-away Vakaloa Beach Resort to swim in clear blue waters, sunbathe on a white-sand beach, or snorkel or kayak, if you wish.

Sail away on a Nuku'alofa, Tonga, cruise excursion to Pangaimotu Island to spend a day relaxing on a secluded South Pacific atoll. Board a boat at Faua Wharf for a short voyage across calm ocean waters to the uninhabited island that is, without a doubt, a little slice of paradise. Once there, you’re free to roam the golden-sand beach, sunbathe a bit, then make a splash by flying into the water from a rope swing. You can also bring your own snorkeling gear and swim in and around the colorful marine life as you make your way to a nearby sunken ship. To sip tropical drinks and dine on fresh seafood and local specialties, grab a table at Big Mama’s Yacht Club.

Book Nuku'alofa shore excursions to get to know Tonga’s history and culture. Participate in a traditional kava welcoming ceremony in the small village of Ancient Tonga. Take a sip of the potent liquid from a shared ceremonial cup, then learn about Tongan medicine, wood carving, and native dances. Watch demonstrations provided by local islanders as they weave Ngatu tapa cloth and prepare food using umu earth ovens. Hear tales of the days of the Royal Palace and its inhabitants as you tour the Royal Tombs’ stone vaults. Walk in the footsteps of the British Captain James Cook as he came on shore in 1777.

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