Discover Secret Grottos on Loyalty Island Shore Excursions

You’ll learn how to truly unplug on Loyalty Island, where the realities of everyday life will be quickly replaced with relaxation and incredible Pacific Ocean vistas. The remote and undeveloped Loyalty Islands are French provinces within the archipelago of New Caledonia, and it’s shocking how truly secluded you’ll feel in this South Pacific paradise.

Loyalty Island cruise excursions are adventurous, active, and enjoyable for the entire family. If you’re looking for activities in the city of Lifou, you can buy souvenirs at the local open air market. Climb the Notre Dame de Lourdes Church for unbeatable views of the Pacific Ocean from the top, then reward yourself with a drink from a local coconut.

Take a tour of the local vanilla plantation, House of Vanilla while on Loyalty Island shore excursions. Each year, there’s a festival in October honoring the discovery of how locals in Lifou realized the climate was ideal for vanilla farming in the 19th century. Today, it’s one of the island’s biggest industries.

For a challenge, climb the black cliffs of Xodre or the coral stone Jokin Cliffs for the best views from the island. One of Lifou’s most popular attractions is swimming in a hidden, off-the-beaten-path grotto surrounded by tropical foliage. The path to the grotto is marked and helpful guides lead the way.

While you’re exploring, snorkel at Jinek Bay to see some of the best-maintained coral reefs in the world. You’ll see thousands of fish species underwater while you snorkel. Or, take a boat tour to the turquoise shoreline of Tiga Island, a nearly uninhabited area that a small population of native Kanaks call home. Organized tours often will drop you off at Luengoni Bay or the popular Peng Beach for crystal-clear swimming, too.

Loyalty Island shore excursions promise a personalized, intimate experience of the island. You could just break out the beach towel and soak up the sun, but why miss out on incredible off-the-beaten-path excursions during your South Pacific cruise from Australia?

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