Schollaert Channel, Antarctica Cruising Guide

A Schollaert Channel cruise is an incredible way to see the wonders of the South Pole, breathe in its fresh, wintry air, and see dozens of animal species up close and personal. Pass Anvers Island and Brabant Island during your scenic Antarctica cruise through this icy paradise, taking in panoramic snowy landscapes from the top deck of your cruise ship. Or, grab a camera with a zoom lens to capture penguins waddling across ice floes or leopard seals swimming in their natural habitat. 

Top Things to Do on a Cruise through Schollaert Channel

Spot Animals in the Wild

A Schollaert Channel cruise offers ample opportunity to see Antarctica’s favorite species, from energetic leopard seals and dolphins to tiny penguins and massive whales. Families of penguins often huddle together on land in the near distance, while seals jump in and out of the water around your cruise ship.

Admire Anvers Island

As you cruise to Schollaert Channel, you’ll make out the snow-capped peaks of Mount Parry on Anvers Island, which measures over 8,000 feet tall. It’s the largest island in Antarctica’s sweeping Palmer Archipelago and home to distinct vistas: crackling icebergs, bright white snow, and deep blue waters colliding into one panoramic view.

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Culture and History of Schollaert Channel

The Schollaert Channel, along with nearby Anvers Island, wasn’t discovered until the late 1800s by the same Belgian explorers who ventured through Gerlache Strait. Before it was a hotspot for scenic cruising in Antarctica, Schollaert Channel was considered a hub for Gentoo penguins. In fact, the islands surrounding the channel aren’t populated by human beings, so the Schollaert Channel possesses a beautiful tranquility you can appreciate from your ship. 

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