Biking, Ice Bars, and More on Helsinki Shore Excursions

Helsinki is part of a picturesque archipelago in Finland and is steeped in maritime history. Located on the southern end of Finland, Helsinki boasts a flourishing city center with a cosmopolitan flair. Though big city life can be found on Helsinki shore excursions, the Finnish countryside is also just a short drive away for those looking for a quieter way to spend the day in port on a Scandinavian cruise.

If you want to stay focused on the city center of Helsinki, choose a shore excursion that offers more than just a walking tour, such as a tour of Helsinki’s highlights plus a visit to a fun and frigid ice bar for a drink experience that is cool in more ways than one.

A quintessential way to navigate your time in Finland is by biking through its park trails and streets. Helsinki shore excursions that include this active pastime often do so by providing you with a Jopo bike, a local brand that is extremely popular in Finland. You’ll feel like a local as you glide past Helsinki’s top sights and landmarks.

For more action on your day in Helsinki, head out on the water via speed boat or kayak. It’s an exciting way to spend the day and see the archipelago on your cruise to Helsinki.

Outside the city center, more alluring shore excursions await you. A popular day trip from Helsinki is to the town of Porvoo, a coastal town that is as historic as it is charming. Porvoo dates back to 1346 and is Finland’s second oldest town.Helsinki cruise excursions to Porvoo also typically include a road trip through the countryside and a drive past the top landmarks of Helsinki’s city center. 

From city center landmarks to country roads and cobblestoned towns, Helsinki shore excursions will show you the best parts of this beautiful region of Finland.

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