Honolulu Shore Excursions: The Best in Beaches & Culture

Honolulu is the largest city of the Hawaiian Islands and is located on the scenic island of Oahu. Hawaii cruises often start or end in Honolulu, and we provide Honolulu shore excursions that will help you get an in-depth look at Oahu before or after your cruise.

Though Hawaii often has a beach appeal and is thought of as a tropical oasis, it has seen its own tumultuous times in history, one of which is Pearl Harbor. You can learn more about the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and how that impacted World War II on Honolulu cruise excursions to the historic military base.

Go back even farther in history and learn about the Polynesian roots of Hawaii at the Polynesian Cultural Center. This Honolulu cruise excursion will teach you about the history, customs, and village life of the Pacific islands.

In addition to the island’s history and culture, the beach life abounds on Oahu, and Honolulu shore excursions that go to local beaches are a fun and relaxing way to spend the day there. Embark on an excursion to Oahu’s gorgeous North Shore to lounge on the sand, or do a scenic drive that takes you past stunning beaches as well as volcanic craters and lava landmarks.

We also offer some Hawaii cruise itineraries that include an overnight stay in Honolulu. Some Hawaii cruise itineraries include overnight stays in Honolulu, so you’ll have the chance to experience a traditional luau, feast on authentic Hawaiian cuisine, and watch incredible dance and fire performances.

These are just some of the incredible Honolulu shore excursions you can do. Book your cruise from Honolulu and start planning all the ways you can spend your day in Oahu.

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