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Tips for the Best Destinations and Accommodations to Book for Relaxing Cruises

Whether you’re looking to get away for a summer cruise somewhere fun and family-friendly, or a winter respite from the cold to somewhere warm and tropical, there are relaxing cruises to incredible destinations all around the world.

In addition, find out how choices you make for your accommodations on board can make your cruise even more relaxing while sailing through those destinations.

Best Itineraries for Relaxing Cruises

One of the first ways to ensure you have a relaxing cruise is to choose an itinerary that helps to foster that relaxation you’re seeking. Here are some ideas for a relaxing cruise itinerary.

Multiple Sea Days

Want lots of spa time and pool lounging? Book a cruise itinerary that has many days at sea, like Southern Caribbean cruises that depart from Florida and have several sea days as you travel to and from the islands of the southern Caribbean.

Another way to get multiple days at sea during your cruise is to opt for a transatlantic or transpacific cruise itinerary, also commonly called a repositioning cruise. These itineraries occur when a ship is moving on from its season sailing one destination to start a new season in a different destination, such as from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean or Australia to Hawaii.

Beach Days

If your idea of relaxation is more about surf and sand than pools and lounges, seek out sandy terrain next to warm, aquamarine water and choose an itinerary that has ports of call in many beach-worthy destinations, such as:

Greek Isles: From the black beaches of Santorini to the calm beach coves in Mykonos, a Greek Isle cruise takes you to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world.

Caribbean: There is no shortage of beaches in the Caribbean. Depending on your itinerary, you can spend your days at beaches lined with bars and sun chairs for rent (providing easy access to relaxation via sun bathing and tropical drinks) or secluded beaches that sometimes take a taxi ride and local tip to get to.

Hawaii: The Hawaiian Islands and their sandy beaches are something dreams are made of. If you’re looking for a relaxing cruise, a Hawaiian cruise vacation is a good way to achieve it. You can do an ocean or beach excursion in each port you visit for a blissfully relaxing time.

Galapagos Islands All-Inclusive Vacation

Celebrity Cruises’ Galapagos vacations are an all-inclusive vacation – or think of it as all-inclusive relaxation since you won’t have to stress about keeping to a budget once on board.

Seeing the Galapagos Islands on a Celebrity Cruises ship means sailing on one of the cruise lines’ small ships specially tailored to the Galapagos. These ships carry between 16 to 100 passengers (and include the soon to debut, eco-consciously designed Celebrity Flora) and have a host of included amenities on board.

Your meals, drinks, and excursions are all included in the price of your cruise fare. In addition, on board entertainment like live music and educational seminars from naturalists are conducted and included in the cost of your cruise fare.

As for those excursions, you’ll take a Zodiac boat for some of them, which also ups the relaxation factor when it comes to vacation planning – no need to stress about disembarkation, getting back to the ship in time, or figuring out how to navigate harbors and port cities. You’ll leave right from the ship’s marina when taking a Zodiac excursion.

Pick the Right Accommodations for a More Relaxing Cruise

Choosing the right destination isn’t the only way to ensure you have a relaxing cruise. Celebrity Cruise’ staterooms and suites will help to make you feel rejuvenated each morning.

From interior staterooms to opulent two-story suites, Celebrity Cruises has a stateroom for every budget and travel style. However, if it’s true pampering and relaxation you’re after, here are a few stateroom categories to which you’ll want to turn your attention.

Unlimited Relaxation in the Spa with AquaClass Staterooms

Don’t just stay in a veranda stateroom when you sail with Celebrity Cruises; stay in an AquaClass stateroom. You’ll still get modern décor and amenities that lead to your own private balcony, but you’ll also add an element of spa relaxation to your cruise.

Guests sailing with Celebrity Cruises in AquaClass Staterooms get special unlimited access to the Persian Garden, which is the relaxation room at the onboard spa on Celebrity Cruises’ Millennium-series and Solstice-series of ships.

Book an AquaClass stateroom on Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Edge Series, and you’ll get access to the SEA Thermal Suite, which is the Edge’s answer to the Persian Garden. The SEA Thermal Suite has even more relaxing rooms to explore as an AquaClass guest, and include: Hammam, Crystalarium, Salt Room, Steam Room, Infrared Sauna Room, Float Room, Heated Tile Loungers, and Rainfall Water Therapy Room.

AquaClass guests also get to eat at Blu, a specialty restaurant on board exclusively for passengers staying in AquaClass staterooms. Blu is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant that is decorated in soothing shades of white and blue, reminiscent of a Greek village. You’ll get to dine on healthy, spa-inspired cuisine that doesn’t compromise on taste.

The Retreat

For the ultimate in relaxation while sailing the seven seas, the easy answer is to book The Retreat on Celebrity Cruises. The suites on board are luxuriously appointed with upscale amenities like plush bath robes, espresso makers, and large terraces.

As a guest of The Retreat, you’ll be privy to a Personal Retreat Host, providing the ultimate relaxation factor for your vacation. Every suite on Celebrity Cruises comes with a Personal Retreat Host to help you get comfortable, settle in, and make sure all your vacation needs are met.

Your Personal Retreat Host for your suite can provide a whole host of different things, but some of the top perks are to have your Personal Retreat Host pack and unpack for you, arrange specialty dining reservations and shore excursions, bring you canapés and beverages in the afternoon, stock your fridge with your favorite drinks, shine your shoes, serve you dinner on your private balcony course by course, and many other incredible acts of service that will have you wondering if you ever want to leave your suite.

If you don’t like to venture far from your room and prefer a more intimate cruise vacation, guests of The Retreat receive additional perks beyond their suite. As a guest of The Retreat, you get to dine at the exclusive Luminae Restaurant, featuring gourmet menu items you can’t find anywhere else on board. You also have access to your own private lounge and pool area if sailing on the new ship, Celebrity Edge.

Opulent Suites and Infinite Verandas on Celebrity Edge

At this point, your curiosity about Celebrity Edge is probably piqued. Here are some added bonuses about sailing on Celebrity Edge in a suite or veranda stateroom.

Celebrity Edge is debuting Edge Villas and the Iconic Suites when it begins sailing in December of 2018.

With Edge Villas you’ll find an urban type of suite getaway that will cater to those looking for a relaxing cruise thanks to its private plunge pool, large outdoor veranda accented by a wall of greenery, and loft style bedroom above the living space with floor to ceiling windows.

The Iconic Suites are massive, measuring in at 1,892 square feet that includes two bedrooms and a dining, making it ideal for families who want extra space to spread out. The suite’s huge terrace (an additional 689 square foot space to enjoy) also comes with a hot tub and outdoor daybed.

For the ultimate in veranda stateroom relaxation, book your vacation on Celebrity Edge in one of its highly touted Infinite Verandas staterooms. These state of the art accommodations are similar to other Celebrity Cruises’ staterooms in that they are well-appointed with comfortable bedding, a separate seating area, and soothing décor colors – but there is one big difference: with the push of a button, your entire room opens up to the veranda without having to mess with any cumbersome doors.

The Infinite Verandas on Celebrity Edge are set to revolutionize the way people think of staterooms on a cruise and will blur the line between indoor and outdoor space for those lucky enough to sail the seas in one.

More Ways to Have a Relaxing Cruise on Celebrity Edge

Even if you don’t stay in one of these suites or veranda style staterooms while sailing on Celebrity Edge, you’ll still have the opportunity to up the relaxation quotient of your cruise in an exclusive way courtesy of its pool cabanas.

Celebrity Edge has an incredible Resort Deck that has panoramic views of the ocean from a large pool accented by elevated hot tubs shaped like martini glasses. The Resort Deck is made even more relaxing thanks to the private cabanas which are available to rent by guests for pre-allotted time chunks.

Spend several hours lounging in your own private cabana where you’ll have ocean views and a dedicated server who will bring you drinks and food. You’ll also have privacy from the energetic pool deck and can just lie back, close your eyes or open that novel you’ve been waiting to read, and relax in your cabana.

To book your relaxing cruise, visit Celebrity Cruises and find the ship and itinerary that’s just right for you.

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