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Wine Regions You Can Visit with Celebrity Cruises

November 22, 2016

A Quick Guide to the Top Wine Regions Celebrity Cruises Sails to — Plus Onboard Wine Fun

Celebrity Cruises sails all around the world to beautiful and historic destinations, touching upon an array of cultures and ways of life. One type of place that encompasses a high degree of beauty and culture are wine regions. Luckily for wine-loving travelers, Celebrity Cruises visits many wine regions around the world plus offers wine experiences on board its fleet of contemporary ships.


This is the wine region dreams are made of, and many travelers daydream about visiting the vineyards of Tuscany some day. On select Mediterranean cruise itineraries, you can visit Tuscany’s wineries while in port in Livorno (the gateway to Pisa and Florence and other northern regions of Tuscany). Take a Tuscany wine tasting shore excursion and you’ll be transported past green sun-dappled hills and Tuscan villas as you’re transported to vineyards and wineries that have been around for generations and where you’ll taste some of the region’s famous full-bodied reds and intricate whites.

Napa Valley

Napa is less than two hours from the port of San Francisco. What does this mean for cruisers on Pacific Coastal cruises? An easy getaway to the sprawling grape-dotted land of Napa Valley. Napa is known for its opulent estates and luxurious tasting rooms. There are hundreds of wineries in Napa Valley and at the myriad of tasting rooms, you can sample some of Napa’s most famous wines: Cabernet, Merlot, and Chardonnay – but expect to see a number of other favorite and obscure varietals while tasting in the region. An especially easy-going and unique way to see the region and experience its wines is on the Napa Valley Wine Train shore excursion. Been there, done that when it comes to Napa Valley? You can also go wine tasting in Sonoma Valley while in port in San Francisco.

Santa Ynez Valley

Another wine region you can visit on a Pacific Coastal cruise is Santa Ynez Valley, which the port city of Santa Barbara is nestled against. Santa Ynez Valley was made famous in the movie Sideways, though wine buffs in the know always coveted the region for its spicy Pinot Noir and buttery Chardonnay. Experience them for yourself on a wine tasting shore excursion through Santa Ynez Valley.


Santorini’s volcanic soil fosters a distinct earthy tasting wine. Though the wine region is small – after all, the Greek isle itself isn’t very big – it spreads out beautifully in the valley on the other side of the island from the caldera. Several wineries with tasting rooms are on the island and offer many opportunities for tasting, whether you hit up one while exploring the island on your own with a rental vehicle, or opting for a multi-winery shore excursion that makes it effortless to visit a few Santorini wineries in one day.

Barossa Valley

While visiting Adelaide, Australia, you can venture to Barossa Valley, known for its red grape varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz (the Australian spelling of Syrah) and white varietals of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. Shiraz is the highlight of the region, though. Taste the many different types of Shiraz (and other types of wine) at the many wineries that dot the landscape.


While in port in Picton on New Zealand’s picturesque South Island, you can visit the lovely wine region of Marlborough, which was a major player in putting New Zealand wine on the map. Country roads crisscross past laidback tasting rooms with rolling mountains in the background. While partaking in a wine tasting shore excursion, you’ll be able to visit some of the best wineries in the region, while sipping the Marlborough region’s famous Sauvignon Blanc. It addition to that varietal, Marlborough is known for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


Experience the up-and-coming wines of Croatia while in port in Dubrovnik on a Celebrity Cruises’ shore excursion that lets you taste the Peljesac wine of Croatia while exploring the beauty of the Dalmatian coast.


Oh, Provence — if you’re aware of this region in the south of France, it’s hard not to have visions of vineyards and quaint little towns dance through your head upon thinking of it. While in port in Marseille, Nice, or Provence, you can visit the lovely wineries surrounding Provence and taste some of France’s famous wines.

Madeira Island

While in port in Funchal, Portugal, visit Madeira Island where you can explore its historic sites and stop at one of its local wineries for a sample of Madeira wine, known for its unique heating process that gives the wine a distance taste.

Casablanca Valley

South America is also home to an exquisite wine region you can visit on a Celebrity cruise. While in port in Valparaiso, Chile, travel to the vineyards of Casablanca Valley, where you can taste some of the region’s most coveted wine while taking in the beauty of the Chilean countryside.

Wine Tasting Experiences on the Ship

While sailing to these incredible wine regions, you can also sample wines from all around the world on board your Celebrity Cruises ship. From wine tasting 101 classes to food and wine pairing experiences to expert sommeliers who can assist you with choosing the perfect wine for your dinner, there are many ways to experience wine while sailing with Celebrity Cruises.

To book your wine tasting cruise, visit www.CelebrityCruises.com or speak with your travel agent.

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