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In Spain—a country famous for producing gorgeous ceramics, fancy flamenco dresses, and world-beating aged wines—shopping is made easy with a wealth of souvenirs. From organic olive oil and rare cheese to handcrafted pottery and flouncy fashion, Spain’s souvenirs offer something for every type of traveler.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, pair visiting beautiful landmarks with shopping for some of Spain’s most coveted souvenirs on your next European vacation. Here are 15 fabulous things to buy.


Spain souvenirs - wine

Spanish wine

From the effervescent fizz of cava, the nation’s sparkling wine, to robust Rioja, Spain is a dream destination for oenophiles.

Spanish wine is one of the best souvenirs to take home with you. Pick up one of your favorite tiples following a tour and tasting at a vineyard where you’ll get the chance to learn more about Spain’s wine culture.

Vineyard in La Rioja

La Rioja

La Rioja, roughly a 90-minute drive south of Bilbao, offers hundreds of wineries open to the public, with Spanish museums, cellars, and restaurants.

Unique vineyard in La Geria Valley, Lanzarote

La Geria Valley, Lanzarote

The wine produced in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, is a superb alternative to the more familiar Spanish wine of the mainland. One of the best things to do in Lanzarote is to take a tour and tasting of the volcanic island’s wine route that will take you to the central La Geria Valley.

Pick up a bottle at the oldest winery in Lanzarote, the 18th-century El Grifo, and take a trip to the 19th-century Bodega La Geria to sip on the local Malvasia grapes.

People drinking blue wine

Blue wine

Blue wine is the solution if you’re searching for a lesser-known Spain souvenir from the Rioja area. Disrupting Spain’s traditional wine-making industry since 2016, the eyebrow-raising blue wine is made by a company called Gik Live, created by combining red and white grapes with plant-based blue dye.

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Flamenco Dress

Flamenco dress from a market in Spain

Flamenco dress

Flamenco, a style of passionate Spanish music accompanied by sensual dance, is commonly recognized by the ruffled dress worn by the female dancer.

The flamboyant outfit, complete with an embroidered shawl, is traditionally red and black, featuring a polka-dot pattern, although shoppers will find a whole gamut of colors and styles available.

Woman wearing a flamenco dress

Flamenco dress

As flamenco is an Andalusian tradition, Malaga, Cadiz, and Seville are among the best places to pick up a flamenco dress. In Jerez de la Frontera, near Cadiz, Tamara Flamenco sells a range of alluring flamenco dresses, shawls, and jewelry.

Flamenco y Mas in the center of Seville also offers a choice of sultry dresses and two-piece flamenco outfits. If you’re exploring Granada or Malaga, pay a visit to El Rocio Flamenco for its jaunty dresses, skirts, shoes, and accessories.

Iberian Ham

Iberian ham from a market in Spain

Iberian ham

Spain souvenirs often involve gourmet food, and you can’t go wrong with a selection of Iberian ham.

Head to one of the lively produce markets that Spain is known for, typically in the center of towns and cities like Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, and Valencia, for the tastiest selection of Jamón Ibérico.

Try the superlative La Boqueria market in Barcelona, where you’ll find garlands of cured ham hung from market stalls among the vast array of produce.

Exterior of Mercado de la Ribera, Bilbao

Mercado de la Ribera, Bilbao

One of the best things to do in Bilbao is to nibble your way around Mercado de la Ribera—the largest indoor food market in Europe—and pick up a selection of cured Basque Country meats.

Soccer Jersey

As soccer is the country’s national sport, a jersey from one of the top teams is one of the best Spain souvenirs to take home as a reminder of your vacation.

Colorful seats of Camp Nou Stadium

Camp Nou, Barcelona

In Barcelona, enjoy a visit to Camp Nou soccer stadium, the extraordinary home of F.C. Barcelona. Camp Nou is the largest soccer stadium in Europe and offers tours around the ground and behind the scenes, including the dressing rooms, trophy rooms, tunnel to the pitch, and museum.

The stadium’s gift store offers plenty of souvenir options, including the team’s striped home jersey. The tour of this hallowed ground is a must for any soccer fans.

Spain’s crimson-red national jersey—sold in stores across the country—is another popular option.

Olive Oil

Bottles of Olive oil

Olive oil

This edible Spanish souvenir lies at the heart of Mediterranean-style cooking. As Spain is the biggest producer of olive oil on the planet, a bottle is one of the best souvenirs to take home.

The ancient Andalusian town of Baena, around 30 minutes from Malaga, produces some of the world’s most refined olive oil. Visit Baena’s Olive and Olive Oil Museum to learn about the region’s olive oil production and taste the golden-hued oil.

The sublime Núñez de Prado is a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil produced in Baena. This organic olive oil uses a mix of floral and sweet olives to create a robust oil produced in the region since 1795.

Olive farms in Úbeda


You could also visit Úbeda’s Olive and Olive Oil Visitor Center in the lush olive-growing region of Jaén, also in Andalusia. Explore leafy olive groves, taste a variety of oils, and buy a bottle as a keepsake of your time in Spain.


Bowl of saffron


Aromatic saffron—among the world’s most valuable commodities—is a product of the crocus sativus, also known as saffron crocus, which flowers a beautiful shade of violet.

Spain produces a high volume of the world’s saffron, with the spindly vermillion-red spice used to enhance dishes such as paella, stew, and other meat and tapas dishes.

View inside the Central Market, Valencia

Central Market, Valencia

In Valencia, trawling the city’s famed Central Market is a must-do. While there, stop by Antonio Catalán, a corner stall selling a mix of herbs and spices, including strands of saffron. You could even pick up an authentic paella pan in the market to ensure that the paella you make back home is cooked in the correct way, crispy on the bottom.

You’ll also find saffron available at Spain’s El Corte Inglés’ food market, with branches in Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Mallorca.

The upmarket department store is a one-stop shop for gourmet groceries, homeware, cosmetics, and fashion for men, women, and children.


Espadrilles from a market in Spain


This glorious summer shoe was born in Spain and will forever be associated with balmy days spent in the Mediterranean.

The espadrille is a casual, chic style of footwear known for its dried-esparto grass sole and cotton covering. Though traditionally flat, espadrilles are also widely available in a wedge-style shoe, too.

In Spain, espadrilles are typically hand-stitched. There’s even a name (“Alpargateria”) given to stores that sell them.

Exterior of La Manual Alpargatera, Barcelona

La Manual Alpargatera, Barcelona Photo by Enfo on Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Stylish Catalonians flock to La Manual Alpargatera for customized espadrilles, with a wide range of colors and styles available. It’s located in one of Barcelona’s most famous neighborhoods, the Gothic Quarter.

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Terracotta Tapas Dishes

Spain souvenirs - Terracotta tapas dish


For Spain souvenirs that are guaranteed to spark joy when you return home, select a range of tapas serving dishes.

Used to present culinary creations such as stuffed olives, meatballs, garlic shrimp, and charred Padrón peppers, tapas serving dishes are a staple feature of bars and restaurants throughout Spain.

Different tapas dishes in Spain


These round bowls are traditionally terracotta, though you’ll find an attractive array of patterns and colors available. Pick up souvenir dishes at local food and craft markets and stores around the country.

For a more culture-filled shopping experience in Barcelona, trawl Els Encants (open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday), the city’s largest flea market, for characterful, pre-loved tapas serving dishes.

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Glass of sherry


A rich, redolent sherry is a Spain souvenir worth purchasing to savor long after you return home.

The best place to buy sherry is in a cask-filled bodega in Andalusia’s formidable wine country and the drink’s birthplace, Jerez de la Frontera.

Different types of sherry


Before making your selection, embark on a tour of some of the region’s esteemed cellars to understand how this fortified Spanish wine is produced.

Explore Galería del Jerez and its sherry wine museum, home to what is considered the world’s most extensive collection of sherry, before selecting a bottle from the store to return home with.

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Ceramics & Pottery

Ceramics and pottery at a market in Spain


Ceramics and pottery are among the best souvenirs to buy in Spain for their vibrant colors and eye-catching kaleidoscopic designs.

Pieces such as vases, jugs, plates, and bowls feature religious, floral, and folkloric themes.

Travelers can also expect to find a variety of ceramic styles in different regions of Spain, too.

Whitewashed town of Mijas


In the gleaming, sun-soaked White Villages of the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain, including the picturesque hilltop town of Mijas, near Malaga, you’ll find a range of craft studios and ceramic galleries to delve into.

Pottery in the Canary Islands

Pottery in the Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands, pottery is customarily made using clay from the volcanic soil, giving a deep, earthy tone, and without using a wheel, which results in more organic shapes.

Look for artisan studios, art galleries, and craft markets in the islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote for some of the most spectacular pottery available on this dazzling archipelago.

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Paella Rice

Chef cooking paella


Spain’s most iconic dish is the fragrant and colorful paella. Originating in the region of Valencia, paella is a tantalizing rice-based dish cooked in a large pan over an open fire.

The components of this traditional Valencian dish include tomatoes, saffron, paprika, onion, garlic, peas, and bell peppers, complemented with a mixture of chicken, chorizo, seafood, and wedges of tangy lemon.

Plate of paella


One of the best Spain souvenirs to pick up on your travels is paella rice so that you can recreate this joy-filled meal at home. Shop at Valencia’s food markets to pick up pouches of the short-grained Bomba rice grown in the region’s rice paddy fields.

For an alternative to the city’s bustling City Market, try Russafa Market in the hip Russafa neighborhood, housed in a brilliant Julio Bellot Senent-designed 1960s concrete building.


Woman painting figurines


Create a talking point in your own home by purchasing stirring Spanish artwork on your next vacation.

Independent galleries, studios, and artisan markets in beautiful Spanish cities such as Bilbao, Valencia, Barcelona, and the Balearic Islands are among the best places to buy art in Spain.

While it’s unlikely you’ll leave Spain with an original Picasso, Dali, or Miró, the country’s first-rate museums are not to be overlooked when hunting for your next art purchase.

View inside the Picasso Museum, Barcelona

Picasso Museum, Barcelona

Head to the gift stores of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, and the Pompidou Center in Malaga for contemporary, head-turning pieces and prints.

Spanish Cheese

Slice of Manchego cheese


Cheese is among the best Spanish souvenirs to buy on vacation, provided you’ve got somewhere cool to store it.

Tasty varieties that lend a punch of umami include Manchego, a hard sheep’s milk cheese made in the central La Mancha region. Manchego is best served as a tapa, with honey or quince jam.

Mahon, a soft cow’s milk hailing from Menorca, makes for a delicious addition to a cheese course, while Valdeón is a mouthwatering blue cow’s and goat’s milk cheese from northwest Spain.

Cone-shaped tetilla cheese


Plump for a wedge of nutty Basque Country Roncal, a semi-hard raw sheep’s milk cheese, and Tetilla, a creamy cow’s milk cheese shaped into a cone made in Galicia.

Traditional Spanish Hand Fan

Traditional Spanish hand fan

Traditional Spanish hand fan

Practical and pretty, an abanico is a traditional Spanish hand fan.

From street vendors and flamenco stores to resort gift shops, traditional hand fans are sold all over Spain in a bold array of colors and designs.

Buy an abanico as a token of your Spanish getaway or to use while on vacation to keep you cool during warm summer days as the sun lingers over the Mediterranean.

Lladró Figurines

Family looking at Lladró figurines

Lladró figurines

Lladró is a Spanish brand of beautiful, delicate 20th- and 21st-century porcelain figurines, crafted by hand in Valencia.

Here, Travelers can discover how these charming decorative pieces are made at the Lladró Arts Center. One of the best things to do in Valencia is to join a two-hour tour to witness artisan crafters create intricate ornamental works, including elegant figures, often women, women with children, and animals.

Lladró figurines inside the Lladró Arts Center

Lladró Arts Center, Valencia

While you can buy Lladró figurines on a visit to the Lladró Arts Center, look out for pieces at flea and antique markets, with some early creations considered valuable collector’s items.

Try the Sunday market, Rastro de Valencia. To identify a genuine Lladró figurine, look for the official logotype on the base of the piece.

In recent years the brand has diversified its product lines, so if a porcelain figurine isn’t your style, browse the brand’s stylish home accessory and jewelry lines at Lladró Arts Center.

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Spain souvenirs - Ceramics


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