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The best time to visit Maine is from late spring to early fall. During this time, these northern latitudes enjoy long, largely sunny days and pleasantly warm temperatures perfect for hiking, kayaking, and lounging on the beach. Even in peak summer, the average temperature highs tend to hover around 77℉ (25℃ ), meaning it rarely gets uncomfortably hot.

Even though the summer months of June, July, and August are by far the busiest time of the year, many would argue that this is still the best time to go to Maine. For those looking for fewer crowds, and nature at its finest, the fall shoulder season from September to October may be the best time to visit.

Visiting Maine by Season


Waterfront of Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Summers in Maine are glorious, with temperature highs ranging from around 73℉ (23℃ ) in June to 79℉ (26℃ ) in July. Humidity tends to stay relatively low around the coastal areas, meaning travelers can expect plenty of days perfect for strolling through the charming seaside towns that Maine is known for.

August tends to be the driest month, with an average rainfall of just three inches (76 mm). Wild blueberries are in season this time of year and the local farmers’ markets are overflowing with stellar produce.

The one drawback to summer is that  popular areas such as Portland or Bar Harbor may be more crowded than usual. This influx of visitors has its perks, however, including plenty of festivals, and concerts. Of particular note are Rockland’s North Atlantic Blues Festival in July and Lobster Festival in August.


September is a prime month to visit Maine. As soon as the school year starts, the number of visitors drops dramatically. Temperature highs are around 68℉ (20℃), with cooler evenings, and rainfall remains relatively low.

October is the time to visit to see Acadia National Park in its full autumnal glory, the trees decked out in dazzling crimson, ochre, burnt orange, and yellow.

By November, however, many businesses in towns like Bar Harbor close and temperature highs plummet to around 47℉ (8℃).

Acadia National Park in the fall

Acadia National Park


The winter months from December to February are fairly quiet in Maine, with temperature highs around 30℉ (-1℃). During this time, Maine sees a fair amount of rain, as well as considerable snowfall.

For those willing to brave the cold, there’s a certain icy beauty to Maine in the snow, and skiing and winter sports on higher ground, but options for dining and entertainment are rather limited.


April in Maine is still on the cooler side, but around May, temperatures begin picking up and many restaurants open for the coming summer season.

For those looking to escape the crowds in Acadia National Park or score a coveted restaurant reservation in Portland, May is an excellent time to visit. Flowers are in bloom across the state and the seasonal bars and restaurants are beginning to open.

Plate of Lobster roll

Lobster roll

When Is Rainy Season?

Maine sees fairly consistent rainfall throughout the year, with the exception of the summer months. August is the driest month, while November, with an average of four inches (101 mm) is the wettest.

For the most part, Maine sees a lot of mild drizzle and fog rather than full-on downpours.

When Is High Season?

High season in Maine runs roughly from June to August, when the days are relatively clear and mild.

Towns from Kennebunkport to Rockport come alive during this season, when the boardwalks and mainstreets fill up with New Englanders on holiday.

Aerial view of Kennebunkport


When Is Shoulder Season?

The state has two shoulder seasons: one in May and one from September to October, the best time to come for the fall colors in Maine.

Both are great times to visit, with comfortable daytime temperatures and fewer visitors. You’ll avoid the summer crowds and will be able to enjoy long strolls on empty beaches.

When Is Low Season?

November through March is the low season in Maine, unless you happen to be a skier. During this time, many local businesses are closed and some of the state’s smaller towns take on a particularly sleepy air.

While winter in Maine can be cozy, temperatures can be punishingly cold and the snowfall in the northernmost parts of the state is considerable.

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