See the Best of Patagonia on Punta Arenas Shore Excursions

It’s said that the beauty of Patagonia’s southernmost and most important city is only surpassed by its fascinating history and amazing wildlife, and on Punta Arenas shore excursions you’ll be able to experience all of that and more.

Punta Arenas shore excursions to see the city sights will first take you to the Plaza Muñoz Gamero in the middle of the old part of town, which is surrounded by 19th century Spanish-style mansions. In the plaza’s center, there’s an imposing statue of Ferdinand Magellan, discoverer of the nearby strait named after him. Local legend has it that if you kiss the dangling foot of the one of the indigenous Patagonians that grace the lower part of the statue, you’ll have good luck and calm seas.

As you climb to La Cruz Hill observation area, you’ll be treated to the spectacular beauty of the city’s colorful homes and rooftops with the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego Island in the distance. Look for the multicolored distances sign trees that sprout from above a nearby restaurant.

For a glimpse of Patagonian daily life, set off on Punta Arenas, Chile shore excursions through the ruggedly beautiful countryside headed for Estancia Olga Teresa in the farming community of Rio Verde. Learn about the “huaso” (cowboy) culture, watch a sheep-shearing demonstration, and enjoy a Patagonian-style barbecue and sample Chilean wines. As a fitting finale to an authentic Patagonian experience while on a cruise to Punta Arenas, you’ll be entertained by a Chilean folkloric dance troupe.

Enjoy a rare glimpse of Patagonia’s exceptional wildlife in their natural habitats on Punta Arenas shore excursions to Magdalena Island Natural Penguin Reserve or to the Chilean Pampas to see the endangered Andean Condor.

Board a power boat that will take you across the Strait of Magellan to Magdalena Island, a picturesque natural habitat and breeding ground for Magellanic penguins. Observe penguins at work and at play in one of the largest penguin colonies in southern Chile. Learn about the island’s other avian inhabitants, including Rock Cormorants and Great Skua. Hear the history of the reserve that houses as many as  70,000 penguins and explore the island’s lighthouse.

An excursion to see Andean Condors as they soar through the sky and perch in their natural habitat is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for birders and other naturalists on a cruise to South America. Travel by minibus to a mountainous area to see the largest flying birds in the world, and hear about their history and how they‘ve survived for over 75 years in captivity.

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