See the Stunning Ligurian Riviera on Portofino Shore Excursions

As a port of call on the Italian Riviera, Portofino is an exquisitely set jewel in Italy’s crown of visit-worthy cities. Portofino shore excursions are a best bet for enjoying the town and the surrounding Ligurian Riviera to the fullest.

The seaside village of Portofino hugs the Bay of Portofino in a half-moon shape for just a few miles, but some say those few miles are among the most scenic you’ll see on an Italy cruise. When you book Portofino shore excursions for a guided walking tour, you’ll see the town like a local, passing pastel-painted homes, villas that boast colorful flowers overflowing from terracotta pots, and a harbor filled with a working fishing fleet side by side with the yachts of the glitterati who regularly vacation here. Along the harbor front, you’ll pass fashionable shops and cafes on your way to Castle Brown. Built in the 1500s as a fortress, the hilltop castle has been beautifully restored. Hear the complete history as you walk the gardens filled with the scent of roses. Perch on one of the many benches and admire stunning views of the harbor below. 

From your cruise to Portofino, enjoy a tasty tour that starts with a stroll through the town and around its bustling Piazzetta (town center) to view the Church of St. George, then spend time in the lush tropical gardens of the Hotel Splendido as you sample local olive oils, freshly made bread, and accompanying wines as a prelude to a leisurely Ligurian-style lunch. Shore excursions in Portofino, Italy naturally lend themselves to water tours. Cruise the Bay of Portofino on a leisurely trip that lets you enjoy the stunning scenery, replete with lush palms and fruit-laden olive trees. Stop at Rapallo to tour a 16th century castle and the small town of Santa Margherita Ligure on the Gulf of Tigullio. Wander lovely beaches and picturesque streets as you wish before heading back to the ship.  

Travel on Portofino shore excursions to the nearby towns of Cinque Terre, a UNESCO protected territory and one of the top Italian shore excursions. As you travel by boat, train, and motor coach, you’ll be treated to views of rocky beaches and sheer cliffs as you pass through the towns of Rapallo Vernazza and Levanto before reaching Monterosso, the oldest and most scenic of the Cinque Terre towns. Stroll the towns with a guide, then explore on your own, enjoying views of terraced vineyards, beautiful beaches, and medieval castles. Pause for a drink, snack, or relaxing lunch and chat with the locals, who are always eager to talk about their towns with interested visitors. 

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