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The Secrets to Finding Last Minute Cruise Deals

Wondering how to get last minute cruise deals? There are some tricks for doing so to make sure you get the best deal possible. Read on for the best strategies to get those last minute cruise deals so you’ll soon be on your way to exciting destinations!

Don’t Wait Too Long For Last Minute Cruise Deals

Don’t expect to wait with bated breath and your passport in hand for a cruise deal that’s so last minute you book it and leave within 24 hours. For starters, cruise lines need to give their guest roster to the coast guard before that window of time, and secondly, cruises don’t drop that dramatically right before the cruise leaves. After all, then everyone would be booking cruises at the very last minute!

That being said, there are last minute cruise deals that can be found if you look a few weeks before a cruise is scheduled to depart and up to 60 days. Why 60 days? That’s when most people are done with their window of time during which they’re able to cancel their cruise reservation so it becomes more apparent how many open staterooms are still left on the cruise. If there’s a lot, you may be in luck for finding a last minute cruise deal for that sailing.

Also, you may not want to wait too long – or any amount of time for that matter – if there is a specific stateroom or date you have in mind, such as holiday cruises to the Caribbean or summer cruises to Alaska out of Seattle, Washington.

Cruises departing during prime travel times to popular destinations have a good chance of selling out long before you’re searching for last minute cruise deals. If there are staterooms left to book, they may be less desirable locations or types. For example, if you have your heart set on a veranda stateroom when sailing to Alaska, don’t wait to book – pretty much everyone wants a veranda stateroom on Alaska cruises (more chances for whale watching and catching sight of that incredible scenery!) and people who book early are the ones who will get them and in the best ship locations.

Being Flexible is an Important Part of How to Get Last Minute Cruise Deals

If you are set on getting a last minute cruise deal for an upcoming vacation, one of the most important things to remember is to be flexible. If you can only go to one destination during a limited timeframe, your chances of getting a stellar deal are much more limited. If you’re open to multiple destinations and can travel anytime in a two to three month window then you’re much more likely to find a fantastic deal.

Embrace the unknown and know you’ll have an incredible adventure no matter where your cruise ends up sailing.

If you’re concerned about taking off last minute from the office, consider setting a timeframe for when you’ll be hunting for the last minute cruise deals and ask your boss for some flexibility to get your tasks covered quickly once that cruise is booked.

Don’t Expect Prime Stateroom Types and Locations

In addition to being flexible about sail dates, you need to keep your expectations low for staterooms types and locations when booking a cruise using last minute strategies. As mentioned earlier, certain itineraries have coveted staterooms and locations. Those sell out early for popular destinations and for many people, it is worth it to them to book early so they have access to choosing from a large selection and can get their preferred location.

If you’re more concerned about budget and don’t mind having an obstructed oceanview or a windowless interior stateroom, then a last minute cruise deal just might be the best fit for you.

Don’t Forget About Airfare When Booking a Last Minute Cruise

If you’re looking for a last minute cruise deal in order to save money, then don’t forget about the cost of last minute airfare. Flights by Celebrity can help you find the best price for your airfare after you book your last minute cruise, but in general, a last minute airfare is going to cost you more than if you’d booked your flights earlier.

Therefore, search for last minute cruise specials while simultaneously checking flight prices to get to that embarkation port in order to make sure it’s still going to be a deal.

Stay Close to Home for Better Last Minute Cruise Deals

Another option if you live close to the coast is to see what embarkation ports are in driving distance of you and only look for last minute cruise deals leaving from those ports.

For U.S. residents in the Pacific Northwest this might mean Alaska cruises from Seattle, Washington, or Pacific Coastal Cruises from Vancouver, British Columbia. Californians can hop on Hawaii or Panama Canal cruises out of Los Angeles and San Diego (and then just have to pay one-way airfare to get back home). East coast residents can find Caribbean cruises out of Cape Liberty, New Jersey to the north or the Florida ports of Miami and Fort Lauderdale to the south.

How to Book Your Last Minute Cruise Deal

To book your last minute cruise deal, visit Celebrity Cruises and use the easy cruise finder tool to look for cruises coming up in the next few months. You can even filter by length of cruise and embarkation port. Then you’ll just have a short wait until you’re sailing away on a fantastic cruise.

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