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If your dad is at his happiest while on the road, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to present him with a travel-themed gift that’s sure to please. After all, your dear old dad surely has enough ties and coffee mugs at this stage in the game. Instead, keep your jet-setting father comfortable and entertained with these perfect Father’s Day travel gifts that span from the sensible to the sensational—and the affordable to the splurge-worthy, too.

While Father’s Day is right around the corner, these thoughtful gift ideas work just as well for birthdays and holiday presents for Dad, too. Whether he travels for business or pleasure—or a little bit of both—here are 14 thoughtful travel gifts for Dad that are equal parts fun, cool, and practical.

Vintage Travel Poster

Vintage travel poster, one of the best travel gifts for dad

Travel poster by Mario Borgoni on Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

If your dad has an appreciation for the golden age of travel, he’s sure to value the fine design and nostalgic flair of travel posters of yesteryear. Pick up a vintage poster that depicts the allure of tropical destinations like Mexico and Fiji, or look for retro prints that highlight the glamour of cosmopolitan cities like Paris and New York.

There are tons of options to choose from via online sellers. Try and select one depicting a destination that’s especially memorable for dad. Tip: Present the poster in a gorgeous frame and you’ll fly high in his eyes.

Anti-Theft Backpack

Blue anti-theft backpack with lock

A solid backpack is a staple for any dad on the go. Up your dad’s worry-free travel game with a quality anti-theft backpack that not only claims durability, functionality, comfort, and style, but that also offers the added protection of security features.

Anti-theft backpacks come equipped with thief-thwarting features like anti-slash exteriors, straps that have wire inlays, and compartments that securely lock up. They’re the perfect place to keep travel essentials close at hand such as phones, cameras, and travel documents. Until you can give dad an extra set of eyes for the back of his head, a high-security pack is the next best thing.

Bonus: A quality, roomy backpack can double as a suitable carry-on, too.

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Monogrammed Leather Toiletry Bag

Leather toiletry bag with travel-size products

A toiletry bag is an essential travel item, but that doesn’t mean it has to focus on mere function and nothing more. Upgrade Dad’s travel gear with a quality leather toiletry bag that he can proudly tote along on his many adventures and fill to the brim with all of his bathroom must-haves.

Personalize this perfect travel gift for dad with some thoughtful monogramming, which adds a finishing touch that feels extra special.

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Travel-Size Grooming Products

Travel-size grooming products, one of the best travel gifts for dad

Speaking of toiletry bags, they’re only as good as what’s inside of them. Make sure Dad has the perfect grooming essentials on hand by gifting him an assortment of travel-size, airline-friendly, and suitcase-ready products that are far better than an uninspired bar of hotel soap.

Whether you purchase a pre-assembled kit or curate a selection of his favorite products, be sure to include all of the essentials to keep his skin, hair, teeth, and body feeling fresh and pampered. If Dad rocks a beard or mustache, consider including travel beard kits that include items like shaving cream and beard oil.

Bonus: Helping Dad get ready with TSA-approved toiletry essentials ahead of time will ensure that he’ll be carry-on-ready for his next trip and will save him the hassle and expense of having to check a bag. You’re also helping him avoid a last-minute run to the local drugstore at his destination, allowing him to enjoy every precious minute of his vacation time.

Luggage Tracker

Man packing his luggage

If you travel frequently enough, the chances that an airline is going to temporarily misplace one of your bags is unfortunately high. This has long been a common travel woe with little recourse apart from a lot of patience and a bit of luck. Happily, today’s technology has risen to the occasion in the form of GPS (Global Position System)-enabled luggage trackers.

Dad won’t have to be at the mercy of airline troubleshooting when he attaches one of these smart luggage trackers onto his bag. The compact device helps safeguard against an unfortunate lost-luggage scenario, as it relies on satellite technology to pinpoint the bag’s precise location.

By simply opening an app on his phone, your dad will be able to track the bag with the push of a button. (Just keep in mind that some devices require a supplementary subscription to enable this service.) What better gift is there than a little peace of mind?

Bluetooth Speaker

Man using laptop with bluetooth speaker

Convert your dad into a DJ-on-the-go with a tuck-away Bluetooth speaker that’s perfectly primed for travel. A portable speaker will help ensure that Dad can rock out to his favorite playlist whether relaxing in a hotel room, lazing on the beach or while he’s out pitching a tent.

After all, for music lovers, life is that much better with a suitable soundtrack to go with it. You can find Bluetooth speakers small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, weighing in at well under a pound with deceivingly good sound, to boot. If Dad is an outdoorsman, consider speakers that are water- and sand-proof, too.

Tip: Don’t skimp on battery life when choosing a portable speaker. Be sure to settle on one that gets a good amount of playtime off of a single charge.

Packing Cubes

Blue packing cubes with rolled clothes

Packing cubes might not seem like an exciting Father’s Day travel gift, but this travel gear is revolutionary for the uninitiated. Help get Dad’s travel life in impeccable order when gifting him a set of packing cubes, which will ensure that his suitcase is as organized as they come.

He can slip shorts and slacks into one cube, T-shirts into another, and sort onward from there. These cubes can be purchased in different sizes to best fit his travel needs. And not only do the handy cubes optimize organization, but they help maximize luggage space, too.

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Travel Coffee Press

Man pouring coffee on a mug with travel coffee press

No coffee lover should ever be far from a quality cup of their favorite caffeinated brew. Luckily, there are perfectly portable coffee presses on the market that Dad can easily tote along on his next venture away from home, whether he’s looking for that perfect cup of joe in an exotic hotel room or from the top of a mountain somewhere.

Look for models that make American-style coffee, espresso, or even cold brew (or perhaps all three), and make sure he has a travel-size container of his favorite java to go along with it. Bonus: Some coffee presses conveniently double as drinking mugs, too.

Travel Pillow

Green travel pillow

Catching some shut-eye while in transit can make all the difference between arriving at your destination feeling great or groggy. Help Dad make the most of his next long plane, train, or bus ride with a plush travel pillow.

There are loads of models to choose from, but for the most successful on-the-go snoozing, find one that offers good support and lots of comfort, while remaining compact and lightweight enough to easily carry along. Dad’s neck and back are sure to thank you later.

Tech Organizer

Anyone traveling these days knows that inside every bag there’s a wide variety of electronic gizmos and gadgets along with the many cords and chargers that go with them. Gift Dad a solid tech organizer that will ensure a neat and safe place to tuck it all away. This type of organizer will allow him to have his phone charger, memory cards, USB flash drive, headphones, and more all perfectly untangled and tidy when he needs them. Travel has never been more hassle-free.

Personalized Luggage Tags

Personalized luggage tag, one of the best travel gifts for dad

Luggage tags are a necessary part of travel. Customize a personalized, jazzed-up luggage tag for Dad that will take his suitcases to the next level. With a unique luggage tag attached to his bag, Dad won’t have to scratch his head as look-alikes whirl around the airport carousel.

There are infinite styles to choose from for these perfect travel gifts for dad but look for one that’s durable as well as distinctive enough that he’s sure to recognize as his own. You can’t go wrong with a handsome leather luggage tag with his monogrammed initials for the perfect personalized touch.

Charity Donation in His Name

Woman donating to a charity online

What do you get for the guy who has everything? Sometimes, the best answer is nothing at all. Instead, find a gift that speaks to dad’s good heart and his love of travel by finding a cause in a destination that he loves. Maybe you’ll donate to a hurricane relief project in the Caribbean or help rehabilitate wild animals in Africa. Whatever you choose, it’s a gift that you’ll both feel good about for a long time to come.

Portable Charger

Man holding a portable charger

Nothing puts a damper on a perfect vacation day like running out of batteries for your camera or phone—and nobody wants to spend their trip tethered to an electrical outlet, either.

Make sure Dad doesn’t meet either fate by equipping him with a slim and lightweight portable charger so that he can get that boost of power any moment that he needs.

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People jumping into the water

While all of these gifts are sure to please Dad on Father’s Day, there’s no better present for someone who loves to travel than an unforgettable trip. Browse through our itineraries around the globe and start planning a Celebrity Cruises vacation today.

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