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While you can certainly find Australian-themed cuisine all over the world, nothing beats trying Sydney food out in the town that started it all off—or at least added its own culinary twists.

From classic dishes like meat pies and grilled barramundi to the world-famous—or at least Aussie-famous—Pavlova meringue-based dessert, Sydney’s food culture is a fusion of traditional Aussie and British dishes, mixed in with lots of global influences.

Whether you’re a meat lover, a seafood aficionado, or a dessert enthusiast, Sydney’s creative gastronomic scene has something for you. Here are some of the best foods to try in Sydney, from highbrow cuisine to quick snacks and hearty meals meant to satisfy.

Fish and Chips

Sydney food - fish and chips

Fish and chips

Britain has had a strong influence on Australia over the centuries. The country is a former British colony and is still a member of the Commonwealth. And what could be more stereotypically British than fish and chips?

Waterfront of Doyles on the Beach

Doyles on the Beach

You’ll find plenty of spots to get your daily dose of Aussie-style fish and chips in Sydney. One amazing place to try out is Doyles on the Beach in Watsons Bay. Doyles even serves up a vegan plant-based fish and chips for vegans and vegetarians.

Some eateries employ beer batter for their crispy fish coatings, while other locales use a light tempura batter. You’ll quickly discover that there are different types of fish to choose from as well. A few of the species on offer include barramundi, hoki, and snapper, all freshly caught and all delicious.

Bacon and Egg Rolls

Sydney food - bacon and egg rolls

Bacon and egg roll

It’s hard to beat the satisfaction a bacon and egg roll will offer, especially if you have a big appetite.

Bacon and egg rolls are for folks in need of a nourishing breakfast or a hearty lunch. This Australian dish, adored by many, typically comes with crispy bacon, a fried egg, and extra toppings, like aioli, cheese, arugula, or tomato sauce, all sandwiched inside a soft roll.

Plate of Bacon and egg roll

Bacon and egg roll

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is one classic locale where you can dive into some bacon and egg roll action (along with a flat white caffeine boost), as is the organic-food-focused The Grounds of Alexandria, situated in a garden-like setting that used to be a pie factory.


Sydney food - barramundi


Barramundi is an extremely popular fish in Sydney, served in bistros, upscale restaurants, and other locations. This appetizing fish has a mild, buttery flavor, with a firm, flaky texture, which makes it ideal for baking, frying, or tossing onto a hot grill.

You should note that barramundi has an important cultural significance in Australia as well, particularly to the Aboriginal people (the name is of Aboriginal origin). And while not all of the barramundi consumed in Sydney is caught in local waters, many people still hold a deep respect for the heritage of this Aussie fish.

Fresh barramundi inside a market


If you’d like to sample some barramundi, head over to the massive Sydney Fish Market, a famous local landmark, located along Blackwattle Bay.

You can also enjoy on barramundi at locations like the stylish Fish at the Rocks, Flying Fish (with an Asian-focused menu), and other seafood restaurants sprinkled around the city.

Sydney Rock Oysters

Platter of Sydney rock oysters

Sydney rock oysters

Sydney’s food landscape enjoys harvests that come from the ocean. If you’re a seafood aficionado, don’t pass up on the chance to enjoy some Sydney rock oysters, which connoisseurs tend to describe as “minerally” and creamy in texture and flavor.

Sydney rock oysters inside a market in Sydney

Sydney rock oysters

These lovely, briny bivalves are a local specialty, available all over town, including the Sydney Fish Market, where you can start with a few right after they’ve been freshly shucked. Whether you prefer your oysters raw, smoked, or grilled and topped with bacon and cheese, they are a mouthwatering delicacy that you should sample while you’re in town.

Bao Burgers

Plate of Bao burger

Bao burger

Bao burgers, or gua bao, made their way into the city via Taiwanese street food traditions. These tasty “burgers” are made with fleecy steamed buns that tend to be filled with meat like pork belly and chicken, along with an assortment of sliced veggies, tofu, and other mouth-watering toppings and zesty sauces.

Some of the best bao burgers in Sydney can be found in establishments like Belly Bao, and Bao Brothers Chippendale, along with other locations around the city that specialize in these steamed bun-based, Asian-influenced burgers.

Meat Pies

Sydney food - meat pie

Meat pie

Meat pies have become a mainstay in Sydney’s food culture. The Aussies inherited this minced meat and gravy-filled pastry—often with peas and mashed potatoes on the side—from the Brits. And crowds in Sydney have been gobbling up meat pies for about as long as Europeans have inhabited these shores.

These days, you’ll come across meat pies at almost every corner bakery in Sydney. They’re ideal for a quick protein-based fuel-up for the body, and they’ll also offer you a warm counterbalance to a cold drink or frosty beer during summer in Australia.

Savory mince pies are a go-to comfort meal for a lot of folks, as they are immensely satisfying, and fill you up fast.

Fairy Floss Burrito

Fairy floss burrito in a cup

Fairy floss burrito

Fairy floss burritos have absolutely nothing to do with Mexican-style burritos, just to be clear from the start. Fairy floss burritos, also known as cotton candy burritos, are a Sydney favorite, made by spinning a fluffy cloud of fairy floss (cotton candy) around ice cream or some other type of sweet, fruity treat.

The “burrito” name comes from their burrito-like shape, although you’ll find no salsa or guacamole here. Cotton candy burritos are typically very colorful and pretty to look at, but if you have a serious sweet tooth, you’ll have no problem biting into one of these artfully designed sugary creations.

Kangaroo Meat

Kangaroo Meat on a plate

Kangaroo meat

If you’re searching for a nourishing source of protein that practically hops onto your plate, the Sydney food scene will serve you up some lean, sustainably produced kangaroo meat, which can be prepared in a variety of manners.

Kangaroo meat, a part of Australia’s Indigenous diet for thousands of years, has grown in popularity. Many people say it tastes similar to beef, except for the tougher tail.

Sydney food - kangaroo meat

Kangaroo meat

Kangaroo can be grilled as steaks, turned into sausage (like Kanga Bangas), used in spicy curries, and yes, cooked as burgers. If you’re a true carnivore, go ahead and give kangaroo meat a go.

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Pavlova on a plate


Pavlova, named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, is a cherished dessert in Sydney. This sweet treat consists of a meringue foundation covered with airy whipped cream, which is then topped with a small hill of fruit, typically heavy on the fresh berry side of the confectionary equation.

Sydney is famous for its sweet Pavlova, known as one of the best desserts in the world. A few spots where you can indulge your Pavlova cravings include Flour and Stone, close to the Australian Museum (in Sydney’s central business district, or CBD), Flour Drum, plus other bakeries, cafés, and restaurants spread around town.

Yellowfin Tuna

Fresh Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna, with its rich, red, and meaty taste, has a fairly large presence on the Sydney food scene. Yellowfin, which is often caught in waters close to Sydney, is a popular choice for seafood fanatics living in or visiting this city by the harbor.

You can enjoy Yellowfin in poke bowls, or simply eat it grilled or seared with a dash of seasoning, like pepper and salt. Of course, if you’re a serious sashimi and sushi fan, you’ve probably already tried this type of tuna in one of your preferred sushi haunts.

Flat White (Coffee)

Cup of flat white coffee

Flat white

If you get a kick of hanging out in cafés and savoring a good cup of coffee, along with the laid-back, book-reading vibe pervading most coffee joints, you’ll have to try a flat white, preferably in a cool café, while you’re in Sydney.

A flat white consists of a shot, or a double shot, of espresso with silky steamed milk on top, which creates a lovely, velvety texture. The ratio of milk to espresso is what sets a typical flat white apart from other coffee drinks, like a latte, with the latter much heavier on the foam side.

This delicious espresso-based brew is an essential part of Sydney’s coffee culture, which is why you’ll have loads of chances to sip on a flat white during your breaks while exploring some of the most beautiful places in Australia.

Loaded Fries

Plate of loaded fries

Loaded fries

Whether you call them French fries, chips, or pommes frites, a hefty helping of allumette-cut deep-fried potatoes is a popular dish—or side dish—the world over. In Sydney, you can indulge your fried potato cravings with a big plate of loaded fries.

Loaded fries, as the name implies, are loaded with a variety of toppings, which often include melted cheese, crispy bacon, different tangy sauces, and even hunks of meat or veggies.

Sydney food - loaded fries

Loaded fries

A few locales in Sydney even offer Mexican-inspired toppings like guacamole and jalapeños, as well as Asian-themed toppings, like kimchi and teriyaki chicken. So, the next time you’re in town, give loaded fries a try at a spot like Loaded by BL, which specializes in burgers, snacks, and sides.

Balmain Bugs

Balmain bugs inside a market in Australia

Balmain bugs

Balmain bugs, another name for butterfly fan lobsters, aren’t really bugs, so you can set those worries aside. These Australian crustaceans are often served barbecued, grilled, or roasted, and are serious business for seafood lovers visiting Sydney.

Coming with a bit of drizzly lemon or garlic butter, succulent Balmain bugs are a locally caught delicacy that will make you thankful for the bounty of the sea.

Tim Tams

Plate of Tim Tams

Tim Tam

If you’ve spent time with people from Australia, one thing they might have mentioned to you is their fondness for Tim Tams.

Tim Tams, first released into the world by Arnott’s biscuit company in 1964, are chocolate-coated biscuits with a creamy filling inside.

View of the iconic Tim Tams

Tim Tams Photo by slgckgc on Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

These tasty treats have become something of a cultural icon in Australia. The original recipe still has a cult following of supporters, although these days you’ll find other flavors too, like Butterscotch & Cream, Murray River Salted Caramel, Salted Caramel Brownie, and more.

When visiting Sydney, don’t pass up on the chance to try some Tim Tams, a distinctive Australian treat that goes great with a cup of tea or a piping hot coffee.


Vegemite on toast


Vegemite, not to be confused with British Marmite, is a Sydney food staple that has hardcore devotees and detractors alike, depending on whom you talk to.

This well-known Australian spread is made from yeast extract, which is then smeared across crackers, toast, and sandwiches, and even added to soups. Vegemite has a characteristically strong, salty taste, frequently described as “umami” in flavor.

Vegemite on toast


During your stay in Sydney, you’ll have the opportunity to try some Vegemite out for yourself. You can then decide if it’s too overwhelming for your taste buds, or if you’re in danger of being converted into a diehard Vegemite devotee, which will bring you one step close to becoming an honorary Australian.

Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese pho in a bowl

Vietnamese pho

Pho is a brothy (usually beef or chicken broth) Vietnamese rice noodle soup filled with savory ingredients, plus a selection of herbs and spices. Sydney has a fairly large Vietnamese population, which is one of the reasons why you’ll find some outstanding pho restaurants scattered around the city.

And while pho didn’t originate in Australia, it has become a big part of the local food scene. A delicious bowl of Vietnamese pho, with its fresh herbs and protein tossed in, is an ideal option for a quick lunch or dinner, thanks to its aromatic, zesty flavor profile.

Waterfront of Sydney


Get to know the city better, with its wonderful homegrown and internationally-inspired food scene, by browsing through some of Celebrity’s cruises to Sydney, then booking the journey of a lifetime.

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