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With stunning fjords, dramatic mountains, glaciers, beaches, and all-around majestic terrain, Norway is a hiker’s dream. Diverse landscape provides an outdoor playground rich with hiking trails to delight any nature lover in this Scandinavian country.

The summer months bring the midnight sun, allowing for Norwegian adventures in the fresh air to last even longer. Whether you’re interested in challenging treks up Norway’s rugged mountain peaks, moderate hikes that weave in the lush valleys, or easier nature walks along the unbelievably beautiful coastal fjords and beaches, there’s a trail for everyone.

Enjoy an outdoor experience like none other when you embark on some of the best hikes in Norway.

Sukkertoppen Mountain, Alesund

Beautiful landscape of Sukkertoppen Mountain, Alesund

Sukkertoppen Mountain, Alesund

Get a bird’s-eye perspective over Alesund and the surrounding archipelago with a hike up Sukkertoppen Mountain. Translated to “Sugar Top”, the mountain hike is known for awe-inspiring 360-degree views from the top.

It’s possible to start the hike from the center of town, which adds a one-hour walk to your almost three-mile round-trip hike. This trek can be considered a challenging one, but the vista at the summit is well worth the effort.

You’ll venture through the first section with the trail weaving through the woods until you get to the rockier, more exposed section of the route.

View from Sukkertoppen Mountain, Alesund

Sukkertoppen Mountain, Alesund

Then climb steadily until the summit appears, with photo-worthy views straight out of a postcard. Enjoy the gorgeous panorama which includes the coast, fjords, and city before heading back down.

Mellomkollen Mountain, Oslo

Person kayaking in the lake near Mellomkollen Mountain, Oslo

Øyungen Lake Photo by Kimsaka on Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The seven-and-three-quarter mile trail up Mellomkollen Mountain is an enchanting full-day hike, accessible from Oslo. Venture into the Nordmarka region’s nature reserve, where you’ll find thick forest and the Øyungen Lake.

Discover why this region of Norway is considered “Oslo’s Alps” with the tall peaks that are still in close proximity to the city. The trail climbs steadily, giving your legs a solid workout to reach the summit.

Once you get to the top, you’ll have to cross through a marshy area before taking in the sprawling views of Oslo, the beautiful Norwegian lake, and surrounding area.

The Mellomkollen Mountain hike offers diverse terrain, with lake, forest, meadow, marshland, and rocky landscape and is one of the top hikes near Oslo.

Mount Løvstakken, Bergen

Picturesque view of Mount Løvstakken, Bergen

Mount Løvstakken, Bergen

The western Norwegian city of Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains, making it an amazing place to explore. Hike up Mount Løvstakken, one of the seven and a local favorite for exercise and outdoor recreation.

Feast your eyes on the sweeping vista from the top; a gorgeous view of this spectacular fjord region in Norway.

Lush landscape while hiking in Mount Løvstakken, Bergen

Mount Løvstakken, Bergen

The trailhead starts behind the supermarket Matkroken, in Blekenberg, a suburb of this compact city. The hike is almost a mile and a half round trip and takes you up through lush forest. Once you get above the treeline, it’s rocky terrain.

Catch your breath at the summit and take in the sweeping views of Bergen, the fjord, and all the way out to the Gullsteinen hill and the bay of Nordaasvannet.

Preikestolen, Stavanger

Preikestolen, one of the best hiking in Norway

Preikestolen, Stavanger

Translated to “Pulpit Rock”, Preikestolen is one of the most rewarding ways to experience hiking in Norway. This famous rock outcrop near Stavanger is likely the best-known and most photographed natural attraction in the entire country.

Travelers come from all over the world to tackle the trek to the Preikestolen rock plateau and cliff overlooking the deep Lysefjord from almost 2,000 feet above.

The almost five-mile trail leads hikers over stone stairs, steep sections, narrow pathways, and an elevation gain of 1,640 feet. Hiking here is one of the most exciting things to do in Norway.

Couple sightseeing from Preikestolen Pulpit Rock in Norway

Pulpit Rock in Preikestolen, Stavanger

Once you reach the rock outcropping, feast your eyes on the breathtaking vista, a scene you’ve earned and one that will stay in your memory for years to come. Make sure to bring your camera on this hike—the photography opportunities abound from Pulpit Rock.

This is one of the top hikes in Norway and shouldn’t be missed. Just be aware that to step out onto the rock plateau for that classic shot, you’ll need a real head for heights.

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Romsdalseggen, Molde

Scenic landscape of Romsdalseggen, Molde

Romsdalseggen, Molde

Hike one of Western Norway’s most scenic mountains. Romsdalseggen is located southeast of Molde, near Åndalsnes, and is rated as a challenging, point-to-point hike that stretches six and a half miles.

Enjoy views the entire way to the summit, as you trek through diverse terrain, including forest and rocky alpine landscape.

Viewpoint in Romsdalseggen, Molde

Romsdalseggen, Molde

Once you reach the ridge, you can enjoy sprawling views of the sheer drop of the Trollveggen cliff, Dovrefjell, Sunndalsfjella, and Romsdalshorn mountains, the dramatic Snohetta peak, and Romsdalen Valley.

Make your way along the narrow ridge before arriving at Mjolvafjellet, the highest point along the trek. From here, the descent down to Åndalsnes begins and is fairly steep.

Although this is a difficult hike and you’ll need to be properly equipped, the awe-inspiring 360-degree views will make it worth the effort.

Mount Huaren, Olden

Lush view of Mount Huaren, Olden

Mount Huaren, Olden

Embark on a five-mile round trip hike up Mount Huaren in the western fjords and relish the views over the villages of Olden, Loen, and glassy waters of the deep Nordfjord.

Along the route, several overlooks provide unobstructed views, making this a hike a real treat. At the top, you’ll stand at 1,250 feet in elevation to overlook the sixth-longest fjord in all of Norway.

Marvel at the endless mountains, shining waters, and lush forests below. This is an ideal spot for taking panoramic photographs of Norway’s spectacular scenery.

Høgkubben, Alesund

View from the Høgkubben, Alesund

Høgkubben, Alesund

Gaze at Alesund and the jaw-dropping Sunnmore Alps from above, with a hike up to Høgkubben. Access the trailhead in Blindheim, approximately 25 minutes from Alesund.

This intermediate hike starts out steep but evens out on the one-and-a-half hour route up. Venture through the forest, crossing narrow streams along wooden footbridges, until you read the rocky terrain towards the top.

A gorgeous, 360-degree view awaits once you arrive at the summit. A summit cairn holds the classic “turbok” journal, a guest book where you can sign your name.

Check out the giant compass at the top as well, which serves as an informative map of all the Norwegian mountains in view. Take photos and catch your breath while admiring the jaw-dropping panorama.

Brekkefossen, Flam

Beautiful greenery in Brekkefossen, Flam

Brekkefossen, Flam

Chase waterfalls near the village of Flam, perched at the edge of Aurlandsfjord in southwestern Norway. Embark on a nearly four-mile loop trail where you can view one of the fjord region’s natural jewels, the Brekkefossen waterfall.

Start right in town and venture through the beautiful farmland surroundings, navigating a few steep sections along the rocky trail. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded when you reach the thundering falls.

Majestic waterfall of Brekkefossen, Flam

Brekkefossen, Flam

The Norwegian waterfall itself is spectacular, but the views out through the valley, including the village of Flam and the fjord’s shores are equally as breathtaking.

This hike is a photographer’s dream, with storybook landscapes everywhere you turn. This waterfall adventure is one of the best things to do in Flam.

Mount Floyen, Bergen

Beautiful landscape of Floibanen Funicular, Mount Floyen

Mount Floyen, Bergen

Explore one of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen, Norway and connect with nature in a lush, green setting.

This hiking venture is unique in that you can choose to take the funicular all the way to the top and hike around the summit, or to take it partway and hike the rest.

Couple hiking Mount Floyen

Mount Floyen, Bergen

The full ride is five minutes with abundant scenery to gaze upon as you make the journey approximately 1,000 feet up; views of the city and harbor below dazzle.

Whatever length you choose for hiking up Mount Floyen, it’ll be a solid workout for your legs but along a well-marked and paved trail. An observation platform at the top allows visitors to admire the sweeping views over the city.

Once at the top, you can choose to travel back down on the funicular, or continue your hiking venture on one of the many trails. Explore the troll forest, “Trollskogen” where you’ll find the mythical creatures in statue form throughout.

Clear waters of Lake Skomakerdiket in Mount Floyen, Bergen

Lake Skomakerdiket in Mount Floyen, Bergen

Or meander to Lake Skomakerdiket, a 10-minute hike further on and an idyllic picnic spot. The Vakendalen Valley has abundant opportunities to embrace the beautiful natural setting within Norway’s fjord region.

Storseter Waterfall, Geiranger

View from Storseter Waterfall, Geiranger

Storseter Waterfall, Geiranger

Walk behind a thundering cascade when you trek to Storseter Waterfall, located in Geiranger, in More og Romsdal county.

Geirangerfjord, one of the best hiking in Norway


From the scenic Westeras Farm, the path takes you to the Westerasfjellet viewpoint, where you can admire a breathtaking panorama over Geirangerfjord before arriving at the waterfall. Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best places to visit in Norway.

Hike the well-marked path for approximately half an hour until you get your first glimpse of the falls. Once you take the trail and the steps down to the waterfall, it’s possible to venture behind the cascade, making this a unique waterfall hiking experience.

Beautiful cascade of Storseter Waterfall, Geiranger

Storseter Waterfall, Geiranger

After, enjoy a picnic on the large swath of grass near the viewpoint to round out your European adventure. Storseter Waterfall combines all the best components of hiking in Norway—views, an exciting waterfall, and all-around beauty.

Trollkirka, Molde

Magical view inside the Trollkirka Caves

Trollkirka, Molde

Translated to “Troll Church”, Trollkirka Caves are a thrilling hike in western Norway, approximately half an hour from the town of Molde. They sit at more than 1,500 feet above sea level.

View of tall trees while hiking Trollkirka, Molde

Trollkirka, Molde

Venture on this one to two-hour hike (one way) to reach a set of three dazzling limestone caves, the biggest of which is nearly 230 feet long.

The well-marked trail is forest for the first section, and then becomes rocky and wet in parts, with ropes to assist during the steeper or wet portions. Although this hike will test your endurance, it’ll be well worth the effort when you arrive at the main attraction.

Meander through the tunnel-like cave and discover an idyllic waterfall cascading into a marble pool. Marvel at the colored layers of stone that make up the cave walls as you explore.

It’s recommended to bring a headlamp or flashlight along with you for this hike as it’s relatively dark inside the caves.

Calm water of Trollvatnet Lake

Trollvatnet Lake, Molde

Keeping on the trail after making your way through the caves, the scenic Trollvatnet Lake is the perfect place to cool off with a bracing swim during the summer months. Trollkirka is some of the most exciting hiking in Norway.

Connect with nature in Norway’s breathtaking landscape on one of the numerous hiking trails through forest, tundra, fjords, mountains and rock formations. A luxury cruise is a fantastic way to embark on some of the best hikes in Norway.

Couple hiking in Pulpit Rock, Stavanger

Pulpit Rock, Stavanger

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