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Meet the LGBTQ+ influencers who joined Celebrity Cruises and Gay Times on a journey at sea.

Eight incredible creatives. Five bite-sized videos. One luxury cruise experience. Stopping in destinations like Rome, Nice, Barcelona, Valencia, and Ibiza, all eight travelers experienced different cultures and perspectives both on and off Celebrity Edge.

YouTuber and broadcaster Riyadh Khalaf and his partner Josh Harrison are first-time cruisers eager to unplug from their day-to-day work life. Along the way, they connect and bond with other guests on Edge.

Presenter Helen Scott and life coach Char Bailey enjoy quality time together as they navigate a long-distance relationship back home in the UK.

“Char is up north. I’m in the South, so having that quality time when we travel is just really important, isn’t it?… It really allows us to completely bond with each other,” says Scott.

Jimmy Essex and Charlie Simmons, a couple from the music and entertainment industry, find foodie experiences onboard while prioritizing health and wellness thanks to the HIIT classes and exercise options available on Edge.

Rounding out the pack is Vogue dancer Jay Jay Revlon, who brings along his best friend, podcast presenter Lee Gray. They share what it means to feel welcomed in a space as an LGBTQ+ traveler.

In each episode of “Trailblazers,” you’ll discover new insights into their lives, what an inclusive, safe holiday looks like, and what Pride means to them. The series culminates with our whirlwind Pride Party at Sea, a huge celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

Unwind like Riyadh and Josh

Man laughing

Meet real-life cruise goers like Riyadh and Josh, who use their time onboard Celebrity Edge to unplug and unwind from busy work and social schedules.

Meet Helen and Char

Gay couple Helen and Char on Celebrity

Off ship, Char and Helen navigate a long-distance relationship in the UK. But on board Celebrity Edge, they’re able to completely bond over the beautiful new cultures and experiences they’ve shared along the way.

Find Foodie Heaven with Jimmy and Charles

Gay couple Jimmy and Charles on Celebrity

For Jimmy and Charles, they’re off planning dinner before breakfast is even over, and find no shortage of options for both food and fitness onboard Celebrity Edge.

Vogue-ing with Jay Jay and Lee

Gay couple Jay Jay and Lee on Celebrity

At Celebrity Cruises, we believe in a world where feeling safe and included on vacation should be a given. Jay Jay and Lee bring their perspective on vogue-ing, chosen family, community, and more.

Go Big or Go Home: Pride Party at Sea

Gay people on a cruise with rainbow colored flag

Discover this sneak peek into the fun and magic of the annual Pride Party at Sea.

“[Pride] is a time of celebration and reflection, celebrating the fact of who I am, the fact that I’m able to be myself, and own who I am…and reflect on the fact that not everybody gets to have the privilege of being out and being queer.”

Celebrity Cruises aims to be the definitive LGBTQ+ friendly cruise line. We believe in a more open, inclusive world. We won the title of Best Large Ship Cruise Line for LGBTQ+ Passengers at the CRUIZIE Awards for four years running. We officiated the first legal same-sex wedding at sea in 2018. Celebrating Pride is such a special event for our LGBTQ+ guests, and we’re committed to making Pride at Sea bigger and better each year.

Join us onboard for your honeymoon or host a wedding onboard with us. Whether you’re looking to sail to the Caribbean or embark on a seven-day cruisetour into Alaska’s interior, we welcome you to all the world’s wonders. Sip cocktails in Ibiza. Enjoy excursions to the historic centers of Italian cities like Rome and Florence. Spot incredible, rare wildlife in the Galapagos Islands. Sail beyond the ordinary and choose Celebrity.

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