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Winner of the 2019 Best Overall Food Experience for the 5th consecutive year from the CRUIZIE Awards and the 2019 Award of Excellence by the Wine Spectator Restaurant Wine List Awards, Celebrity Cruises is committed to pushing the envelope of what a fine dining looks (and tastes!) like.

In this comprehensive guide to Celebrity Cruises dining options, we’ll dive into the logistics, like what kind of dining package is right for you, what to wear, and the endless possibilities for globally-inspired eats available at the dozens of restaurants and cafes on our ships.

Innovative and creatively presented but never pretentious, exclusive culinary cruises and myriad onboard experiences will take you behind the scenes, in the galley, and teach you new tricks of the trade.

Are meals included on Celebrity Cruises?

Elegant interior of Oceanview Cafe on Celebrity with huge glass windows

Oceanview Cafe

Yes! Celebrity Cruises dining options include several complimentary venues.

Head to the buffet-style Oceanview Cafe or eat comfort foods by the pool at Mast Grill for lunch.

On Edge Series ships, you can dine in style at any of the four complimentary restaurants.

Enjoy elevated classics at the Main Restaurant, new American cuisine at Cosmopolitan (on Celebrity Edge and Apex), flavors of the Mediterranean at Cyprus, or modern French cuisine at Normandie.

Our cuisine is inspired from the destinations we visit and is hand-crafted from the highest quality ingredients.

How does dining work on Celebrity Cruises?

People eating at Luminae on Celebrity


Celebrity Cruises dining options were created to accommodate different preferences and approaches to vacation and traveling. Some like consistency in their day-to-day routine, even on vacation, while other travelers prefer new places to explore, new venues to try, and new faces to meet.

You’ll have two choices of dining based on your preferences:

  • Celebrity Traditional Dining
  • Celebrity Select Dining

Traditional Dining

Woman raising her glass for a toast

Main Dining Room

With Traditional Dining, you’ll have a designated time each evening for dinner, starting as early as 6pm or as late at 8:30pm. With traditional dining, you’ll be seated with the same people and get the same waitstaff each night.

You’ll get to know your tablemates and the crew. It’s perfect for making new friends with similar interests and swapping travel stories over dinner.

Celebrity Select Dining

Couple ordering wine at Tuscan Grille on Celebrity

Tuscan Grille

Celebrity Select Dining, on the other hand, is ideal for travelers who want a little more flexibility in their evening schedules. You may want to stay at the pool for longer, lounge at the adults-only Solarium, or unwind in your stateroom after a full day in port before going out for dinner.

Traditional and Select Dining both feature the same mouthwatering menus, and there’s no cost difference; ultimately, choosing Select depends on how you like to travel.

Note that only a certain number of guests can choose Select Dining per sailing. Typically, Select Dining is available on a first-come, first-served basis, particularly for passengers who book their cruise early.

Is Celebrity Select Dining offered on all ships?

Elegant interior of Normandie


You can choose Select Dining on all Millennium- and Solstice-class ships in the Celebrity fleet. We have also introduced Celebrity Select Dining Plus on our Edge-series ships, which gives you the options to choose your dining time and designate which of the four Main Restaurants you want to visit.

What is the dress code for dinner on Celebrity Cruises?

Couple being served wine at Tuscan on Celebrity

Tuscan Grille

We’ve left behind formal wear for a more modern take on dressing up. No need to pack your suit and tie or ball gown. However, if you truly want to dress to the nines, we love seeing creative, stylish outfits onboard.

In general, the dinner dress code on your Celebrity cruise is Evening Chic. When you’re planning what to wear on your cruise, pack what you’d wear back home to a nice dinner or special occasion.

Each evening, you’ll receive a bulletin with the next day’s activities, exciting facts about the destinations you’re visiting, and the dress code for the day. If you have any doubts about your outfit, take a look in your cruise bulletin to make sure you’re dressed appropriately.

Evening Chic

People dining at Luminae on Celebrity


Evening Chic for ladies ranges from a cocktail dress with heels to a nice blouse with elegant jeans and wedges. Pair a skirt and blazer with strappy shoes. Express yourself. Wear whatever feels elegant and elevated to you.

For men, a dress shirt with pants or designer jeans is a go-to for evening chic. Button-down shirts are also perfect men’s attire for dining during your cruise. A sports coat or blazer is optional.

People hanging out at Martini Bar on Celebrity

Martini Bar

Smart Casual

When packing what to wear to grab a drink at Martini Bar, see a show at the Theatre, or dine in a specialty restaurant, Smart Casual is the way to go.

For women, this could mean a casual top paired with pants, a skirt, or nice jeans. For men, we recommend pants or nice jeans with a casual top (not a t-shirt).

Style Don’ts

T-shirts, swimsuits, robes, bare feet, tank tops, baseball caps, and pool wear are not allowed in the main restaurant or specialty restaurants. Leave your flip flops and shorts in your stateroom.

What are Celebrity’s main dining room options?

Choose from not one but four main restaurants during your cruise vacation with Celebrity. Each restaurant is stylishly designed and made with the freshest ingredients, celebrating culinary styles around the world.

Main Restaurant

Fine dining awaits from the moment you step on board. With dishes designed by a Michelin-starred chef, you’ll discover new favorites, elevated classics, and creative takes on the expected, such as vegetable paella inspired by Barcelona nights, roasted quail from California, or smoked Atlantic salmon.


Interior of Cyprus restaurant on Celebrity


Come along with us to Greece at Cyprus, where fresh seafood and a light, Mediterranean menu will delight your palate. Start with menu items exclusive to Cyprus, from mouthwatering sea bass ceviche to lemon-dill chicken souvlaki.


Interior of Normandie restaurant on Celebrity


Travel to an elegant eatery where full-bodied wines pair perfectly with French starters like chicken pate, baked brie, and potato and gruyere tarts. Entrees exclusive to Normandie include dishes like cassoulet of confit duck and salmon roasted with wild lavender. Our chefs fuse refined flavors with unexpected profiles and beautiful plating in an upscale atmosphere.


Interior of Cosmopolitan restaurant on Celebrity


Available on Apex and Edge, Cosmopolitan is our take on new American, from New York strip steak and a classic shrimp cocktail starter to home-style pork chops with string beans and sweet potato.

What specialty restaurants are available on Celebrity Cruises?

There’s no reason why you can’t have every type of cuisine your heart desires while you’re on vacation. That’s why Celebrity Cruises dining options include specialty restaurants that cater to your every craving, like traditional filets and ribeyes at Fine Cut Steakhouse to sushi at Raw on Five. Enjoy backyard BBQ, grilled favorites, and smoked classics al fresco at Rooftop Garden Grill.


Interior of Luminae restaurant on Celebrity


Cutting-edge Luminae is reserved for guests of the Retreat. This private restaurant boasts menus crafted by Chef Daniel Boulud, our Global Culinary Brand Ambassador, as well as our own Michelin-starred chef, Cornelius Gallagher. The menu at Luminae is exclusive, meaning you won’t find these dishes anywhere else on board. Sample menu items include Alaskan halibut, Maine lobster tagliatelle, truffle risotto, and creamy burrata with pesto.


Interior of Blu restaurant on Celebrity


Exclusively for AquaClass guests, Blu features a spa-inspired menu that emphasizes a holistic health experience. In the morning, stop in for farm-fresh eggs, muesli, or a fresh-pressed juice. Blu is open for breakfast and dinner each day, with a daily changing dinner menu.

Le Grand Bistro

Interior of Le Grand Bistro restaurant on Celebrity

Le Grand Bistro

Le Grand Bistro is styled after a Parisian patisserie, and it’s the perfect place for afternoon tea, warm pastries and croissants, or a ham-and-cheese baguette. Gourmet charcuterie and cheese boards with carafes of wine transition the bistro from the bustle of morning to a relaxed, candlelit evening.


Interior of Murano restaurant on Celebrity


At Murano, you’ll also find our take on classic French fare from veal tenderloin to herb-crusted lamb. Try the Five Senses Menu, which presents six courses and wine pairings designed to stimulate all your senses.

Tuscan Grille

Interior of Tuscan Grille restaurant on Celebrity

Tuscan Grille

Tuscan Grille has all the charm and sophistication of an Italian trattoria, featuring a menu of handmade pastas, artisanal meats, and fine wine. Rustic and approachable, take your pick of flatbread pizzas, gnocchi, carbonara, frutti de mare, and quality butcher cuts.

Le Petit Chef at Qsine / Le Petit Chef and Friends

Celebrity Cruises Dining Options Le Petit Chef

Le Petit Chef

Le Petit Chef is one of the most unique dining experiences ever created, where 3-D characters come to life at your table and “prepare” your food before your very eyes. Interactive and immersive, Le Petit Chef is sure to entertain everyone.

Interior of Raw on 5 restaurant on Celebrity

Raw on Five

Other onboard restaurants draw inspiration from the sea. Sushi lovers can enjoy handmade rolls, ahi tuna, and the freshest sashimi at Raw on Five. If you’re craving a lobster roll or a raw bar of oysters, there’s The Porch, which is inspired by the relaxed seaside towns of the Northeast.

Ready to book your cruise and select your Celebrity Cruises dining options? There are even more specialty restaurants onboard for you to fall in love with, like the open-air Magic Carpet Restaurant, nature-inspired eats at Eden, and more. Whether you choose Traditional Dining or Celebrity Select dining, you’ll find plenty of mouthwatering options available during your luxury cruise vacation.

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