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Experience the Atlantic Coast on an East Coast Cruise

An east coast cruise is an excellent way to explore beautiful cities and towns located along the Atlantic coastline.

Though Florida is a location in the eastern United States and has embarkation ports on the Atlantic side, itineraries from Florida usually head directly down to the Caribbean or over to the Bahamas. Therefore, this article will focus on east coast cruises that depart from the northeast. From colorful nature to cosmopolitan cities to island getaways, here are some of the top ways to have an unforgettable cruise from the east coast.

East Coast Cruise to See Fall Colors

Two words: Fall. Foliage.

On a Canada and New England cruise during Autumn, you’ll get the chance to see gorgeous fall foliage scenery without having to worry about driving a car to see it. Sail past coastline that is dotted in trees that have recently transformed into beacons of red, orange, and yellow.

When in port, take a bus tour to see more fall foliage, or simply walk around the downtown centers of the cities and towns you visit to see richly hued trees beautifully accenting the colonial and Cape Cod style architecture that New England is known for.

An especially alluring port of call for fall foliage cruises is Bar Harbor, Maine, which is located on Mount Desert Island and is home to Acadia National Park. You’ll get to see this esteemed national park awash in colorful fall foliage, made even more breathtaking by its proximity to the surrounding sea.

Iconic Big Cities Along East Coast Cruise Itineraries

Fall foliage isn’t the only thing you can see during a cruise around Canada and New England in the fall. You can also explore some of the iconic cities located in this region. Common ports of call you’ll visit of major cities include Boston, Quebec City, and New York City.

In Boston you can walk along the Freedom Trail and learn more about early American history and the Revolutionary War. In Quebec City, marvel at its French-inspired culture, cosmopolitan architecture that has unique historic elements, and vibrant food scene. In NYC, take a trip to the top of Empire State Building, which is one of the tallest buildings in the world, for a bird’s eye view of the skyscrapers and Central Park, and then do some retail therapy at the many shops in Times Square.

Explore Picturesque Towns on East Coast Cruises

If smaller cities and towns are more your scene, east coast cruises will take you there as well.

While on Canada and New England cruises, you can enjoy the arts district in Halifax, Nova Scotia; try fresh oysters and lobster in Portland, Maine; tour the iconic mansions built during the gilded age in Newport, Rhode Island; see the scenery made beloved in the Anne of Green Gables books during a port of call on Prince Edward Island; and view the famously high tides along the Bay of Fundy during a port of call in Saint John, New Brunswick.

East Coast Cruises That Take You on an Island Getaway

East coast cruises that depart from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, don’t just head to the wonders of the Atlantic northeast. Some itineraries set sail from the east coast and head south to the gorgeous island of Bermuda.

Bermuda is an island located approximately 650 miles east of South Carolina and is surrounded by the glistening blues of the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is a territory of Great Britain and incorporates in some British culture with its laidback island vibe, making for both a fun and relaxing getaway, with plenty of active things to do alongside leisurely beaches and spas.

Cruise ships pull into port in King’s Wharf, and from there it’s easy to explore Bermuda on a shore excursion. Popular excursions go to Bermuda’s famous pink sand beaches, 19th century Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, and the mystical feeling Crystal Cave. Plenty of beach bars, shops, and restaurants are also all around the island ready to entertain you.

While on one of the east coast cruises to Bermuda that we offer, you’ll get to experience the nightlife, too, since all our Bermuda cruises have an overnight in port in King’s Wharf – some itineraries even stay there for two nights, giving you ample time to explore.

Some Bermuda itineraries go straight to Bermuda from Cape Liberty and then straight back with no other stops; it takes two days of sailing to get between Cape Liberty and King’s Wharf. Other itineraries include ports of call at additional destinations located along the east coast of the U.S.

Depending on the Bermuda and east coast itinerary, you may visit Boston, Massachusetts; Newport, Rhode Island; Bar Harbor, Maine; Portland, Maine; or Charleston, North Carolina. Some itineraries also have a day at sea that includes sailing by the Statue of Liberty.

Discover Historic Lighthouses on East Coast Cruises

Lighthouses abound on the east coast. They were the final warning for ships sailing to the east coast from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, back before the dawn of technology and GPS. Today, these lighthouses stand stately as a reminder of a bygone era, often with windswept beaches and craggy coastline surrounding them. You can still tour some of the lighthouses on the east coast and learn more about them, which makes for a fun way to spend a day in port during east coast cruises.

Prominent lighthouses to visit on the east coast include Castle Hill and Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport, Rhode Island; Portland Head Lighthouse in Portland, Maine; and Peggy’s Point Lighthouse in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You’ll even find a picturesque lighthouse on the beaches of Bermuda when you travel to the cast-iron Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

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Get ready to sail away from the east coast on a fall foliage cruise or island getaway by booking an itinerary on one of our one of our luxuriously-appointed ships. You’ll soon discover why cruising is a relaxing and unforgettable way to experience the sights, sounds, and fall colors of the Atlantic northeast and the relaxing blues, greens, and pinks of Bermuda.

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