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Channel your inner adventurer and gain a bird’s-eye perspective of amazing travel destinations around the world. Ziplining is a thrilling but safe way to explore beautiful places from above, while getting your adrenaline pumping as you soar through incredible scenery. Whether you skim the jungle canopy or fly over pristine beaches, zip lining is guaranteed to create unforgettable memories on your vacation.

From tropical zip lines in the Caribbean to flights over old-growth forest in Alaska, this exhilarating activity is sure to leave you in awe, wherever your travels take you. Here are some of the best zip lines in the world.

Jaguar Paw Outpost, Belize

Man ziplining through Jaguar Paw Outpost

Jaguar Paw Outpost, Belize

The lush terrain of Belize creates the perfect environment to experience one of the top zip lines in the world. Immerse yourself in nature with this thrilling adventure with local expert, Jaguar Paw. Learn about the history and culture of the country from your knowledgeable guide before exploring the heart of the Savannah Pine Ridge in the jungle, near the Caves Branch River.

Traverse along a series of stations with cable lines of varying lengths, the longest stretching almost 700 feet through the steamy forest canopy. There’s a guide to meet you at every platform, helping you to clip on and off each section of the zip line safely. Top off the excitement with an invigorating rappel to mark the finish of your zip lining expedition.

Combine your high-wire Belize adventure with a mesmerizing cave tubing experience for the ultimate afternoon in the Belize rainforest. Explore a massive open-air cave, marvel at stalactites and stalagmites, and float through a network of rivers and caverns where you’ll have the chance to admire ancient Mayan artifacts.

Morne Coubaril Estate, St. Lucia

Lush landscape of Morne Coubaril Estate

Morne Coubaril Estate, St. Lucia

Zoom through the air against the backdrop of the iconic Pitons on the Caribbean gem of St. Lucia. This zip line is located on the grounds of the 18th century Morne Coubaril Estate, amid mango, coconut, and banyan trees. You’ll see the historic village of Soufrière, the twin peaks of the Pitons, lush rainforest, and the aquamarine Caribbean Sea as you soar across this exciting zip line course, composed of eight aerial cables.

Gumbalimba Park, Roatán, Honduras

Woman ziplining through Gumbalimba Park

Gumbalimba Park, Roatán, Honduras

Head to the island of Roatán, Honduras where a 20-acre seaside park awaits with incredible adventures. Gumbalimba Park is situated near West Bay Beach and has served as a top eco-destination since 2003 with several outdoor activities, a botanical garden, and animal sanctuary all within the grounds. The park is named after the native Gumbalimba tree in Honduras and is a favorite spot for those looking to zip line in a tropical oasis.

Catch a thrill on over a mile of zip line cable where you’ll have the opportunity to spot wildlife such as sloths, macaws, and cheeky capuchin monkeys. As you traverse the 15 zip lines, you’ll fly over lush scenery, ending on the pristine beach.

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Stoney Creek Canopy Adventure, Seward, Alaska

Woman on one of the best zip lines in the world

Stoney Creek Canopy Adventure, Seward, Alaska

Ziplining in Alaska is one of the best ways to absorb all of the natural splendor that The Last Frontier has to offer.

Located south of Seward on the striking Kenai Peninsula, the Stoney Creek Canopy Adventure provides the ultimate aerial adventure as you fly over Sitka spruce trees and mountain hemlocks. Spot eagles in their natural habitat while traversing a series of eight exciting zip lines strung between treetop platforms.

There are three suspension bridges, too, offering outstanding views of Alaska’s Pacific temperate rainforest. At the end of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to test your rappelling skills for an added dash of excitement.

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Haleakalā National Park (Haleakala Skyline Tour), Maui, Hawaii

Volcanic landscape of Haleakalā National Park

Haleakalā National Park (Haleakala Skyline Tour), Maui, Hawaii

Uncover the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Haleakalā National Park on the lush island of Maui. Skyline Haleakalā will have you soaring through native forest, above deep canyons, and venturing over an exhilarating swinging bridge all on the slopes of the island’s tallest volcano.

Fly at speeds up to 45 miles per hour on five different zip lines while seeing Haleakalā in the most thrilling way possible. Beginners will feel comfortable zip lining here as the course is designed for both experienced and first-time zip-liners. The sheer drama of the scenery means this is one of the top zip lines in the world.

EcoZip Flying Fox Adventures (Waiheke Island), Auckland, New Zealand

View of Waiheke Island from the EcoZip Flying Fox Adventures

EcoZip Flying Fox Adventures (Waiheke Island), Auckland, New Zealand

Experience some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes at this sustainable zip line course on Waiheke Island, just east of Auckland, on the North Island. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of the native forest canopy, the sea, rolling farmland, and sprawling vineyards as you zip across three lines stretching over 650 feet each.

The unique double cable design will allow you to fly along the series of zip lines in tandem with a friend, adding to the thrills.

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Sky Safari Tours, Wingfield Estate, St. Kitts

Man on a zipline from the Wingfield Estate

Sky Safari Tours, Wingfield Estate, St. Kitts

Fly along five zip lines, as high as 250 feet above the ground, on this thrilling Caribbean experience. Start at the historic Wingfield Estate, an old sugar plantation, and then work your way into the rainforest, where you’ll be treated to views of Mount Liamuiga, the stratovolcano that dominates the landscape of St. Kitts.

You’ll zip along at up to 40 miles an hour as you cross rivers and green rainforest, trying to spot Brimstone Hill National Fortress and monkeys in the treetops against a backdrop of the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

ZipRider, Icy Strait Point, Alaska

View from the ZipRider in Icy Strait Point

ZipRider in Icy Strait Point, Alaska Photo by Werner Bayer on Flickr, licensed under CC0 1.0

Get your adrenaline pumping on the world’s largest ZipRider, located in southeastern Alaska. The 49th state’s ZipRider at Icy Strait Point soars 5,330 feet from the top of Hoonah Mountain, flying at speeds of up to 60mph on six parallel lines, perfect for a friendly race.

From the top, you’ll have spectacular views of Port Frederick, Icy Strait, and on a clear day, the distant snowy peaks that surround Glacier Bay. Then, you’re off, flying over ancient rainforest, keeping a look out for eagles and deer, gliding to a stop on the beach at Icy Strait Point, exhilarated by the thrill of flying at such high speed.

Xplor, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

People getting ready for a zipline ride in Xplor

Xplor in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico Photo by pauljoelhancock on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Soar through Playa del Carmen’s jungle landscape at the Xplor by Xcaret adventure park. This double circuit zip line course includes two sets of seven cables and adds in a couple of exhilarating water landings for an extra dose of fun.

Traverse a total of almost two and a half miles, zooming over the lush terrain of the Mayan jungle, with views of the Caribbean Sea in the distance. Afterward, whizz down the waterslide to cool off.

Pena Aventura Park, Near Porto, Portugal

Lush landscape of Pena Aventura Park

Pena Aventura Park, Near Porto, Portugal

Take flight on the famous “Fantasticable” zip line at Pena Aventura Park, about an hour east of Porto, Portugal. What’s different about Europe’s longest zip line is that you lie forward in a harness, clipped on from the back, so you really feel as though you’re flying.

You’ll soar between two mountains over the Ribeira de Pena region, suspended almost 500 feet in the air, for an adrenaline rush like no other. For this reason, Fantasticable is arguably one of the best zip lines in the world.

Eagle Creek Falls, Ketchikan, Alaska

Massive trees at the Eagle Creek Falls in Ketchikan

Eagle Creek Falls in Ketchikan, Alaska Photo by Adam J Skowronski on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Get an aerial view of the Tongass National Forest with an exhilarating zip line ride at Kawanti Adventures, near Ketchikan. You’ll be driven up the mountain from Herring Cove in a 4×4 Unimog for kitting out and a briefing. Then, you’ll whizz down a series of eight cable zip lines, landing on wooden platforms high in the trees between each one. From your bird’s eye perspective, you’ll see Eagle Creek and the cascading Eagle Creek Falls.

There’s a chance of spotting bald eagles and even black bears as you fly over Sitka spruce, Western hemlock, and yellow cedar trees. To add to the fun, you’ll cross three hanging sky bridges and end your adventure with a rappel down a tower at the end of the last zip.

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Hacienda Campo Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico

View from the zipline at the Hacienda Campo Rico

Hacienda Campo Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Explore Puerto Rico’s subtropical forest from above at Hacienda Campo Rico, a former plantation house located near the city of San Juan. Choose from a thrill ride that includes five zip lines and five canopy bridges, or embark on a Rappelling and Zip Lining Safari that involves three ziplines, three canopy bridges, and cave rappelling, all within the lush, 2,300-acre estate.

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You’ll fly over tropical rainforest, lakes, and marshland. The last zip line lands you at the estate’s mojito bar, where you can award your own bravery with some local Puerto Rican fare and a refreshing mojito.

Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition, Skagway, Alaska

Lush landscape of Grizzly Falls Zipline

Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition, Skagway, Alaska

Sail across a series of 11 zip lines through the Alaskan rainforest canopy on the Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition in Skagway, Alaska. You’ll fly at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour through treetops and over rushing waterfalls.

The longest of the 11 zip lines is a breathtaking 750 feet, providing plenty of opportunity to admire the view. You’ll cross four suspension bridges, too, over mossy rocks and glacier-fed streams.

Arenal Sky Adventures Park, El Castillo, Costa Rica

View of Arenal Volcano from a zipline

Arenal Sky Adventures Park, El Castillo, Costa Rica

Discover a natural paradise in northern Costa Rica at Arenal Volcano National Park, where zip lining is a thrilling and sustainable way to enjoy the scenery. You’ll be able to admire the flora and fauna of the volcano’s lush slopes, as well as the picturesque San Carlos plains, and rushing mountain streams.

A tram ride up the mountainside is your first taste of adventure. During the ride, a local guide will explain the forest ecosystem and with luck, point out any wildlife. You could see monkeys, vibrantly colored tropical birds, and even slow-moving sloths. Then, you’ll soar through the canopy of the Costa Rican rainforest on seven cables of varying lengths, some stretching an impressive 2,500 feet.

Tongass National Forest (Alpine Zipline Adventure), Juneau, Alaska

Tongass National Forest (Alpine Zipline Adventure), one of the best zip lines in the world

Tongass National Forest (Alpine Zipline Adventure), Juneau, Alaska

Venture through the canopy of dense, old-growth forest near Alaska’s capital city of Juneau, on Douglas Island. You’ll fly over the vast Tongass National Forest, where ancient hemlock and spruce trees provide the setting for your Alaskan zip line ride.

Take in the views of the sub-alpine rainforest, pristine streams, and surrounding peaks as you sail along five zip lines and admire the views from the suspension bridge. After the adventure, there are other activities on hand, not least a chance to try your skill at axe throwing.

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime with a thrilling zip line ride through beautiful natural settings around the world. A cruise is a fantastic way to experience some of the best zip lines in the world. Browse itineraries on our website and book an adrenaline-filled vacation today.

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