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In addition to world-class beaches and striking blue seas, the Caribbean island of St. Thomas is also known for its fantastic shopping scene. With several popular shopping spots on the island, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect souvenir to bring home that will always remind you of your fantastic paradise vacation.

Try out your bargaining skills in the malls in the capital city of Charlotte Amalie and the quaint alleyways lined with boutiques. While shopping in St. Thomas, you can purchase duty-free items that are exempt from taxes, like local art, jewelry, and even fresh seafood.

Main Street, Downtown Charlotte Amalie

Store signage along Main Street

Main Street, Downtown Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie’s Main Street is a premier destination for shoppers visiting the island of St. Thomas. Historically, this street, which is also referred to as Dronningens Gade, served as the original shopping district for the capital city.

Stroll the bustling cobblestone lane in the heart of Charlotte Amalie, which is lined with high-end shops and cozy restaurants that were previously used as pirate warehouses. Find beautiful jewelry pieces, watches, and souvenirs, as well as perfume, liquor, and tobacco. If you’re interested in shopping for jewelry, highlights include Diamonds International, Cardow Jewelers, and Bobby’s Jewelers.

Make sure to venture down the quaint side alleyways, too, where more boutiques await with hidden gems. Main Street is one of the top spots for shopping in St. Thomas.

Vendor’s Plaza, Downtown Charlotte Amalie

Vendor's Plaza - shopping in St. Thomas

Vendor’s Plaza, Downtown Charlotte Amalie

Peruse the lively booths of Vendor’s Plaza in downtown Charlotte Amalie, where you’ll find local vendors selling an array of goods. The plaza is located in Emancipation Park, adjacent to the Legislature building and the historical Fort Christian structure, the oldest building in the USVI’s.

Browse Caribbean souvenirs and trinkets, clothing, knockoff designer purses, casual jewelry, and hats. If you work up an appetite from all that shopping, make sure to stop by one of the local food stalls where you can try West Indian fare. For a refreshing and delicious treat, follow it up with an ice cream cone.

Mountain Top, St. Peter Mountain

Mountain Top - shopping in St. Thomas

Mountain Top, St. Peter Mountain

One of the best things to do in St. Thomas is to shop with a view at the famed Mountain Top destination. Situated at the highest point on St. Thomas, Mountain Top offers a panoramic vista to accompany your shopping experience. A sizable gift shop with duty-free items draws visitors to St. Peter Mountain, one of the most popular attractions in St. Thomas for the last fifty years. Browse goods such as beachwear, sandals, artwork, jewelry, and a wide array of Caribbean souvenirs.

But that’s not all. Enjoy breathtaking views from the observation deck, perched 1,500 feet above the sea, and gaze down at Magens Bay and the surrounding islands—you’ll want your camera to capture this incredible scene. Make sure to try the famous banana daiquiri, an iconic drink with a rich history on the island that is made with local Cruzan Rum.

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Havensight Mall, Charlotte Amalie

Street view of Havensight Mall

Havensight Mall, Charlotte Amalie Photo by roger4336 on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Located right on the cruise ship dock in Charlotte Amalie, Havensight Mall is a collection of duty-free shops by the water. The mall is known as the first shopping area in the USVIs. Shop for souvenirs of all kinds, including trinkets, jewelry, clothing, watches, and sunglasses. For an extensive choice of books, head to the famed Dockside books store. Lively restaurants with Caribbean cuisine and laid-back flair are available for refreshments as well.

Paradise Point, Charlotte Amalie

View from Paradise Point with cablecar

Paradise Point, Charlotte Amalie Photo by Matt H. Wade on Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Located near Havensight Mall, you’ll find the Skyride to Paradise Point, a major attraction with sprawling views of the bay. Embark on a thrilling ride up to the observation deck where you’ll be rewarded with a memorable panorama, overlooking Charlotte Amalie as well as the southern coast of the island.

The gondola ride lasts approximately seven minutes and presents the perfect opportunity for beautiful photographs. Don’t miss shopping at the gift shop at the summit, too.

While taking in the awe-inspiring view, make sure to try the famous Bushwacker cocktail, which was invented on St. Thomas. The chocolate-flavored piña colada concoction will hit the spot after you’re done perusing the gift shop for Caribbean souvenirs.

Tillet Gardens, East End

Originally an art studio and gallery space, Tillet Gardens on the island’s east end is an ideal shopping destination for those interested in authentic arts and crafts. The space supports local artisans, selling handmade jewelry, pottery, silk-screened fabrics, paintings, candles, leather goods, and other handcrafted products.

In this unique space, you can watch artists work as you peruse their incredible products. If you have time, it’s possible to schedule a workshop led by some of the artists as well, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn the basics of their craft. Stop by the music studio or the on-site theater for occasional performances, as well. Enjoy local seafood and other Caribbean cuisine staples at the restaurant within Tillet Gardens after doing some authentic shopping.

Moe’s Fresh Market and Stone House Cellars, Red Hook

Fresh seafood at a market in St. Thomas

Moe’s Fresh Market and Stone House Cellars, Red Hook

Head to Moe’s Fresh Market for gourmet food items on the island of St. Thomas. You’ll have the opportunity to shop local goods on the east side of the island, as most of the market’s products are sourced from the island community’s farmers and fishermen.

This is a great source for high-quality food and drinks for a beach picnic, as there’s fantastic produce, freshly baked bread, gourmet cheeses, and just-caught seafood, including mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, and Caribbean lobster. A second location is located in Charlotte Amalie.

If you’re interested in trying some world-famous Caribbean rum, you can buy various brands here, too. Wine enthusiasts will find a wide selection of wine varieties within the Stone House Cellars section of the market. Choose from premium whites and reds to savor during your time on the island.

If you visit on a weekend, you may have the chance to participate in a wine tasting that will help you discover your perfect variety. No matter what type you choose, they all pair well with gorgeous island scenery, particularly at sunset.

Back Street, Charlotte Amalie

People passing by Back Street in Charlotte Amalie

Back Street, Charlotte Amalie Photo by Roger W on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Also referred to as “Vimmelskaft Gade,” the vibrant Back Street is a shopping mecca in the capital city of Charlotte Amalie. This lively lane runs parallel to Main Street and the waterfront. Stroll among historic buildings with impressive West Indian architecture that are lined with abundant jewelry shops (over 100) and high-end restaurants.

Royal Dane Mall, Charlotte Amalie

Royal Dane Mall - shopping in St. Thomas

Royal Dane Mall, Charlotte Amalie

Feel like you’ve stepped back in time at the Royal Dane Mall’s historic pedestrian alleyway, which is filled with small boutiques in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Peruse hand-crafted souvenirs and take home an authentic cultural token of St. Thomas.

Enjoy shopping in this quaint open-air mall that features a collection of eclectic items for sale, many of which are housed within historic sugar warehouses. This section of the city dates back to Danish colonial times and is worth exploring for a taste of the island’s history.

If you need refreshments, a stop at the famous Gladys’ Cafe is a must. This welcoming establishment is known for serving up delicious fare for both breakfast and lunch.

Yacht Haven Grande, Charlotte Amalie

View of Yacht Haven Grande with boats

Yacht Haven Grande, Charlotte Amalie

Enjoy the finer side of shopping in the upscale Yacht Haven Grande outdoor mall and marina. Browse designer brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, peruse boutiques with gorgeous clothing items and even find high-end toy and clothing items for your dog. A children’s boutique offers a selection of wardrobe pieces, swimwear, and accessories as well.

At the nearby cafes and swanky bistros, enjoy a relaxing seaside oasis and sample fine food and drinks. Occasionally, outdoor concerts are performed here, too.

Mango Tango Art Gallery, Charlotte Amalie East

For unique, artsy gifts, head to Mango Tango Art Gallery in Charlotte Amalie East, just outside the buzzing city center. Browse hand-crafted artwork of all kinds and discover the perfect gift or souvenir to display in your home.

Unearth gems created by local artists that celebrate island culture and heritage, in addition to internationally-known artists who find inspiration in St. Thomas. Many mediums are for sale, such as photos, sculptures, textiles, wooden pieces, paintings, ceramics, and crafts. The gallery also provides framing services for paintings.

Crown Bay Center, Charlotte Amalie West

Waterfront view of Crown Bay with stores

Crown Bay Center, Charlotte Amalie West Photo by Roger W on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Located in the port of Little Krum Bay in Charlotte Amalie West, the Crown Bay Center is a well-known shopping destination in St. Thomas. Situated on what was previously used as a naval base, Crown Bay Center features shops and kiosks that sell anything from jewelry and trinkets to swimwear and camera equipment.

Pick up unique pieces of color-changing clothing at Del Sol and browse a wide array of watches at Little Switzerland. A few onsite restaurants provide refreshments, too.

Zora of St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie

For fine leather goods, look no further than Zora of St. Thomas in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Custom-made leather sandals are the most sought-after item at this popular shop. As an island treat, get measured and fitted for a gorgeous pair that is expertly made just for you.

Zora’s is one of the top spots for Charlotte Amalie shopping. Other products sold here include hand-crafted canvas bags of all sizes, glass beads, dinnerware, as well as the famed toe-enclosed “limin’ shoes” available for both men and women. Zora is also known for its bags that come in various animal shapes such as fish and birds.

Mystic Valley VI, Anna’s Retreat

Enjoy an off-the-beaten-path shopping experience during a visit to Mystic Valley VI, situated within Anna’s Retreat. Located on the northern side of St. Thomas, this shop is an oasis for art enthusiasts looking to purchase hand-made pieces crafted by local artists.

Score original artwork as well as jewelry, candles, essential oils, and soaps. Mystic Valley VI is one of the best spots on the island to find authentic Caribbean gifts and souvenirs.

Island view of St. Thomas

St. Thomas

A trip to the idyllic island of St. Thomas isn’t complete without experiencing its exciting shopping scene. From historic passageways in downtown Charlotte Amalie with duty-free deals to unique art galleries and gourmet culinary markets on the east end, this U.S. Virgin Islands destination offers a diverse selection of goods to choose from.

Board one of our luxury cruises and enjoy some of the best shopping in St. Thomas, where you can bring home a memento from your incredible vacation in this Caribbean paradise. Browse our Caribbean itineraries and book your next tropical escape today.

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