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Canceled Sailings Due to Suspension of Global Operations

If I canceled prior to the US/Global suspension, can I now get the 125% FCC or the 100% refund?

If my cruise was canceled due to the voluntary suspension of sailings, and our flights were booked with Flights by Celebrity, will they be refunded?

I converted MyCruise® Reward Points from my Celebrity Cruises Visa Signature® card for my cruise that was canceled or rescheduled. Who can I contact about this? 

After receiving my 125% Future Cruise Credit (FCC), can I choose to change to a 100% refund?

If I choose to be refunded, but then change my mind and decide I want a Future Cruise Credit instead, can I do this?

Is CruiseCare® refundable?

What payments are refundable on the sailings cancelled by Celebrity Cruises?

If I had a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) that I applied to a sailing Celebrity Cruises canceled, what terms apply when I book my new cruise?

Can I use the Future Cruise Credit across multiple itineraries, or does it have to be used for a single booking?

How can I start the process for a full refund?

When will I receive a refund?

I booked a cruise on board that has now been voluntarily suspended. If I choose to receive the Future Cruise Credit and book at a later date, will I also be entitled to the onboard promotion?

Can you use your Future Cruise Credit (FCC) on an existing booking?

 If I’m ready to rebook my Celebrity Cruises vacation, do I need to make my deposit today, or can I wait for my Future Cruise Credit (FCC) to arrive?

Future Cruise Credits are valid through 2021, but do they have to be used on a sailing in 2021?

I made my reservation using Casino Certificates. Can I use those certificates later regardless of its original expiration date? Also, will the taxes and port fees be refunded?

My cruise was cancelled by Celebrity Cruises as part of the global suspension of sailing, can I take advantage of “Lift & Shift”?

My Celebrity Equinox 2021 Caribbean sailing was modified to 7-nights by Celebrity Cruises, am I eligible for an FCC or a refund?

If my current sailing has been canceled and had used a previously issued FCC, what will the amount of my newly issued FCC?

May I transfer my FCC to another guest?

I heard about Pullmantur, what does this mean for Celebrity Cruises?

If I applied a 125% FCC generated from a previously suspended sailing, and my newer booking has now been suspended, what value will I receive in my new FCC?

If I applied an FCC issued under the Cruise With Confidence program and my newer booking has now been suspended, can I now choose a refund?

PCP Refund Options for Suspended Sailings Cancelled Under Global Suspension

If I purchased a product or service in My Cruise Planner before my sailing was canceled, what do I need to do for a refund?

If a guest chooses the 125% onboard credit for pre-cruise purchases, are they required to use the onboard credit on the same sailing they used their Future Cruise Credit on?

If a guest used an onboard credit to pay for his or her pre-cruise purchases, such as shore excursions or a beverage package, and opts for the 125% onboard credit offer, will he/she receive the offer on the portion paid using an onboard credit?

Once the 125% onboard credit offer is applied to a new booking, is it refundable?

Once the 125% onboard credit offer is applied to a new booking, will it be available for purchases prior to my sailing? 

Can guests change their mind later and opt-in for the 125% onboard credit offer?

Do guests have to elect the 125% FCC to take advantage of the 125% PCP onboard credit benefit?

Cruise With Confidence

What happens with current Cruise with Confidence?

Which bookings are eligible for the Best Price Guarantee? 

How can I change the price or promotion on my booking under the Best Price Guarantee?

Will the original Best Price Guarantee go away?

What sailings qualify for Cruise with Confidence? 

How long will I have to redeem my Future Cruise Credit (FCC)?

How can I cancel and receive a Cruise with Confidence FCC?

What will happen to my Celebrity Passages onboard credit if I take advantage of the Cruise with Confidence program?

If I don’t want a Future Cruise Credit and simply wish to cancel for a refund, what are my options?

What happens if there is a difference in cruise fare between the Future Cruise Credit (FCC) issued for my cancelation and what I want to book next?

Are Future Cruise Credits interchangeable between Royal Caribbean Group’s cruise brands?

What about hotel and transfers? Will I receive a refund for those?

Do standard Final Payment timelines still apply?

How are Non-Refundable Deposit bookings impacted by this policy update?

If I cancel, will I be credited for my pre-cruise purchases, such as beverage packages, shore excursions, and specialty dining?

Who will receive notification once a Future Cruise Credit is issued?

What if a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) was used to pay for my existing cruise, and now I want to cancel it and receive an FCC under Cruise with Confidence?

To qualify for the new Cruise with Confidence policy, what is the last day to cancel?

Are there any ships or sailings upon which the Cruise with Confidence Future Cruise Credit (FCC) cannot be used?

Are Cruise with Confidence Future Cruise Credits applicable to existing bookings? 

If I’m ready to rebook my Celebrity Cruises vacation, do I need to make my deposit today, or can I wait for my Future Cruise Credit?

Can I use the Future Cruise Credit across multiple itineraries, or does it have to be used for a single booking?

If I cancel a cruise using the Cruise with Confidence program, and I’m issued a Future Cruise Credit, can I apply it to a holiday sailing? 

Does Cruise with Confidence protect airfare?

When does my Global Suspension or Cruise With Confidence FCC expire?

If I book a future sailing (such as for 2021 or 2022) that is eligible for CWC, and I then decide to cancel 48 hours or more prior to departure and receive a CWC FCC – what will be the expiration date of the FCC?

May I transfer my FCC to another guest?

Booking a Future Cruise

Will I still get the same perks when I rebook a new cruise?

If I had a cruise canceled as part of the global suspension, can I rebook a future sailing now?


Is CruiseCare® plan cost refundable?

My clients are uncertain about confirming the booking. What if they want to cancel over fear of the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading?

Why is it suggested to add CruiseCare® at the time of booking?

How can CruiseCare® help with regard to coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Travel Restrictions

Will the requirement for anyone over 70 years of age to have a physician form certifying they are fit to travel be a permanent policy even after the virus subsides?

What about passengers who did not cancel their reservation but were notified that government restrictions or travel bans meant they would be denied boarding? What kind of compensation will they receive?

Itinerary Modifications

If Celebrity should change the embarkation/disembarkation ports, will guests who have booked their air travel through Flights by Celebrity be rerouted at no additional cost?

Current and Future Voyages

What is the status of cruises in the Galapagos Islands?

Cruises for Heroes

Has #CruisesForHeroes been cancelled?

Will guests booked on the Cruises for Heroes sailings be eligible to receive 125% Future Cruise Credit or reimbursement for canceled airfare and hotel?