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While we all wait to get back out on the open ocean, we’re bringing the Celebrity vacation experience straight to you. 

Try some of our favorite recipes—both healthy and indulging—that we feature in our main and specialty restaurants. 

Stay active (or chill out) with our wellness activities. Burn calories with exercise classes. Get your Zen on with yoga classes. We’ll bring you new wellness videos every Wednesday.  

Got kids at home? Get a little Camp at Sea on Saturdays with videos that will keep them entertained and engaged. There’s something for the whole family to enjoy. 

So, until we can welcome you on board, we hope you’ll welcome us into your home for some Celebrity-style excitement.


There’s a new Celebrity chef in town (spoiler alert: it’s you)

Featured Recipes

Spicy Caliente Margarita from Sunset Bar

Enjoy a Taste of the Caribbean and recreate our Sunset Bar in your own backyard. Sit back and relax with a Spicy Caliente Margarita – you deserve it.

French Caribbean Daiquiri

Do you ever crave a tropical cocktail when relaxing at home? You wouldn't believe how easy it is to make one yourself! With only 4 ingredients (including ice) you can re-create your favorite Celebrity Cruise's cocktail right in your own kitchen - the French Caribbean Daiquiri. Discover bold Caribbean flavors like rich black raspberry and refreshing coconut rum.


Workout, relax (or both) with our weekly featured videos & DIY spa treatments.

DIY Spa Treatments

Lime Self-Scrub

½ lime freshly squeezed
½ tsp freshly grated ginger
1 cup Dead Sea salts or Epsom Salt
½ tsp honey
½ cup 100% extra virgin olive oil


Mix everything together in a bowl, get in the shower and scrub away.

Family Fun

Bring Camp at Sea, home.

Activity of The Week


Explore how the Earth’s rotation and the position of the Sun determine when stars become visible while finding stars and constellations in the sky above you, with our partner, The Frost Science Museum.

Staying Connected

Getting digitally creative to stay in touch and in contact.

New Alexa Skill

Alexa Enable "Explore Destinations"

Simply say "Alexa, enable Explore Destinations” to download the skill to your device. Then, to re-launch the skill, just say “Alexa open Explore Destinations.”


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